Silvana Clark's Insights
by Silvana Clark,  Professional speaker, presenting keynotes and workshops
on humor in the workplace as well as ideas on creative activities.
About Slivana Clark

Silvana Clark began her
activity/recreation career 20
years ago as a spotter for kids
on a trampoline. Every Saturday,
for four hours, she'd watch kids
bounce up and down, up and
down, up get the idea.
Since then she's written eleven
books and is a popular speaker
at conferences around the
country. She was a keynoter at
the British Columbia Activity
Professionals conference and
recently gave a keynote for the
Wisconsin Activity Professionals
Conference. Her sessions are
filled with humor, practical
information and small group
activities. She is recovering from
her appearance on the Fox
reality show, Trading Spaces,
where she spent a week living
with a family that saw no need
for any kind of fun activities.
Contact her at or
Providing Internet Resources
for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

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Special Holidays to Celebrate in June

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Celebrate this month by taking advantage of all the fresh fruit and vegetables available this
time of the year.

Celebrate With Fun:

Make a point of visiting a farmers market or U-pick farm.  Talk with the sellers at the market,
asking how they grow their produce.  Purchase an unusual fruit or vegetable.  Have residents
ample an apple grown organically.  Does it taste different than a commercially grown apple
from the store?

Local food banks appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables to give to their clients.  If your facility’s
garden has too many zucchini or raspberries, donate what you can to the food bank.  Did you
go over board picking strawberries at the U-pick farm?  Think how good those fresh berries will
taste to needy people coming to the food bank.

Growing pumpkins or zucchini?  Cut a piece of contact paper in the shape of several hearts.  
Stick the hearts on your developing squash.  After several weeks, remove the sticky heart.  
You’ll have a light colored heart imprint on the skin because the sun didn’t hit it.

Set out a variety of inexpensive artificial fruit. Have a contest to make Carmen Miranda type
fruit and vegetable hats.

Celebrate With Crafts:

Your residents have probably played with Mr. Potato Head, sticking plastic eyes and ears onto
a plastic head.  Try making a Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head using real potatoes.  Cut up small
pieces of carrot, green peppers or zucchini.  Use toothpicks to attach assorted vegetables to a
baking potato.  Strips of peeled apple skin make lovely ringlets.  Add a bowtie by cutting a
piece of jicama in the shape of two triangles, points touching.  Display all the creative
vegetables in the dining room.

Celebrate With Food:

Serve a meal of stir-fried vegetables with a side dish of fresh fruit salad.  Ask residents if they
want to participate in chopping some fruits and vegetables.

Donald Duck’s Birthday

Yes, even a duck needs to celebrate his birthday.  Have a quacking-fun time with this birthday

Celebrate With Fun:

Who has the best Donald Duck voice in your facility?  Take turns doing Donald Duck

Have a waddle contest with some of your active residents.  Set up a modified obstacle course
so people have to walk around Hold a loaf of bread between your knees.  (Ducks eat bread,
you know)  Time each other to see who can waddle through the course in the fastest time.  If
the bread falls, go back to the starting line and begin again.  Have spectators quack like a
duck while watching the races.
Sing the “Rubber Ducky” song.

Get a few yellow rubber ducks from the Dollar Store and hide them throughout the facility.  
Residents can find them and turn them in for a prize.

Celebrate With Crafts:

Plan a “Design a Wardrobe for Donald” contest. Give everyone a rubber duck. Set out an
assortment of fabric scraps, markers, lace, etc. Ask people to create an outfit for their duck.
Have you ever seen a duck dressed in robes as a biblical character? How about a duck in a
bathing suit?

Celebrate With Food:

Naturally you’ll celebrate with a birthday cake.  Use blue frosting for water and place a plastic
duck in the middle of the “lake.”

Flag Day - June 14

Hooray for the red, white and blue!  Bring out all your flags and display them proudly in honor
of Flag Day.

Celebrate With Fun:

Play John Phillip Sousa music throughout the day.  Instead of walking to the dining room,  
encourage residents to lift their knees and “march” to their tables. Get staff marching also!

Stand in front of a flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance as a group.  If appropriate, take time
to pray for the President and our country.

Ask residents if they know what the colors represent on the flag.  (To refresh your memory:
The 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies.  The red stands for bravery, white for purity,
and the blue represent justice.)

Celebrate With Crafts:

How about a Flag Day wreath?  Use a white paper plate as the base for your wreath.  Cut out a
4 inch hole in the center of the plate.  Cut red, white and blue striped ribbon into 4” strips.  
Glue each end of the ribbon shut, to form “doughnuts.”  Randomly glue on the ribbon
doughnuts to cover the entire paper plate, forming a red, white and blue wreath.

Make some Flag Day napkin holders.  Cut cardboard wrapping paper tubes into 3” sections.  
Use each section to make a napkin holder.  Paint the cardboard section with red or blue paint.  
Dip the hard plastic end of a small paintbrush into a contrasting paint color.  Dab the paint on
the cardboard.  The end of the paintbrush forms perfect polka dots.  Continue dipping the
paintbrush ends to create a polka dotted napkin holder.  Insert red, white and blue napkins.

Celebrate With Food:

Make some patriotic flagpoles.  Melt 1 cup of almond bark or white chocolate chips.  Dip a
pretzel log halfway in the melted chocolate.  Roll immediately in red, white and blue sprinkles.  
Let cool before eating your flagpole.

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