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by Gina Salazar, AD
Flag Day Trivia:

True or False

The U.S. flag has thirteen
stripes,alternating red and
white,each stripe represents one
of the 13 original colonies of

The U.S.flag has 49 stars? False,
it has 50 stars, one for each state
of the union.

The first Flag Day was signed into
legislation by President Harry
Truman in 1949? True

Since the first official U.S. flag was
created by congress,the flag has
been changed 26 times?True.

The U.S flag has been called Old
Glory,The Star Spangled Banner
and Stars and Stripes?True.
Wind Chimes

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

Materials Needed:
• Scissors
• Clear plastic lids
• X-Acto knife
• Hole punch
• Fishing line
• Stick or dowel
• Jingle bells

Step 1:  
Cut the rims off the plastic
lids, then help your children cut out
seven (or as many as you like) leaf
shapes from the clear plastic. If
you want, you can create "veins"
on the leaves by lightly scoring
each one with an X-Acto blade.

Step 2:  Punch a hole in the top
and bottom of each leaf. Tie a 7- to
10-inch length of fishing line to the
top of each leaf, then hang the
leaves, evenly spaced, from the
stick or dowel.

Step 3:  Using short lengths of
fishing line, hang a jingle bell from
the bottom of each leaf.

Step 4:  To make a hanger, tie the
ends of a 6- to 8-inch piece of
fishing line to each end of the stick.

3/4 cup Rose Water
6 drops Glycerine
2/3 cups Witch Hazel
Just blend and shake well.

Oatmeal Rose and
Honey Facial

1/8 C. rose petals, torn up
1/3 C. oatmeal, finely ground
4 t. honey
1 t. rose water

Mix together rose petals, oatmeal
and honey until will mixed. Blend
in 1 teaspoon of rose water. Apply
to freshly cleansed face and relax
for 1/2 hour. Remove with warm
Strawberry Sparkles

There's no better time than now,
during the height of picking
season, to celebrate the great
taste of fresh strawberries. It takes
only a couple of minutes to turn a
pint of them into a festive,
mouthwatering treat for everyone.
Wash the whole berries and pat
them dry with a paper towel. Fill a
shallow bowl with colored sugar
(you can buy this at the grocery two
drops of food coloring into 1/4 cup
of sugar).

In a mixing bowl, blend four
ounces of softened cream
cheese, two teaspoons of
confectioners sugar, four
teaspoons of milk, and 1/2
teaspoon of vanilla extract with a
fork until smooth and creamy. Add
more milk if needed to achieve the
desired consistency.

Now, holding the berries by their
stems, your kids can dip them into
the cream cheese, roll them in the
sugar, and enjoy.
Fathers Day
Mock Leather Cigar Box:

Materials Needed:
Roll of masking tape
Cigar box for each resident( if not
available,use any kind of box)
Brown markers

Just have residents take small
pieces of masking tape and cover
the whole box with the tape,then
color the box brown with the
marker.Let dry. Thats it!
What's Cooking:

Chocolate Covered

You will need:
Simi Sweet Chocolate
or Premium White Chocolate
Large strawberries

Put chocolate pieces into a sauce
pan and heat on low.Stir often.
When melted, dip strawberries
into chocolate and let excess drip
Plcae on wax paper to cool and
refrigerate for 30 minutes.
~Anyone can have a child, But it
takes a real man to be Father~
June Dates to Celebrate:

National Candy Month- Why don't you have a candy tasting party.Get some Jelly
belly Candies in different flavors and blindfold your residents and let them try to
guess the different flavors.Get some wild flavors like jalapeno,coffee,peanut

National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month -Why don't you make Chocolate covered
fresh Strawberries(see below).

National Iced Tea Month-Why don't you have a Tea Party.Serve different types of
teas and muffins.

National Rose Month-Why don't you have a local florist come in and hold a flower
arranging class.
See Rose Potpourri ideas below.

Fathers Day-Second Sunday of the month- Why don't you have a Family Barbecue
for Fathers day.
Serve Hamburgers,Hotdogs,Baked beans,and Sodas.For Fun, have the families of
your residents have a Sack race,play horse shoes,or have a tug of war.

