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Christine's Activities
by Christine Jennings
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Christine has contributed
special activity themes for Re-
Creative Resources since
March 2009 and for Activity
Director Today since July
2010. Christine received her
North Carolina State AD
qualification through Rowan-
Cabarrus Community College,
Continuing Education Health
Occupations Program in
November 2007. She has done
volunteer work at several living
assistant facilities, as well as
an adult care center. She
keeps current on the changes
and issues that AD’s encounter
in the profession through on-
line webinars, newsletters and
several AD group blogs. She is
currently a full time care giver
for her grand-daughter,
however she continues to
research, create and plan
activities to offer AD’s that
might have a need for an
activity agenda with special
Christine Jennings
Holiday/Celebration: The Weaving of America

Overview: November celebrates Veteran’s Day, Election Day and
Thanksgiving Day. These are all holidays that honor American history, the
weaving of America so to speak. This activity is not a holiday, but it is a
theme to celebrate how historical events are strong threads that make a
beautiful woven tapestry which we call America. Each resident will have
their own story of how they were part of an event in history, whether it was
participating in a close election, service in the military, freedom rallies,
family traditions, or honoring God through their faith. Let today be a
reminder of how we should celebrate the weaving of America.

Object: Promotes
Sensory skills
Cognitive skills

Activities: (Activity name suggestions)
1.        Days Gone By
2.        Depression Cooking
3.        American History Trivia
4.        Celebrate America!

Activity 1 – Days Gone By (Reminiscing)
o        Old election posters, buttons, or war posters, anything relating to
American history(check with local library, museums, or military offices that
might loan posters to you for a day, or print pictures of these items from the
Display items or show pictures to residents and start with discussion on the
items displayed. Ask residents questions to get them talking about their own
experiences relating to “Days Gone By”.

Activity 2 – Depression Cooking (Sensory skills)
On there is a very sweet 91 year old woman named Clara
who teaches Depression Cooking (Depression Cooking with Clara) and
once in a while she gives some great stories on how the recipe came about.
If your facility has the equipment so you can hook up your computer to a
display screen or TV then you can show some of Clara’s YouTube videos
to the residents. They will get a kick out of them and afterwards let them
cook one of her recipes you have chosen prior to the activity. If you don’t
have the equipment so the residents can watch the videos, then watch
them and select a depression recipe to make with the residents. Another
option is to check out a cookbook from your library on depression cooking
to let the residents make. Many recipes came from this time in American
history which was a part of the weaving of America.

Activity 3 - American History Trivia Hoops (Cognitive skills)
Material: Basketball, hoop and questions with answers on American history.
Instructions: Get your staff involved with this game so they can enjoy the
fun as well. Divide residents and staff into teams. Ask each team a question
and each time they give a correct answer a team member gets to try to
make a basket in the hoop. Each correct answer gets one point and for
each ball through the hoop the team gets five additional points. You can
find lots of US history information on and on infoplease.
com/quizzes there is a “Presidential Campaign Slogans Quiz” that should be
very helpful. If you prefer a book then see if your library has the book
“1,001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History” by John A.
Garraty. This book has great information to base your trivia questions on.

Activity 4 - Celebrate America! (Socialization)
Ask staff, family members or contact your local schools drama groups to
see if they will put together some short skits relating to American history to
perform for the residents during their social event. Have some staff
members to dress up as individual American’s that had a big part in the
weaving of America, like Betsy Ross, George Washington, Susan B.
Anthony, or Abraham Lincoln. The staff member in costume will serve the
residents a treat and drink during the social. They can also lead the
residents and staff to sing patriotic songs. Make this a fun event as
residents enjoy the light hearted skits that remind us all that everything that
has happened in American history (the good and the bad) is how America
was weaved into our great country we live in today.

Christine Jennings