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Founded by Activity Professionals
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NAAP is the only national group that
represents activity professionals in
geriatric settings exclusively. NAAP
serves as a catalyst for both professional
and personal growth and has come to be
recognized by government officials as
the voice of the activity profession on
national issues concerning long-term
care facilities, retirement living, assisted
living, adult day services, and senior
citizen centers. NAAP is nationwide in
scope with a growing membership in
Canada and Bermuda.

The National Association of Activity
Professionals recognizes the following

The quality of life of the
client/resident/participant/patient served
is the primary reason for our services.

The strength of NAAP lies in the diversity
of its members.  NAAP recognizes the
rich cultural, and educational
backgrounds of its members and values
the variety of resources represented.

The strength of NAAP also lies in the
development and promotion of scientific
research which further defines and
supports the activity profession.

NAAP values the development and
maintenance of coalitions with
organizations whose mission is similar to
that of NAAP's for the purposes of
advocacy, research, education, and
promotion of activity services and
activity professionals.

NAAP values members who become
involved at the state and national level
to promote professional standards as well
as encourage employers to recognize
them as professionals.

NAAP affords Activity Professionals
across the country the opportunity to
speak with a common voice...

NAAP successfully worked with members
of Congress to secure a change in the
nursing home reform title of the 1987
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
(OBRA). Through our efforts, it became
mandatory that an activity program,
directed by a qualified professional, be
provided in every nursing home that
receives Medicare and/or Medicaid

NAAP was the only professional activity
association to participate in HCFA's
workgroups that revised OBRA's
interpretive guidelines now in effect.

NAAP provides assistance at the state
level to promote certification of activity
professionals, working toward uniform
professional standards for activity
NAAP Mission Statement
To provide excellence in support services to activity professionals through education,
advocacy, technical assistance, promotion of standards,
fostering of research, and peer and industry relations.
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National Association of Activity Professionals
Founded by Activity Professionals for Activity Professionals...
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Love Your Crazy Life
By Debbie R. Bera/ADC
NAAP Public Relations Trustee

I’m not crazy about January in Wisconsin – I’m not a winter person by any means.  I wouldn’t
care if I never saw snow again and I dislike being cold.  But even though I like other times of
the year better (weather-wise), there is something that I do like about January.  It’s a New
Year; hence it’s a New Life.  Every year we get the opportunity to “begin again” so to speak.  
We can put behind us those things that have dragged us down and look to the horizon for
better things ahead.  

I’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating – forget those worthless resolutions, we know
they don’t stick with most of us beyond much of January.  For anyone to be successful at
anything, it requires a lifestyle change that is usually more permanent in nature.  Use
January as a time for quiet, reflective contemplation to look back at where you have been
and set goals for where you want to be.    Take some time to remember happy moments you
shared with others in 2007.  

Two recent events that happened, one personal and one professional, reaffirmed what I
have always known – it’s moments shared together with those you love that you remember.  
It’s not gifts or material things.  Here’s what confirms this:  we have a tradition in our family
(well, we have more than one, but I’m just relating one) where we go to a family movie the
afternoon of Christmas Eve ever since the kids were old enough to go.  This year my son
(he’s 25) brought it up before his dad or I did by offering a suggestion of a movie for us to
go to this year.  (Now both my son and daughter fiancés go with us as well the past few
years.)  They continue to look forward to this afternoon spent together even in their 20s and
want their fiancés included as well, but they never mention previous years gifts so they are
obviously less significant than the time we spend together as a family.  The second event
was during a Red Hat and Romeo joint Christmas Social we held at our facility last week for
residents that belong to these two clubs.  As part of the event, I asked them to go around
the table and share a favorite Christmas memory of either their childhood or their children’s
childhood.  Every resident (even those with moderate cognitive loss) was able to remember
an eventful/memorable Christmas and all their stories were about the time they spent
together as a family – not one example from these 20 residents included memories of
gifts/material things, every single happy and sometimes funny memory shared was about
spending time together as a family.  It’s never too late to start family traditions to carry out
throughout the year.  I cannot stress enough how important they are, that’s what memories
are made of.

