Current Activities in Geriatric Care
Bill Freiberg, Publisher
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  1. Regular physical activity improves the quality of life of residents with
    Parkinson’s disease
  2. The Art of Cyclical Programming Will Promote a Healthy Activity Program
  3. Building a Ladybug
  4. Program Improves Cognitive Function, Fitness
  5. Musical Tree Painting
  7. Building With Spaghetti
  8. Setting the Dinner Table
  9. Looking Up!
  10. Adapted Multisensory Exercise
  11. New activities guidelines for longterm care place emphasis on
    personalized activities; corrective benefits
  12. Small Group Big Dice
  13. Senator wants tougher nursing home surveys,compliance enforcement
  14. Sports Planning Ahead
  15. Ever Wondered...How Does Static Electricity Work
  16. Shall We Dance?
  17. Pet Peeves
  18. How Things Change
  19. Arm Circles
  20. New CMS Regulations on Unnecessary Medications Coming Up
  21. CMS Announces Its "2007 Action Plan for Further Improvement of Nursing
    Home Quality"  By Bill Freiberg, Publisher
  22. First Crush...!
  23. An Open Letter to Those in the Activity Profession, from Bill Freiberg,
    Publisher, Current Activities
  24. Activity Inservice
  25. Clay Flowers for Someone Special
  26. Themed Scrabble
  27. Aroma Therapy Beadstring
  28. A Christmas Card
  29. Terrific Trivia
  30. Brainstorming
  31. Advice for the Office
  32. Find the Pot-O-Gold
  33. Facts and Fun
  34. How to be an Effective, Respected Member of your Healthcare Team
  35. What’s Your Answer?
  36. Bringing Families and Residents Together Again
  37. Agitation in Alzheimer's Elders
  38. Activities for men with dementia:  Add some competition to enhance the
  39. The infectious disease season is here—What YOU can do
  40. Writing About a Favorite Day
  41. Feeding Program Improves Food Intake, New Research Shows
  42. Mentally Restorative Activity:  Looking Out the Window
  43. Success - Why It Is So Important For Alzheimer's Residents
  44. Reminiscence activities are beneficial for your elders
  45. Making the most of family visits
  46. An Important Part of Your Caregiving Tasks:  Making Your Residents Feel
    Desirable and Important
  47. Muscle loss can be helped by an exercise program
  48. Trivia for All - #1
  49. Terrific Trivia
  50. Grandparents Day Sept. 13th:  Grandchildren Interviewing Grandparents
  51. Ho, Ho, Ho and Away We Go! by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  52. Providing Precious Moments of Clarity:  Alzheimer's Disease and the "Well
    Tuned" I-Pod by Dr. Concetta M. Tomaino, D.A., MT-BC, LCAT
  53. It's Spring and This Means 2 Things:  Spring Cleaning and Spring Activities
    by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  54. Planning a Facility Garage Sale by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  55. Look at Me by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  56. Man, Oh Man! by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  57. In the Garden by Debbie Trammel, Columnist
  58. Walk and Roll by Debbie Trammel, Columnist