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Seasons greeting to all of you busy, busy Activity Professionals!
Here are a few ideas that may help out during our busiest time of the year….

Christmas Games and Activities:

*Christmas Memory Game:
Supplies: 18 items in box
How To Play: Show the items in the box to the residents. Remove one or more
items out of the box (without residents seeing you). Have the residents guess
what items are missing. Cover. Remove cover for 20-30 seconds and then
remove tray from room. On your mark, the residents are to write down as
many items that they can remember from the tray before you yell, "STOP".
Most correct answers wins.

Word Find:
Take a Christmas related word such as: Christmas, Poinsettia, Candy cane,
etc. and find as many smaller words from it as possible before the timer runs
Example: Christmas
Words: sit, is, his, miss, rat, tar, this, math, chair, rim...
Example: Candy cane
Words: candy, cane, and, dance, day, nay, can, dye, an, any...

*Pin The Nose On Frosty or Rudolph:
Supplies: Big Picture of Frosty or Rudolph
Red circle or orange carrot shape for each resident, with adhesive on back
and their name on the front
A blindfold
How To Play: Blindfold the player, spin 'em around and let them try to stick the
nose where it's supposed to go. Give a prize for the player that gets the

*Frosty Snowball Toss:
Supplies: Large cardboard with Frosty drawn on one side with a good size
hole cut-out in belly.
Marshmallows wrapped in plastic wrap and tied
Bucket to hold snowballs
Tape to mark distance line
How To Play: Place cardboard Frosty a little distance from a wall with a paper
box lid on floor to catch snowballs. Mark your distance line. Line residents up
behind the line and place a bucket of marshmallows beside them. Give each
person three tries to get their marshmallow snowball through the hole. Get all
three snowballs in and earn a snowball reward.

Fill the Christmas Stocking:
Supplies: Stocking, spoon and bowl for each team.
Wrapped candy.
How To Play: Divide into teams. Have players line up at one end of the room.
At the other end, hang a Christmas stocking for each team. Place a bowl of
candy and a spoon in front of each team. Each person takes a turn taking a
candy from the bowl with the spoon. They then carry the candy on the spoon
to the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. Race back to the next
person in line, give them the spoon. First team to fill the stocking wins!

*Count the snowballs:
Supplies: Pretty glass jar with lid.
Small or large marshmallows.
How to play: Fill glass jar with marshmallows and have residents guess how
many “Snowballs” are in the jar.
The winner gets the jars.


Crafty Gift Ideas to make with your residents or gifts to sell at a Christmas
Craft Fair:                                                                                      

Christmas Gift Ideas:

Glass Bulbs:
These are great because they are easy and inexpensive.
Here are a few variations to use with just plain glass bulbs to start.

Festive Polka Dot Ornaments
You'll be amazed at how easy these are to make! Grab some glass ball
ornaments and some paint.

Christmas Photo Ornaments
Give a personalized Christmas photo ornament to the special people on your

Dried Flower Ornaments
Preserve beautiful wildflowers in the summer and use them to create elegant
Christmas ornaments in the winter.

Glitter Glue Ornament
A little glitter glue turns an ordinary glass ornament into a sparkling Christmas

Jeweled Ornament
This jeweled ornament craft is simple to make and impressive to behold.

Marbled Glass Ornaments
Add a splash of color to a plain glass ornament and you get these elegant
marbled glass.

Santa Ornament
What do you get when you put together a red ball ornament, some paint and
a cotton ball? A cute Santa ornament craft activity that results in lots of fun.
Curly Wired Bulb Ornament


Hot Cocoa Mix :
It's very easy to make for you or to share as a gift in a jar
for a friend. Check out the variation ideas at the bottom. I hope
you enjoy it! Included are several other variations for you to try!

