The Activity Director's Office Presents
Activity Ideas That Work
by Gina Salazar, AD
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Favorite Things

The things that make a mother
are the things that make all life
A home that's filled with warmth
and love
and treasures that she's fondest
Little feet that make her day
a busy world of work and play.
Friends who take the time to call
a door that opens wide to all.
A room that holds the morning sun
and laughter when the day is done.
The special joy that each day
is made of Mother's favorite things.

~ Author Unknown
Cinco De Mayo Trivia:

Cinco De Mayo is on the 5th of May
and is celebrated by Mexican-
Americans to remember the
anniversary of the battle of Puebla
in 1862
when Mexican troops defeated
Napoleons invading French army.
The Mexican victory meant the end
of European domination.

True/Faise Trivia:
~ Mexico imports
coffee,bananas,sugar cane,and
tabacco to the U.S.
~The peso is the basic unit of
money in Mexico
~Chili Con Carne means Its cold
outside in Spanish
False, it means Chili with Meat.
~A Sarape is a Mexican drink
False, it is a blanket.
~The main religion in Mexico is
False, most Mexicans in Mexico
are Catholic
~ Mariachi music is played with a
~Mexico's capital city is Mexico City
~The official language of Mexico is
False, it is Spanish
What's Cookin'

Mexican Salsa

You will need:
Bag of Tortillia Chips
1 small can of tomato sauce
3 Large Tomatos
1 Large Onion
1 bunch of Cilantro
1 bunch of Green onions
Garlic Salt
3-6 Jalepenos(depends on how
hot you want it)

Put all ingredients into blender
and chop up,add garlic salt to
Serve with Tortilla chips.
May Dates to Celebrate:

National Book Month - Why dont you start up a book club in your facility?Pick a book
for the month and tell your residents to read it and at the end of the month, get your
group together and discuss the book in detail.Check with your local library for
shut-in services(someone will come out to your facility to bring books from the
National Barbecue Month- Why dont you have a BBQ and serve hambugers,green
salad,and chips and salsa,and you can celebrate all three together.
National Hamburger Month-
National Salad Month-
National Salsa Month-
Cinco De Mayo
- May 5th - Why dont you have a Mexican Fiesta with a Mariachi
band(or just play mexican music),serve Carne Asada,Rice,Beans,red,white and
green Jello, and non-alcoholic Margaritas.Have a salsa making cooking class.Play
Cinco De mayo trivia(see below),Have a local dance studio come in and give Salsa
Dance step lessons,Call everyone by Senior or Senorita,Have the staff and
residents wear red,white and green clothing.Have fun!!!   
Mothers Day- Second sunday of May- Why not have a Mothers day Tea? Hire an
entertainer or singer for the event,send out invitations,serve different types of teas
and coffee,muffins,cookies and different types of bagels and cream cheeses and
fresh fruit.Hand out fresh flowers to all the mothers in attendance.
National Nursing Home Week- second week in May-This week can be a great way
to bring the community and your facility together. Here are a few ideas to try:
~Call local news stations and papers to invite them to your celebration of National
Nursing home week.
~Have a picnic- open up your facility to the community.
~Have a Craft faire, In the weeks leading up to the event have residents make
things to sell (bookmarkers,blankets,etc), Cakes/cookies for a bake sale, and set
up booths to sell their goods. You could also put up fliers to rent spaces to local
crafters to sell their items at the craft faire. Have a BBQ and sell hot dogs and
hamburgers,chips and sodas.
~Hold a scavenger hunt-
~Hold a raffle- Many local stores will donate items to your facility if asked.Sell raffle
tickets and hold the raffle during the week.
~Hold a Bingo Game night- Pass out fliers throughout your community and hold a
Bingo night.Serve refreshments.
~Hold a Band Contest- Ask your local high schools music director to bring the
school band to hold a concert outdoors at your facility.
~Hold a Poker Night- Ask your local Moose,Elks,or Shrinners club to come in and
play poker one night with your residents,serve non-alcoholic beer.
~ Hold a Blood pressure Clinic- Ask your nurse from your facility to hold free blood
pressure testing to the local community seniors, pass out fliers to all the
surrounding senior apts.
~Ice cream Social Nite- Get all the fixings for Ice cream sundaes,Ice
cream,whipped cream,toppings,nuts,cherries,etc.Pass out fliers throughout the
community and at your local senior centers.
~Open House-

May Crafts:

Balloon Pinatas

You will need:
Large balloons
Masking tape
Starch or flour and water paste

Blow up the balloons and tie closed.
Cover the balloons with pieces of masking tape. Cover the whole balloon.Then
cover the balloon with starch or a paste of flour and water.Let dry over night.
Paint the balloons bright colors.Let dry.Then pop the ballon and fill with candies
and small treats.Tie with ribbon.

May Flowers:

You will need:
Pipe cleaners

Take two or three tissues and layout on top of each other then fold like a fan (back
and forth,like an accordian) then put a pipe cleaner around the middle and
tie.Separate the layers of the tissue and fluff out over the pipe cleaner to look like a
flower.Then you can color the edges with markers if desired.

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