National Activity Professional’s
Week – Give the Gift of Education!
What I Learned at the 2009 National Association of Activities
Professionals Conference
Debbie Fitzgerald, COTA
Activities Coordinator, Martha & Mary Health Center

   How to describe, briefly, my recent experience at the national gathering
for activities professionals?  I found the answer in the subtitle of Activity
Director Today: “Encouragement, Education and Empowerment from the
Pros”.  That is exactly what I received at this conference:  the best advice
from the best professionals.
   The atmosphere at this conference is just what one would expect; lively
and energetic with friendly, dedicated mentors everywhere.  I left every
workshop with stacks of notes and business cards from new friends.  At
every meal, someone at a table called “I have an extra seat, come sit here”.
An hour later I had a colleague in New England or an invitation to visit a
facility in British Columbia.  
   The workshops I attended were excellent and well presented.  I
thoroughly enjoyed shopping at the vendor fair and returned with a
suitcase full of new resources and books.  I was particularly excited to meet
authors I have read and developers of programs I use.  It was very exciting
to tell one author that I use her resource daily and how much it helps me;
and it was humbling when she asked me exactly how I use her book and
how it has helped me serve residents.  I was also surprised at how much I
loved touring the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe; I was very impressed
by the landscape and the area’s history.
   In addition to two keynote speakers, I attended six sessions regarding
specifics of culture change, establishing relationships in order to write
better assessments and care plans, engaging those with dementia in their
environments, & adapting programs for lower functioning residents.   
   Some of the programs I learned and/or purchased at conference are
listed below.  I look forward to using them on the Marina Unit!

  • Culture Change.   I’m ready for it.  I’ve already begun changing
    around the furniture in the Marina TV room.
  • Assessments & Care Planning.  I have begun using some of the
    communication techniques and improved my ability to establish
    rapport during initial assessments.  I also think I am writing stronger,
    more individual-centered care plans.
  • Time Management  Amidst all the culture change, care planning, &
    new ideas, I know how to stay focused & avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Programs for those with dementia and/or lower functioning residents.  
    I learned many techniques for communication and helping these
    residents participate to the best of their abilities.
  • Purchased new resources for sensory stimulation, one-to-one visits,
    travelogues, reminiscing, & table games.

Thank you for supporting my attendance at this conference and the
opportunities to improve my skills and better serve the residents of Martha
and Mary!
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