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About NAAP
Founded by Activity
for Activity Professionals...

NAAP is the only national
group that represents activity
professionals in geriatric
settings exclusively. NAAP
serves as a catalyst for both
professional and personal
growth and has come to be
recognized by government
officials as the voice of the
activity profession on national
issues concerning long-term
care facilities, retirement
living, assisted living, adult day
services, and senior citizen
centers. NAAP is nationwide in
scope with a growing
membership in Canada and

The National Association of
Activity Professionals
recognizes the following

The quality of life of the
served is the primary reason for our

The strength of NAAP lies in
the diversity of its members.  
NAAP recognizes the rich
cultural, and educational
backgrounds of its members
and values the variety of
resources represented.

The strength of NAAP also lies
in the development and
promotion of scientific
research which further defines
and supports the activity

NAAP values the development
and maintenance of coalitions
with organizations whose
mission is similar to that of
NAAP's for the purposes of
advocacy, research,
education, and promotion of
activity services and activity

NAAP values members who
become involved at the state
and national level to promote
professional standards as well
as encourage employers to
recognize them as

NAAP affords Activity
Professionals across the
country the opportunity to
speak with a common voice...

NAAP successfully worked with
members of Congress to secure
a change in the nursing home
reform title of the 1987
Omnibus Budget
Reconciliation Act (OBRA).
Through our efforts, it became
mandatory that an activity
program, directed by a
qualified professional, be
provided in every nursing
home that receives Medicare
and/or Medicaid funds.

NAAP was the only
professional activity
association to participate in
HCFA's workgroups that revised
OBRA's interpretive guidelines
now in effect.

NAAP provides assistance at
the state level to promote
certification of activity
professionals, working toward
uniform professional standards
for activity practice.
NAAP Mission
To provide excellence
in support services to
activity professionals
through education,
advocacy, technical
assistance, promotion of
standards, fostering of
research, and peer and
industry relations.
There are so many benefits when you belong to NAAP!  Each member will receive a newsletter
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Updates, Professional Development, Nominations, Standards of Practice, Financial Updates and a
Membership Report. Along with this comes an update from our President, Diane Mockbee, and our
Executive Director, Charles Taylor.

Members will also receive a discounted rate at the Annual Conference which is held in March/April
of each year.

Effective JAN 1, 2006 membership dues are:
Active Membership = $75 US dollars
Associate Membership = $65 US dollars
International Membership (outside US) = $65 USD
Student Membership = $55 US dollars
Supportive Membership = $99 US dollars

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You can download and mail in this
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Let’s Party!!!
Patrona R. Turman, ACC, CAVS
NAAP Secretary

July marks the middle of summer; school is out, vacation time and parties; so let’s have
some fun!!!

2—National Postal Workers’ Day   
Give a small gift bag to your facility postal worker (Both in-house and from the Post
Office).  Items to include might be a bottle of cold water, a “Cool Band”, candy or cookies
and cards signed by the residents.

3—Dog Days Begin
Have a Dog Show, with the Ugliest Dog, Hairiest Dog, Smartest Dog, Biggest Dog,
Smallest Dog.  Invite family and staff to participate.  Don’t forget to invite the Humane
Society to bring adoptable dogs.

4—Let Freedom Ring Day
During the picnic, party or family visits have your Bell Ringers entertain with some
summer tunes.

7—Father-Daughter Day
Invite daughters in to spend time with Dear Old Dad.  Maybe a scavenger hunt, an
afternoon in the shade party, checker tournament or a hot dog eating contest.

12—National Pecan Pie Day
Staff, families and government officials can bake and enter pecan pies in your Annual
Pecan Pie Contest.  Have the dietary department bake pies without nuts sugarless
piers and furnish a refreshing punch.  Prizes might include a free lunch with a resident
or an invitation back to play Bingo with the residents.

17—National Baby Food Day
Baby food has come a long way; a taste testing for the residents will allow them to see
how different baby food is today.  During an afternoon party, have Mom’s bring in
babies, their food and formula.  (Oh the mess!)

21—Cow Appreciation Day
The residents would enjoy having cows of different shape and sizes visit.  Perhaps a
Cow Milking Contest with the Administrative staff, churning of butter and of Course
milkshakes would make perfect afternoon party.

24—National Drive-Thru Day
Many residents have never been to a drive-thru.  What  a great day for a ride to the
Nearest Dairy Bar, don’t have one in town, have a wheelchair drive thru serving Ice
cream, cookies or sodas.

28—Cousins’ Day
Everyone has cousins; a Cousin Look-A-Like Contest, Kissing Cousins or Cousins
from several generations party.


Just Because Party
Motorcycle Show and/or Poker Run:  A great fundraiser for your facility, get families,
clubs and staff to participate
Baseball Team Trophy Night: Pee Wee, Little and Major leagues in your town can have
their trophy night at your facility
Bathing Suit Fashion Show:  Toddlers and animals always look great in bathing suits
Count the Stars Party:  Residents can attend in pajamas, sit under the stars and tell
stories of long ago
Vacation Bible School Program: Offer your facility for Vacation Bible School programs,
the residents might become part of the program.

These are just some different ideas for parties,   A party can evolve from the smallest
idea.  Anytime or any reason to party means a good time for the residents, families and
staff.  So enjoy July, the summer and party every chance you can.