  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • 2 cups powdered milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 1/2 cup powdered non-dairy creamer
  • 1 dash of salt
  • Miniature marshmallows or cream, optional
Combine all ingredients and store in a in tightly sealed container.
Makes about 4 cups of hot cocoa mix.
  • Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of mix to a mug and fill with hot water.
  • Stir to blend. Add some marshmallows or cream.
  • Gifts In A Jar
  • Sometimes we like to add some miniature marshmallows to the mix and
  • then fill a quart jar with the cocoa mix and miniature marshmallows
  • combination.
  • Attach the directions and decorate for gift-giving.
  • Use some red paper to type the directions. You can write the
  • directions using a black marker and add a cute little poem, cut it
  • out with pinking shears and glued it onto the jar.
  • You can use regular canning lids and rings for the jars rather than
  • the mayonnaise lids.
  • Add a circle of holiday fabric which has been trimmed with pinking
  • shears and tie with some raffia or ribbon.
  • You can also attach a peppermint stick or candy cane to top of the
  • jar with the raffia or ribbon.
Flavored Cocoa Variations
  • Use the flavored creamers such as Hazelnut, Irish Cream and French
  • Vanilla and the others that are available.
  • Add one package of Raspberry or Cherry unsweetened dry beverage
  • (like Kool-Aid) to the cocoa mix. You may want to add a bit more
  • sugar when adding a package of drink mix.
  • Add one teaspoon of cinnamon to the cocoa mix
  • For Mocha, fill your mug with coffee instead of water about if I use French Vanilla Creamer and Raspberry drink
mix...I think that would be good!
This angel craft poem is an ideal craft for loved ones in need. You can make
this project as simple as some card stock and a feather or you can place it
into a box or gift card.
To make this angel feather poem all you need to do is write out the poem and
attach a feather. If you want to make a magnet, just glue on a flat backed
magnet to the back of your card.

----Angel Feather Craft Poem----

This is an angel feather,
sent from God above,
to serve as a reminder,
of his gracious love.

It's from your guardian angel,
that God himself assigned to you,
And fell out in his struggles,
as he protected you.

Each time you almost stumble,
Each time you nearly fall,
Remember to,
Thank God and his angels,
for answering your call.

This angel craft is a great Christmas stocking filler or make them up for fund
raising events.


Here are some other fun ideas for gifts to give.
Many of these can be changed to fit any occasion...

