Re-Creative Resources
By Kimberly Grandal, BA, CTRS, ACC, Executive Director
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Executive Director
Re-Creative Resources
About Kim

Kimberly Grandal, Founder
and Executive Director of Re-
Creative Resources, Inc., is a
strong advocate for the field of
Therapeutic Recreation and
Activities, with over fifteen
years of experience working
with the elderly in numerous
management and consultant
positions.  She is an Activity
Consultant Certified and a
Certified Therapeutic
Recreation Specialist. Kim is a
member of the New Jersey
Activity Professionals
Association and the New
Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania
Therapeutic Recreation

In 1990, Kim graduated from
William Paterson University
with a BA in Sociology and
later studied gerontology
courses at Union County
College and Therapeutic
Recreation courses at Kean
University. Throughout her
career, Kim has been the
Director of Therapeutic
Recreation for several long-
term care facilities, including
one of NJ’s largest.

In 2006, Kim founded Re-
Creative Resources Inc. She is
a speaker for various state and
local activity associations such
as NJAPA, MOCAP, and
NJACA, as well as the Society
of Licensed Nursing Home
Administrators of NJ. She also
offers lectures for Re-Creative
Resources Inc., local colleges,
and community groups, and
provides consultation and
support to numerous facilities
in the state.

Kim is the editor and writer for
the “The Rec-Room", a
monthly newsletter published
by her company. In addition,
she writes monthly articles for
the Activity Directors Office
newsletter, and has contributed
articles to Creative Forecasting
Magazine, and The
Continuing Care Insite

Kim is a recipient of the
Kessler Institute of
Rehabilitation 1997 Triumph
of the Human Spirit Award.  
Her passion is to promote the
field of Therapeutic
Recreation and Activities and
to unite Recreation Therapists
and Activity Professionals. Kim
currently serves on the NJAPA
board as the Chairperson for
the Legislation Committee.
Resources Inc.

Re-Creative Resources, Inc. is
committed to enhancing the
lives of long-term care
residents through the use of
Therapeutic Recreation. We
provide a variety of services
such as Therapeutic
Recreation seminars,
in-services, resources, form
development, program analysis
and development,
consultation, and support for
activity professionals and
recreational therapists. A
selection of downloadable
training materials and forms
are available for your
convenience as well as a free
job posting site.
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MDS 3.0 Resources for Activity and Recreation
By Kimberly Grandal, CTRS, ACC/EDU

Are you ready for the MDS 3.0? If you haven’t received any formal training on the MDS
3.0, I highly recommend that you do. There are a variety of on-line resources that you
can check out that will help you in your preparations and implementation process.
Below is a list of resources for Activity Professionals that will be completing section F of
the MDS 3.0. Each facility is different and I’ve heard stories of Activity Professionals
completing several sections such as mood, preferences, and cognition. In some
cases, Activity Professionals are not completing any section. It will vary according to
facility since CMS does not specify which department or individual should complete the
various sections of the MDS 3.0.

I also wanted to address one of the most popular questions that I get asked about the
upcoming MDS 3.0 which is, “What type of initial Activity Assessment do you
recommend or how do I change my current assessment to accommodate the MDS
3.0”? I respond back with a question: “Why do you have to change your initial Activity
Assessment?” The Activity Assessment does not have to reflect the MDS. In fact, why
collect the data twice?  Now, if your Activity Assessment has outdated terminology such
as RAPs, Section N, Triggers for Little or No Activity, etc., then yes, you’ll want to either
remove the old terminology and replace with the new lingo (e.g. CAT’s, CAA’s, section
F, Resident Interview, Family/Significant other Interview, Staff Assessment, etc.)

