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Christine's Activities
by Christine Jennings
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Christine has contributed
special activity themes for Re-
Creative Resources since
March 2009 and for Activity
Director Today since July
2010. Christine received her
North Carolina State AD
qualification through Rowan-
Cabarrus Community College,
Continuing Education Health
Occupations Program in
November 2007. She has done
volunteer work at several living
assistant facilities, as well as
an adult care center. She
keeps current on the changes
and issues that AD’s encounter
in the profession through on-
line webinars, newsletters and
several AD group blogs. She is
currently a full time care giver
for her grand-daughter,
however she continues to
research, create and plan
activities to offer AD’s that
might have a need for an
activity agenda with special
Christine Jennings
National Bologna Day – Always October 24th

According to several website National Bologna Day is an unofficial food
holiday, which is celebrated annually on October 24th. The history of
National Bologna Day is unknown; however bologna had its beginnings
from Bologna, Italy. In Italy the luncheon meat made mostly from pork is
called Mortadella di Bologna, which was a type of meat that had its
beginnings in Ancient Roman. Our American version combines chicken,
pork and sometimes turkey and less is expensive than the original version
from Italy.   

I decided to create a theme from this unofficial food holiday because
bologna brings back many wonderful memories for me as a child. My mom
would purchase a hug roll of bologna from the butcher and make more
meals than you can imagine when the family budget was tight. With five kids
and half the neighborhood kids coming over to eat, my mom was very
creative with meals that we kids would eat. She made fried bologna
sandwiches, bologna steaks (thick slices grilled and served as the main
meat with a type of gravy), but our favorite bologna recipe she made was
bologna salad. Bologna was put through the old hand grinder along with
onion, pickles (dill or sweet, which ever she had on hand at the time), and a
big block of cheese and mix it all together with mayo. She added some
seasonings, but I can’t give away the entire family secret for mom’s famous
bologna salad, but you can season to your own taste. The bologna salad
was spread between two slices of bread, on crackers, celery sticks, or
sometimes we kids would beg to just eat it with a spoon. Now you know why
I picked National Bologna Day as my theme. I’m sure this theme will bring
back some childhood memories for your residents to share and have fun
with too.  

Bologna memories - Since I shared my bologna memories, ask your
residents to share their bologna memories. Read some fun facts about
bologna which can be found on
html . Ask residents some questions to get them talking:
•        How often did they eat bologna?
•        Did they buy their bologna from the butcher shop or packaged from
the grocery store?
•        Did they have a unique recipe that they used bologna as the main

Bologna commercials and sing-a-long - Oscar Mayer made the best
commercials that still ring in the memories of people everywhere. The most
famous was their bologna song. See how many residents remember the
song. If they don’t remember the song then this would be a fun sing-a-long
activity to teach them the famous Oscar Mayer Bologna song. You can find
the tune and words to the song on YouTube.  This may be a short activity,
but it can be fun to sing a favorite commercial jingle.

Bologna word search game – You can create a bologna word search game
for free on . The site
allows you to list the words you want to use for the word search. This can
be an in-room activity or a group activity. Here are some of the words you
can use, however you can add as many ingredient words or bologna
manufacture names you like.

Bologna        sandwich        fried        Cheese                bread                
Mustard        mayo                pickles         Oscar Mayer        lettuce             
tomato        onion

Bologna recipes 101 -         Invite the residents to be creative in using
bologna in some new recipes. Try making the Bologna Salad that my mom
made, or check out bologna recipes on,
1-0,bologna,FF.html  to try with the residents in the kitchen. If you want to
keep it real simple, just let them make bologna sandwiches, but use
different shape cookie cutters to make the plain sandwich a personal
display of art.

If a cooking class is not an option, then have a boloney social. See if a
restaurant near you makes bologna biscuits that they can donate enough
to feed the residents as part of your National Bologna Day. In the south Bo
Jangle’s now serves Fried Bologna Biscuits and they are known for helping
the community in special events.  

Travel activity – Since bologna had its beginning in Bologna, Italy take the
residents on a fun and fact tour of the city. Look up information on Bologna,
Italy to tell residents from the Internet or contact a local travel agent to help
you out. If you can hook your computer up to the TV you can show a short
video about Bologna on
town-of-bologna-great-attractions-bologna-italy_travel which shows
highlights of the city, or you can purchase DVDs from
http://www. either way your residents will
enjoy learning about a new city in Italy.
Have fun with bologna today!
Christine Jennings