  • Jar of Jam - "Hoping you have a Holiday "Jammed" packed with
  • fun!""Jam-packed" with Christmas Cheer!!"
  • Jar of Jelly - jelly is like love - you can't spread it around
  • without getting some on yourself! Merry Christmas!!
  • Jolly Ranchers - Have a Holly "Jolly" Christmas!!
  • Lifesavers - " You've been a life saver!" Have a great Christmas!
  • Loaf of Bread - For being there when you were "Kneaded",
  • for "Rising" to the occasion, large or small. For never "Loafing" on
  • the job, for helping others to "Heel" with TLC. No matter how
  • you "Slice it", you do a terrific job loving others. Merry
  • Christmas!
  • "M&M's - "Have a Merry and Most wonderful Holiday Season!!"
  • Matches - "No one Matches you as neighbors!" Merry Christmas!
  • Measuring Cup or Glass Measure - "Wishing you Joy Beyond Measure!
  • Mints - "Friends like you are worth a Mint!!" Merry Christmas!
  • Muffins or Muffin mix - " You're getting "Muffin" for Christmas!!"
  • Mugs with Hot Chocolate Mix - "To our special friends who are so
  • Dear, We wish you all a cup of Cheer!" (One Mug would be a special
  • gift for a Teacher. "To a Special Teacher dear, wishing you a "Cup
  • of Cheer"!"
  • "Nuts - "We're nuts about you!" Merry Christmas!
  • Oranges - " Orange" you glad we're Friends!?" Merry Christmas!!
  • Paper Towels - "Blot out your troubles; absorb the Christmas
  • Spirit!"
  • Pencil and Notepad - "Merry Christmas from our pad to yours!!" or
  • Merry Christmas to a "noteworthy" friend!"
  • Pie - "Just a 'Holiday Hi' and a tasty Pie!! Happy Holidays!"
  • Pizza - "Hope your Holiday has a touch of "Pizza - z!!" Merry
  • Christmas!!"
  • Plant - " The kindness you show makes our friendship grow and grow!
  • Hope you have a Happy Holiday!!"
  • Popcorn Balls - Hoping you have a "Ball" this Holiday Season!
  • Popcorn or Caramel Corn - "Just "Popping" by with a Holiday Hi!"
  • Or "May your Holidays be Poppin'!"
  • Potpourri - "May this sweet scent bring back thoughts of warm
  • Christmasses long ago!" Merry Christmas!
  • Recipe - "Just like you's tried and true, just for you!
  • Happy Holiday Baking or Merry Christmas Cooking!"
  • Rice Krispie Treats - "Snap, Crackle, Pop" We think You're really
  • Tops! "
  • Root Beer - We're "Root"ing for you to have a Happy Holiday Season
  • and a Wonderful New Year!!
  • Salsa - "Add a little Spice to your Holidays!" Merry Christmas."
  • Seasoning Mix - "Seasoned with Love" Merry Christmas!!
  • Shaped Sugar Cookies - "Rolling out a batch of Christmas Cheer, for
  • someone we think is very dear!!"
  • "Snicker Bar - "Don't "Snicker", just be glad you got something!!"
  • Soda Pop - "I'd "Soda" like to wish you a merry Christmas!
  • Soup or soup mix - Wishing you a "Souper" Holiday Season!!
  • Sparkling Cider - "Wishing you a Sparkling Holiday Season!"
  • Spiced Drink Mixes - " Hoping your Holidays are "Spiced" Just
  • right!"
  • Sprite - " May your Christmas be Merry and Sprite!"
  • Stocking or filled Jar - "Have a fun filled Christmas this year!"
  • Strainer - (with a Christmas bow) " We couldn't restrain ourselves
  • from wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!"
  • Stuffed animal - (Beanie Baby) "Pawsing" to wish you a Merry
  • Christmas!
  • Toffee or Brittle - "Any way you break it, we think you're the
  • greatest!"
  • Veggies and Dip - "Dip into a wonderful Holiday season and a Healthy
  • New Year!"
  • Warm Casserole or Bread - "Bundled up with warm wishes!!"
  • Wire whisk - (Filled with Chocolate kisses) "We WHISK you a Merry
  • KISSmas!!"
  • Wooden spoon - Whether stirring up cakes, cookies, soups or
  • soufflés; You'll find this spoon useful in so many ways. But
  • whatever it's use, it says, "Merry Merry Christmas from us to you!"
  • Quick And Easy Christmas Ideas
  • Many of these can be changed to fit any occasion...
  • Angel - "Hoping you have a Heavenly Christmas!"
  • A Star Ornament - "Remember the reason for the season!"
  • "A Sweet Treat - "Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!"
  • Apple Anything - (pie, cobbler, crisp, muffins etc.) "Sending you
  • a "Bushel" of love this holiday Season!!" Or "You are the apple of
  • my eye!"
  • "Apple Pie of Apple Crisp - "Wishing you a Scrumptious Christmas!"
  • Apples and Hershey's Hugs - A teacher can't live by apples
  • alone...She needs "Hugs" too!