I hope that you find these resources and links helpful in your preparations for the up
and coming MDS 3.0. All of the links to these resources and more can be found at

MDS 3.0 Section F Webinar for Activity and Recreation Professionals by Re-Creative
Resources Inc.  A series of webinars specifically created for Activity and Recreation
Professionals. NCCAP approved for 3 contact hours. One webinar is strictly completely
section F and there’s another one coming soon regarding the CAA’s. Private group
sessions for your facility can be arranged as well. To learn more or to register, visit

MDS 3.0 Section F Seminar for Activity and Recreation Professionals by Re-Creative
Resources Inc.  An in-person seminar held in Basking Ridge, NJ. This session is
specifically created for Activity and Recreation Professionals and is NCCAP approved
for 4 contact hours. To learn more or to register, visit

RAI Manual and Training Materials
Download all of the RAI Manual and training materials from the CMS website at
// its/45_NHQIMDS30TrainingMaterials.asp#To
There are also some materials, such as section F, section O, the CAA’s Resources
related to activities and more available at
htm . Please note however, that CMS is the official site and you should always check to
ensure you have the most current information.

VIVE’:Interviewing Frail Elders (Video)
The Video on Interviewing Vulnerable Elders (VIVE) demonstrates best-practice
approaches for implementing the new MDS interviews for cognition, mood, preferences
and pain. The goal of VIVE, funded by Picker Institute and developed by the
UCLA/Jewish Home Borun Center, is to help staff members build the confidence and
skills they need to interview their residents both for MDS 3.0 and for other clinical
evaluations. View this video at

Free Course:
Interviewing for MDS 3.0 Resident Assessment by Care to Learn Enterprise
This great course-geared toward nursing, but as an Activity Professional, I found it
helpful. Plus it's free and we just love FREE! Learn the interview skills that lead to better
nursing home resident care while ensuring MDS 3.0 compliance. Visit
Operational Strategies to Implement the New MDS 3.0 Process Sponsored by MDI
Achieve. Download at  
MDS 3.0 Basic Comprehensive Test Question and Answer Sheet by National Resident
Assessment Institute.
Great test to review staff knowledge of the MDS 3.0 Visit
Preparing for MDS 3.0 by Health MedX
A 24-page manual to help you prepare for the MDS 3.0. Great checklists and a fantastic
overview of the MDS 3.0. Download at

Preparing for MDS 3.0 by Keane Care.  
Download this 5 page MDS 3.0 overview at

HCPro Healthcare Marketplace
Free Newsletter about the MDS 3.0 at
MDSCB/MDS-30-Update.html . HCPro also did a nice review of the MDS 3,0 Train the
Trainer Conference in Las Vegas. Visit
6935/Updates-from-the-Las-Vegas-MDS-30-TraintheTrainer-conference.html. In
addition, HCPro has a great MDS 3.0 blog at

Article-A Closer Look at the MDS 3.0: News and Overview for Activity and Recreation
This is an article written by Kim Grandal, back in February 2010. It gives a great
introduction to the MDS 3.0 for Activity and recreation Professional. You can download
this article at:

MDH MDS 3.0 Web Ex MDS 3.0 Handouts
Twenty three sets of handouts regarding all aspects of the MDS 3.0. Download at

Getting Ready for MDS 3.0 Implementation-Montana Healthcare Association
A PowerPoint handout that gives an overview of the MDS 3.0. Download at

MDS 3.0 Resident Interview and Cue Cards by Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
Download interview cue cards for the MDS 3.0.  Visit

Change is Coming MDS 3.0 by Lori Costa
A PowerPoint overview of the MDS 3.0. Download at

The Recreation Department Review Manual 2nd Edition
This comprehensive manual is designed for Recreation and Activity Directors to
thoroughly assess their department. This manual has been updated to include the
MDS 3.0. The primary change has been to the Documentation Audit Tool.  Visit

Free Cue Cards for Section F-Daily and Activity Preferences
The RAI Manual and the Video on Interviewing Vulnerable Elders discuss the use of
Cue Cards during the interview process. Here are two cue cards you can download.

With anything, change can be challenging. Mistakes will be made, new questions
present themselves, turf wars may arise, and so on. Take a deep breath and just
remember one thing, “It’s about the residents”.  Whether you like or dislike the MDS 3.0,
doesn’t really matter anymore because it’s going to happen on October 1, 2010. Focus
on what you need to do and before you know it, it will become part of the norm and we’ll
all be saying, “Remember when we had to do that section N?”. I personally would like to
invite you to register for the MDS 3.0 webinars by Re-Creative Resources Inc. because
these sessions are specifically created for you, the Activity and Recreation
Professional.  This is a great place to share, brainstorm, and do what we do best,