Re-Creative Resources
By Kimberly Grandal, BA, CTRS, ACC, Executive Director
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Executive Director
Re-Creative Resources
About Kim

Kimberly Grandal, Founder
and Executive Director of Re-
Creative Resources, Inc., is a
strong advocate for the field of
Therapeutic Recreation and
Activities, with over fifteen
years of experience working
with the elderly in numerous
management and consultant
positions.  She is an Activity
Consultant Certified and a
Certified Therapeutic
Recreation Specialist. Kim is a
member of the New Jersey
Activity Professionals
Association and the New
Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania
Therapeutic Recreation

In 1990, Kim graduated from
William Paterson University
with a BA in Sociology and
later studied gerontology
courses at Union County
College and Therapeutic
Recreation courses at Kean
University. Throughout her
career, Kim has been the
Director of Therapeutic
Recreation for several long-
term care facilities, including
one of NJ’s largest.

In 2006, Kim founded Re-
Creative Resources Inc. She is
a speaker for various state and
local activity associations such
as NJAPA, MOCAP, and
NJACA, as well as the Society
of Licensed Nursing Home
Administrators of NJ. She also
offers lectures for Re-Creative
Resources Inc., local colleges,
and community groups, and
provides consultation and
support to numerous facilities
in the state.

Kim is the editor and writer for
the “The Rec-Room", a
monthly newsletter published
by her company. In addition,
she writes monthly articles for
the Activity Directors Office
newsletter, and has contributed
articles to Creative Forecasting
Magazine, and The
Continuing Care Insite

Kim is a recipient of the
Kessler Institute of
Rehabilitation 1997 Triumph
of the Human Spirit Award.  
Her passion is to promote the
field of Therapeutic
Recreation and Activities and
to unite Recreation Therapists
and Activity Professionals. Kim
currently serves on the NJAPA
board as the Chairperson for
the Legislation Committee.
Resources Inc.

Re-Creative Resources, Inc. is
committed to enhancing the
lives of long-term care
residents through the use of
Therapeutic Recreation. We
provide a variety of services
such as Therapeutic
Recreation seminars,
in-services, resources, form
development, program analysis
and development,
consultation, and support for
activity professionals and
recreational therapists. A
selection of downloadable
training materials and forms
are available for your
convenience as well as a free
job posting site.
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Holiday Tips for Activity Professionals and
Recreation Therapists
By Kimberly Grandal BA, CTRS, ACC/EDU
Executive Director, Re-Creative Resources Inc.

This is a busy time of year for Activity Professionals and Recreation Professionals and I
can emphasize with what you are probably going through right now and in the weeks to
come. You all provide so much holiday cheer and quality of life. It is amazing how you
continue to smile throughout the process of decorating the facility, wrapping large
amounts of gifts, coordinating with dozens of community groups, while maintaining your
regular workload and the ability to keep the festivity alive within yourself to share with
your friends and family. It can be quite the challenge! So, please take a moment to enjoy
the holiday season for yourself. Here are some tips to help you get through this hectic
time of year.

  • Maintain a daily list of things to do. Download a  free things to do list at   http:
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to buy and wrap resident gifts.
  • hop online (if possible) or ask volunteers to help.
  • Utilize a gift giving tree.
  • Ask churches, community groups, family members, etc, for donations.
  • Take a trip to the dollar store if funds are really low.
  • Buy wrapping paper after Christmas at clearance prices and wrap gifts as you
    buy them.
  • Have a wrapping party with refreshments. Invite volunteer, staff, family members.
  • Purchase holiday cards after Christmas at clearance prices and prepare them
    in September.
  • Plan the holiday parties way in advance to assure you have the best
  • Don’t overbook community groups. It’s ok to ask them to come in January or
    another time of year.
  • Involve residents, volunteers, facility staff and family members in the tree
    trimming and decorating.
  • Have decorating contests to elicit support such as a tree trimming contest, unit
    decorating contest, door decorating contest, etc.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • Learn to say no. Practice now-say “NO” out loud. You can do it! Go ahead. Say it
    again…. “NO”! Great job! Remember, you don’t have to do it all, go to every party,
    or help with everything. Yes, be a team player, but remember, you have
  • Schedule one or two personal days during the holidays. It’s a must to make
    shopping easier for you with less crowed stores. If you are a director, allow your
    staff to take a day or two off as well to avoid call outs.
  • Try to avoid overtime hours if possible. I know, I said, TRY!
  • Schedule major projects after the first of the year.  It’s just not that important to
    categorize the video collection right now.
  • Do as much as you can earlier in the week so you are not as tired when the
    weekend comes. You don’t have to have big parties on Fridays!
  • Schedule one to one time with some residents. Listening to residents share
    their life always inspires me when I’m overwhelmed.
  • Take some time for yourself at work. Close your office door (if you’re lucky
    enough to have one), do some deep breathing, put your feet up, have lunch
    away from your desk, go for a walk outside, etc.
  • Laugh it off!  Visit for some holiday humor.
    For some great holiday riddles visit
  • Do something for yourself (hot bath, massage, manicure, aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Get adequate sleep!
  • Walk around the facility at night time to enjoy the holiday lights and décor.
    Everything looks so different at night.
  • To avoid having to cancel routine programs because of last minute community
    groups wanting to schedule, maintain a list of all community groups and
    contacts.   Call them in advance next year instead of waiting for them to
    schedule with you at the last minute.  You may download a free Community
    Groups Contact Form at
  • Make sure all recreation staff has completed mandatory education BEFORE the
    beginning of the holiday season.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Go ahead and utilize resources that are
    available to you. Join the Activity Resource Center at http://www.
  • If you waited too long to prepare this year, take a deep breath and take it one
    day at a time, but next time remember to start preparing in September.

I truly hope that you all get a chance to enjoy the holiday season and take some time for
yourself. Happy Holidays to you, your friends and family and your residents!

Copyright Kimberly Grandal, 2008.  All rights reserved.