Flag Day- June 14th-Have your residents make paper flags for crafts class  in the
weeks before 6-14,then hang them all around your facility.Play patriotic music all
day,Do the pledge of allegiance in the morning.Have the staff all dress in red,white
and blue.

National Yo-Yo Day- June 6th- Why don't you buy some cheap yo-yos from the 99
cent store and let your residents try to use them and try to do tricks.
If you know anyone that is good at yo-yos have them come in for a demo.for your

Here are a few ideas for National Rose Month :

How To Make Rose Potpourri

One way to extend the enjoyment that fresh cut roses bring is to use the rose petals
to create a batch of fragrant potpourri. This is a fun project that you might do with
the person who sent you the roses, or it could be a great project at home or school
for your children. The delightful finished product will rekindle memories of your
lovely gift of roses. You may even wish to start a rose potpourri collection. You could
start a jar with rose petals from your bridal bouquet to which you add rose petals
from each anniversary bouquet you receive. Or, you could add petals from roses
received from that certain someone regardless of the occasion.  
First collect petals from the rose as the flower reaches fully open maturity, but
before it turns brown. Dry them until crisp on a screen, cookie sheet or any flat
surface. Red roses, when dried, turn a rich burgundy color and look lovely in a
ginger jar, candy dish or antique canister. For each quart of petals you collect, add
1 tablespoon fixative. Dry lavender, oak moss, sandalwood or orrisroot are good
choices and are available in chopped form at many herb and spice shops or drug

Next, add your favorite complementary spice. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried
citrus peel and vanilla beans all make excellent choices.

Last, add a few drops of essential oil (an aroma additive) or, if you like, your favorite

Seal your potpourri mixture in a jar, allowing it to mellow for approximately 10 days.
To properly blend the ingredients, shake the jar lightly every couple of days.

There are myriad uses for this delightful potpourri. Add it to the stuffing of pillows or
hang it in pomanders in your closet. Small sachets can be used in any drawer or
as thoughtful little gifts for friends and loved ones. An easy way to make a rose
potpourri sachet is to place a small handful of the fragrant mixture in a lace or linen
handkerchief or other delicate fabric and tie the four corners with a satin bow or

Let the gift of roses you receive give you enjoyment throughout the year by adding a
delightful fragrance to every room in your home.

Information Provided Courtesy of Roses Inc. P.O. Box 99, Haslett, MI 48840

How To Make Rosewater and Rosewater Toner

During the feasts of Roman Emperor Nero, guests lounged on pillows stuffed with
rose petals, gazed upon fountains which flung up rose water, bathed in
marble-lined pools filled with rose-perfumed waters, quaffed rose wine and
indulged in rose pudding for dessert.

Gather about 2 lbs. of scented petals before they fall. The fresher the better. The
actual ratio of Roses to water depends on the color and fragrance desired. You can
start with about 2 cups of rose petals firmly packed to a litre of water. Place in an
enamel saucepan or preferably earthenware pan. Cover with cold soft water
(preferably rainwater, or bottled water).Bring almost to a boil. Let cool. Strain. Be
careful not to scorch. Red Roses cause the water to turn a pale pink. Other color
roses turn the water a brownish yellow muddy color. The water will remain scented
for a good two days. Refrigerated it lasts longer.
Father's Day Shirt Cake

• 9- by 12- by 2-inch cake, store-bought or homemade from scratch or a mix
• Pastel icing the color of dad's favorite shirt
• Cardbord shirt box (ask at the drycleaner's), lined with waxed paper
• White paper for making a shirt collar and two cuffs
• Colorful frosting for the tie

Step1:   Bake a cake in a 9-by-12-inch cake pan, remove from the pan, cool, and
place on waxed paper.

Step2:  Start by lining a 9-by-12-inch cardboard shirt box with tissue paper. Cover
with a larger piece of waxed paper and flip the cake over and set it bottom-up in the

Step3:  Frost with a pastel-shirt colored icing. Cut a collar and two cuffs out of white
paper. The collar is a strip, rolled into a ring and taped, with a small V cut out of the
center. The cuffs are rectangles with candy cufflinks.

Step4:  Add a colorful frosting tie below the point where the collar will be placed.
Just before serving, trim away the waxed paper and add the collar and cuffs.

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