The Activity Director's Office Presents
Activity Ideas That Work
by Gina Salazar, AD
In Common

What is the one thing shared
by all three items in the same

a cow
a shoe
a baby

a doctor's office
a post office

a zipper
a shark
a comb

restaurant goer
a bird
the Senate

a potato
a hurricane
a target

a river
a person
a cave


A. a tongue
B. a scale (or a key)
C. teeth
D. a bill
E. an eye
F. a mouth

Two of a Kind

For each three-letter
sequence below, provide two
words that include the
identical sequence and that
are both in the category
named. For instance, for the
sequence ERI and the
category LAKES, you could
come up with Erie and

Sequence            Category

BAG                     vegetables

COR                   zodiac signs

RON                            metals

ALE                  state capitals

ART              U.S. Presidents


rutabaga and cabbage
Scorpio and Capricorn
iron and bronze
Salem and Raleigh
Arthur and Carter
Laughter is food for the soul.......

A man at a restaurant asked the waiter
"Say, what is this in my soup?"
the waiter looked carefully at the soup.
"I can't say sir. I dont know one insect from another."


Why did the ghost starch his sheet?
Because he wanted to scare people stiff.


Where do comedians go on vacation?


Dad:Whats wrong son?
Son:I lost my dog.
Dad:Dont cry, we'll put an ad in the paper.
Son:That wont help, the dog cant read.


Did you hear about the guy who is such an optimist
that every year he goes down to the city hall to see
if his marriage license has expired.


A mother told her mischievous son
"Every time you are bad I get another grey hair."
"Gee Mom,You must have been really bad wnen you were young. Just look
at grandma's hair." replied the son.


God made wrinkles to show where smiles have been......


What is the best way to catch a fish?
Have someone throw it to you.


Why did the boy go to bed with a hammer?
He wanted to hit the sack.


What do you get when you cross a cow and an octopus?
A farm animal that can milk itself.


What does a duck wear to a wedding?
A duxcedo.


What is the best month for parades?


Whats better than a dog that can talk?
A spelling bee.

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