Re-Creative Resources
By Kimberly Grandal, BA, CTRS, ACC, Executive Director
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Executive Director
Re-Creative Resources
About Kim

Kimberly Grandal, Founder
and Executive Director of Re-
Creative Resources, Inc., is a
strong advocate for the field of
Therapeutic Recreation and
Activities, with over fifteen
years of experience working
with the elderly in numerous
management and consultant
positions.  She is an Activity
Consultant Certified and a
Certified Therapeutic
Recreation Specialist. Kim is a
member of the New Jersey
Activity Professionals
Association and the New
Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania
Therapeutic Recreation

In 1990, Kim graduated from
William Paterson University
with a BA in Sociology and
later studied gerontology
courses at Union County
College and Therapeutic
Recreation courses at Kean
University. Throughout her
career, Kim has been the
Director of Therapeutic
Recreation for several long-
term care facilities, including
one of NJ’s largest.

In 2006, Kim founded Re-
Creative Resources Inc. She is
a speaker for various state and
local activity associations such
as NJAPA, MOCAP, and
NJACA, as well as the Society
of Licensed Nursing Home
Administrators of NJ. She also
offers lectures for Re-Creative
Resources Inc., local colleges,
and community groups, and
provides consultation and
support to numerous facilities
in the state.

Kim is the editor and writer for
the “The Rec-Room", a
monthly newsletter published
by her company. In addition,
she writes monthly articles for
the Activity Directors Office
newsletter, and has contributed
articles to Creative Forecasting
Magazine, and The
Continuing Care Insite

Kim is a recipient of the
Kessler Institute of
Rehabilitation 1997 Triumph
of the Human Spirit Award.  
Her passion is to promote the
field of Therapeutic
Recreation and Activities and
to unite Recreation Therapists
and Activity Professionals. Kim
currently serves on the NJAPA
board as the Chairperson for
the Legislation Committee.
Resources Inc.

Re-Creative Resources, Inc. is
committed to enhancing the
lives of long-term care
residents through the use of
Therapeutic Recreation. We
provide a variety of services
such as Therapeutic
Recreation seminars,
in-services, resources, form
development, program analysis
and development,
consultation, and support for
activity professionals and
recreational therapists. A
selection of downloadable
training materials and forms
are available for your
convenience as well as a free
job posting site.
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PowerPoint 2007 Cheat Sheet
Excerpts from “Putting the Power in Your PowerPoint Presentation”
By Kimberly Grandal, CTRS, ACC/EDU

PowerPoint is a great tool for Activity Directors to use for in-services, games, making
movies and more. This article will help you create dynamic and visually appealing
presentations through use of graphics, tables, charts, audio, video, animations and
style. You can download this article, complete with screen shots at http://www.

1.        Add New Slide
Click HOME Tab and click NEW SLIDE. Choose from a variety of layouts.

2.        Quick  Styles-Easily and quickly add color and style to a text box or shape
Click HOME Tab and click once on text box or shape. Click on Quick Styles Icon to reveal
a color- coordinated gallery Place cursor over the style for a preview and click to select
preferred fill. You can also access the Drawing Tools by double clicking the object.

3.        Slide Design
a.        Slide Templates/Built-In and Ready Made
Click on the DESIGN Tab. In the Themes section, click the down arrow to view all the
built-in designs. Change color of slide, font text, and effects if desired. Download
additional templates by clicking More Themes on Microsoft Online.

b.        Slide theme colors:
Click the DESIGN TAB and click Colors. Choose current themes or create your own.

c.        Slide Background
Click DESIGN Tab and click Background Styles. For more styles/colors, click Format

4.        Text Boxes
Click INSERT tab and click Text Box icon. Place cursor on slide to drag box to desired
place. Click on the line of the box to drag more. To adjust the size and shape, place
cursor on the corners or sides of the box. Type in text.

5.        Tables
Click on INSERT and click on Table icon. Choose Insert or Draw a Table and double
click the table and the Table Tools tab opens. Choose desired style, set up, color
scheme, effects, line width etc.

6.        Charts
Click on INSERT and click on Chart icon. Click on preferred chart /click OK. The data
sheet will open up-insert data here. To exit, click the X in top right corner. To make
changes such as data, styles, colors, and type of chart, double click the chart to reveal
the chart tab.

7.        Pictures
a.        Insert Pictures from File
Click the INSERT tab and click the Picture Icon. Choose a picture from your files and
double click picture to access the picture tools.

b.        Insert Pictures from Clip Art Tab
Click the INSERT tab. Click the Clip Art icon. In Search For, type in desired image.
Search In: (all collections). Results Should Be (choose clipart, photos, movies, and/or
sounds) Click Go. Double click picture to access picture tools. Click Clip art on Office
Online for more pictures.

c.        Adjust Picture
Double-click the picture on the slide to view the Picture Tools Format tab. Select various
colors, set transparent color, lighten, brighten, darken etc. If you don’t like it, simply

d.        Picture Styles
Double-click the picture to view the Picture Tools Format Tab. Select various borders,
styles, shapes, effects.

e.        Arrange Pictures
Double-click the picture to view the Picture Tools Format tab. Create the layered look
with graphic and text. Select Bring to Front or Send to Back. In arrange group Rotate and
Flip pictures.

f.        Cropping and Resizing Pictures
Double-click the picture to view the Picture Tools Format tab. To crop a picture, click
Crop and drag black L-SHAPED corners to desired location-Click Crop again when
finished. To resize, either drag a corner of a picture or select size in the size box.