2007 has been a very busy (and hence stressful) year for me as I’m sure it has for many
Activity Professionals.  We tend to overemphasize the “Active” (root word) of Activity!  Now if
this next segment isn’t “the pot calling the kettle black” I don’t know what is!  I need to heed
what I’m about to write as much or more than many of you.  (Just ask my staff, they will find
this humorous that I should be writing about this.)    The fact is I know these things, believe
these things, but I am very negligent in heeding these things.   That being said, I’m writing
this as much for my benefit as for yours!   I constantly find myself saying that 2007, 2008,
etc will be better or someday I’ll get everything under control – it’s always after something i.e
after the conference, after the holidays.  But it seems that that day never comes!   It’s
always someday – some elusive day in the future that just keeps getting projected out when
you reach that day and you still aren’t there yet.  This is how are lives have become, very
hectic and fast paced.  There is no mystic place of peace and tranquility – where you are
finally “caught up” with no endless “to do” list.  (Sorry to burst your bubble.)  Something is
always going to pop up like the fly in the ointment, seemingly out of nowhere.  (Distressing
isn’t it?)  You can never get your life totally under control because so many factors that
influence our lives are out of our control.  Think about it, do you know one person who has
ever completed a “to do” list and not had another one to follow?  No one is in charge at all
times.  Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.  The more you give up this illusion that
you can get it all together once and for all, the more you can relax and enjoy the reality of
life – with all it’s imperfections.  “To do” lists aren’t for finishing – what’s important is putting
what matters first, making sure you get to that, and letting the rest go.  So, give yourself a
break, nobody’s perfect, write a have-done list – if you match every “to do” with an
accomplishment you will get satisfaction and create more success; set your priorities for the
week ahead; and look back to go forward – what has worked in the past when you were
overwhelmed.  H. G. Wells said, “We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to
the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.”  Here are some thoughts that are
attributed to Albert Einstein:  “the Three Rules of Work 1.  Out of clutter, find simplicity. 2.  
From discord, find harmony.  3.  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  How true those

The word simplicity comes to mind.  It is not a popular word in this generation, for we have
become very complicated.  Our lives are so cluttered up we do not see the real, the
essential values.  Our modern life is too fast paced, too full of everything.  As you enter into
this New Year, resolve not to be so cluttered up with your old preoccupations and seemingly
endless responsibilities.   Don’t be so caught up in your “to do” lists that you miss life’s little
surprises and opportunities along the way.  Remember to: “sit back, relax and enjoy the
ride”.  Don’t let life pass you by while you are so caught up in everything that you think you
have to do.  Decide that you will do all that you can conveniently in the course of the day
and let it go at that.  You cannot get to tomorrow without first living through today – so enjoy
each day, you will never have that day again!  How long has it been since you allowed
yourself to rejoice in a beautiful day?  How long has it been since you stopped to notice it is
a beautiful day?  Every day is a beautiful day when we stop to realize it!

Have some self-compassion (we are so good at giving it to others, turn some on yourself).  
Develop a be-kind-to-yourself mind-set.  It will help you feel less anxious and help you
recover more quickly from setbacks.  Here are three steps to a self-compassion attitude:  1.  
Realize that you are only human.  Goofing up is part of life.   Failures and losses are a part
of the human experience.  You are not unique, everyone experiences troubles/life
obstacles.  2.  Feel your pain.  Have a mindful acceptance, which means to truly feel your
feelings.  This will allow you to face the situation and move on.  3.  Talk to yourself with
kindness – as if you would to your best friend, see yourself as worthy of that care and
forgiveness that you give so readily to others.  

Don’t forget to celebrate National Activity Professionals week January 20 – 25, 2008.  This is
the perfect time (really any time is the perfect time) to treat yourself with something special.  
Whether it is a massage, a new book (and time to read it!), a day off (a novel idea indeed!),
or whatever it is that would make your day.  A few hours of pampering today will make a
tremendous difference in the weeks ahead and don’t feel guilty about it!  If we “play and
dance” more, it will refresh our bodies – and our spirits.  Our lives are not set in stone.  
Lives, like flowers, continue to unfold.  We have options, and we have choices along the
way.  How different our lives become when we see them as an unfolding process.  “Each day
comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons” Ruth Ann Schabacker.  When we are so
stuck on thinking what our day should be, we often miss what a gift it is.  The best
celebration is one where we take the time to be present to ourselves and those around us,
sharing the preciousness of each moment.  Always remember to believe in yourself, your
profession, and your team!  To quote Helen Keller, “Optimism is the faith that leads to
achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”   “We are in charge of
our own optimism, effort and attitude!” (That’s my quote.)

Take pride in being an Activity Professional (and everything else that you are) and Happy
New Year!
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