  • Banana Bread - "We love you a whole "Bunch" too! Merry Christmas!"
  • Bananas - If we could choose our friends, and we searched the whole
  • world through, we'd go bananas trying to find a better bunch than
  • you!"
  • Basket of items - "Wishing you a basket full of Christmas blessings"
  • Bear shaped Honey - "Have a Bear-y Sweet Christmas!!"
  • Box of Light Bulbs - "Have a bright and radiant Christmas"
  • Broom - You're "Dust" the finest neighbors we know! Merry Christmas!
  • Brownie Mix - (Or other Mix) "Whip up this mix for a wonderful
  • holiday fix! Wishing you a "rich" Holiday Season!!" (Include the
  • recipe!)
  • Bubble Gum or Bubble Bath - "May your holidays "Bubble" over with
  • fun!!
  • Cake or Cupcakes - "You take the "Cake" neighbor! Happy Holidays to
  • you!"
  • Calendar - "Keep Christmas in your heart all year through!"
  • Candle - "May your days be happy, your heart be light, your
  • Christmas merry and the New Year Bright!!
  • Candle - "You Light up my Life!" Thanks for your friendship! May
  • your Christmas be Merry and Bright!"
  • Carrot Cake - " I Really "Carrot" a lot about you!! Merry Christmas"
  • Cheese Ball and Crackers - "Spread a little Christmas Cheer this
  • Holiday Season!"
  • Cherry 7-up - "Just a Little Christmas Cheer from Happy Hearts this
  • time of year! Merry Christmas!!"
  • Chocolate Mousse Mix - "Merry Christmousse" to our "Deer" Friends!
  • Christmas music, CD or Tape - "May the sweet song of Christmas make
  • your heart rejoice!" Or "May the merry sounds of Christmas bring a
  • Joyful Melody to your holiday season" Merry Christmas!!
  • Christmas Shaped pasta ( Or any Pasta and a bottle of Sauce ) "Have
  • a Pasta-tively Happy Holiday!"
  • Christmas Tray - We "Tray"sure your friendship! Merry Christmas!
  • Cinnamon Rolls - "Here's a sweet treat "Rolled" up with warm Holiday
  • Wishes! Merry Christmas!"
  • Cinnamon Sprinkles - (Cinnamon & Sugar, or cookie sprinkles) "May
  • your Christmas be sprinkled with laughter and love!" Merry
  • Christmas!
  • "Cleaners - "You add sparkle and make our life brighter!" Merry
  • Christmas!
  • Cocoa Mix - "Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!"
  • Cookie Dough - "Here's a little extra "Dough" for Christmas!
  • Or "Everyone needs a little extra "Dough" for Christmas!!"
  • Cornbread or Mix - "We're not trying to be "Corny" we just want you
  • to have Merry Christmas!"
  • Crayons and Coloring Book - Hope your Holidays are Colorful!
  • Divinity - "May your Christmas be "Divine" and your Holidays so
  • Fine! Sweet Christmas Wishes!"
  • Doughnuts - "Doughnut" you know we love you??? Have a happy
  • Holiday!"
  • Eggnog - " Have an "Udderly Moovalous" Christmas!"
  • Flower - "If friends were flowers, we'd pick you! Happy Holidays!
  • Or "You make friendship bloom all year round!"
  • Frozen or ready to bake pizza - "Warm up to a wonderful Holiday
  • Season "Topped" with Christmas cheer!"
  • Fruit Basket - "May your New Year be Festive and Fruitful!!"
  • Fudge - "Fudge" a little on the calories and enjoy the Holiday
  • Season!"
  • Gingerbread House - "Nibble, Nibble like a mouse, We hope you'll
  • nibble at this house!" Merry Christmas!
  • Grater and Cheese - " To a Grate Neighbor! Merry Christmas!"
  • Gum - "By Gum, You're a great Neighbor!! "Have a Merry Christmas"
  • Heart Christmas Ornament - "May the Joy and Love you give away,
  • back to you on Christmas day!"
  • Hershey's Hugs - "A friend always knows when you need a little hug!"
  • Hershey's Hugs and Kisses - "Christmas Hugs and Kisses to You "
  • Or "Holiday Hugs and Kisses to you!"
  • Homemade caramel - Hoping you have a "Rich" and "wonderful"
  • Holiday!!"
  • Homemade Chocolates - " You're so Sweet...having you as neighbors is
  • really a treat! Have a Heavenly Holiday Season!"
  • Homemade Frozen Rolls - "Here's a little holiday treat. Rise and
  • bake, it can't be beat! Warm fresh rolls just for you. Top with
  • butter....that's all you do! Warm Holiday Greetings to you"
  • "Homemade Ice cream of a Frozen Treat - "Here's the Scoop. Hoping
  • your Holidays are a "Blizzard" of fun!"
  • Ice Cream Snowballs and Hot Fudge - " Here's some
  • packaged "snowball" treats. Just Drizzle Hot Fudge and its ready to
  • eat!...Enjoy
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