8.        Shapes
Click on INSERT. Click the Shapes icon. Click on the desired shape and place cursor
on the slide. Right click to add shape. Double-click the shape to resize, recolor, add
effects etc.

9.        Word Art
Click INSERT. Click Word Art Icon. Click on preferred style. Type text into text box. More
visual effects (shadow, reflection, glow, 3D). You can also highlight text and then
choose word art style and colors.

10.        Sound
a. Insert Sound from File
Click INSERT. Click on Sound Icon .Click Sound from File. Choose desired music or
sound from your files-double click to add to slide. Choose Sound Start Option.

b. Insert Sound from Clip Organizer
Click INSERT and click on Sound icon. Click Sound from Clip Organizer. The Media Clip
task pane opens on the right. Type in desired sound effect, click GO. Double click
sound choice to insert into slide. Choose Sound Start Option.

c. Insert Sound  Play CD Audio Track
Insert CD into computer. Click INSERT tab and click on Sound Icon. Click Play CD Audio
Track. Set the Begin and End Track Settings. Set play options. Click OK. To play, click
CD icon on the slide.

d.        Insert Sound  Record Sound
Plug in a microphone. Click INSERT tab and click  on Sound icon. Click Record Sound
and Name the sound. Click the Red Button to record (You may not edit your sound here)
Click the OK button when done. Listen to your sound by clicking the Sound Icon on your

e.        Sound Options Tab
To view Sound Options, double click sound icon on the slide. Choose Slide Show
Check Hide (sound icon) During Show. Loop if desired. Click Play Sound to choose
start option.

f.        Sound Playback Options
Automatically: Music/sound will begin when the slide opens.
When Clicked: Music/sound will begin when the slide is clicked.
Play across slide(s): Music/sound plays across one slide or multiple slides.
Custom playback options are located in the ANIMATIONS TAB (Custom Animation)

11.        Smart Art
Click on INSERT. Click on the Smart Art Icon. Click on chart category on the left.  Select
specific style within the category. Click OK. Type text in boxes provided. For more Smart
Art options or to change current design, double click the Smart Art on your slide to see
the Smart Art Tab.

12.        Movies and Videos
a.        Insert Movies/Videos
Click the INSERT tab. Click the Movie Icon. Click Movie From Clip Organizer to insert
animated pictures. Click Movie from File to select a movie from your computer. Double
click the movie to insert it into your slide. Choose if you want the movie to start
Automatically or When Clicked. The movie will appear on the slide as a black square.
Resize the movie by adjusting the corners. The movie will play in the SLIDESHOW

b.        Movie/Video Settings
Double click the movie to view the Movie Options. Select Volume Preference. Select
preference for movie start (Play Movie). Other choices include Hide During Show, Play
Movie Full screen, Loop Until Stopped and Rewind After Playing. Custom playback
options are located in the ANIMATIONS TAB (Custom Animation).

c.        Insert Movie/Video From You-Tube (Must have internet connection!)
•        Make sure you have the DEVELOPER TAB. To get the DEVELOPER TAB click the
Microsoft Office button (top left) and then click PowerPoint Options. Click Popular. Check
Show Developer Tab. Click OK.
•        Click on the DEVELOPER TAB. In the Controls group, click on More Controls Icon.
Scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object-click OK. On the slide, draw a square using the
cursor (this is where your video will be placed). You can resize and move. Go to You
Tube and Copy the video URL of your choice. On the slide, click the video box and then
Right Click. Click Properties. Paste URL into Movie section.
•        The current URL will look like this: You
need to make changes in the URL.  Delete “watch?”  and  Replace “=“ with “/” . The
revised URL should look like this:
•        Click X to close. View movie in PowerPoint Show.

13.        Insert a Hyperlink
Click the INSERT tab. Click the Hyperlink Icon. Choose link preference. Type in text to
display and URL, email or select slide title. Click OK.

14.        Slide Transitions
Click on the ANIMATIONS tab. In Transition to This Slide, click arrow to reveal various
transitions. Click preferred transition. In Transition Speed, choose slow, medium or
fast. In Advance Slide, choose On Mouse Click or Automatically After (select time if

15.        Animations-
a.        Simple Animations (quickly add basic animation to text and objects).
Highlight the object or text you’d like to animate. Click the ANIMATIONS Tab. Click to
select from one of a few basic animations.

b.        Custom Animations (add a variety of animation, timing, order)
Click the ANIMATION tab and then Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation
•        Add Effect-click to add entrance, exit, motion path and emphasis
•        Remove Effect-click to remove
•        Start-click to start animation on click, after previous or with previous
•        Speed-click to choose speed
•        Animation Order-Animations are listed in order (top to bottom). Click Re-Order
arrows to change the order