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Christine's Activities
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Christine received her North
Carolina State AD
qualification through
Rowan-Cabarrus Community
College, Continuing Education
Health Occupations Program
in November 2007. She has
been volunteering at living
assistant and adult care
facilities since 2007. Christine
writes for The Rec-Room and
compiles fantastic monthly
theme-related activity ideas for
Christine's Column found on
the Re-Creative Resources'
Christine Jennings
Holiday/Celebration: National Golf Month

Overview: In honor of National Golf Month which for most states is August,
however some states celebrate it whenever the golf tournaments are
scheduled in their state. There are so many people that play golf for fun
recreation or just enjoy watching the games. You may find that a lot of your
residents will fall into one of the categories when it comes to golf. The
activities will bring up funny golf stories, fond memories or be a whole new
learning experience for some. I have provided five main activities, plus
seven additional activity suggestions to use as alternatives or to extend the
theme for a week or a month.

•        Learning
•        Reminiscing
•        Cognitive skills
•        Physical movement
•        Sensory skills
•        Social skills

Activities: (Activity name suggestions)
1.        Golf anyone? OR Tee Time!
2.        “What’s that?”
3.        Hole in one meatball
4.        Stretching it the golfers way
5.        Silly Golf Balls

Activity 1 – Golf anyone? OR Tee Time! (Learning/reminiscing)
Materials: Research information from
Instructions: Set up room in either a round table discussion setting or have
this activity in a relaxing area such as a living room or sun room.
Review golf history information from Read some of the
important highlights of the history of golf to the residents and discuss the
game of golf. This will be a learning time for some and a refresher time for
others. If you don’t know any golf terms then read over the most common
used terms on to discuss with
the residents.
Questions to get the discussion started:
  • Has anyone played golf?
  • Did you play for fun or friendly competition?
  • Do you know some golf terminology?
  • What is your handicap?
  • Did you ever make a bogey?
  • How about a birdie?
Covering some of this information will help prepare the residents for some
of the game activities.

Activity 2 – What’s that? (Learning / cognitive skills)
Materials: White board, posters or paper.
Instructions: Write or type out questions on white board, posters or type
them up in large print on paper.
This is a golf terminology game to help refresh resident’s memory or to
teach them something they did not know about golf. Select 10 to 20 golf
terms and see if the residents can match up the meaning. Examples:
1.        A golfer’s unique position before hitting the ball is called an _ _ _ _ _
_ _. (address)
2.        A golf player who competes in tournaments but not for prize money is
an _ _ _ _ _ _ _.(amateur)
3.        When used as a noun this word describes the club head of an iron.
However, used as a verb means hitting the ball on its equator. _ _ _ _ _  
4.        An individual you pay to carry your golf clubs around the course and
sometimes give advice on how to play the course. _ _ _ _ _ _ (caddie)
5.        A small vehicle to drive around the golf course. _ _ _ _ (cart)
6.        A shot normally played from just off the green. _ _ _ _ (chip)
7.        When your clubface strikes the ground before hitting the ball is
called _ _ _. (fat)
8.        The ultimate target for the golf ball. _ _ _ _. (hole)
9.        Right-handed golfer shots sometimes bend to the left is called a _ _
_ _. (hook)
10.        A device which is designed to raise the golf ball off the ground. _ _
_ (tee)

Activity 3 - Hole in one Meatball (sensory skills)
Materials: Ingredients for homemade meatballs, sauce, Dinner rolls
Instructions: Let residents make a meatball dinner roll to enjoy now or later.
Pick your favorite easy meatball recipe and let residents shape at least one
golf ball size meatball. Bake according to recipe. Now take a single dinner
roll (any kind should do) and scoop out the center of the roll. Add a spoon
full of sauce with one meatball and you have a “hole in one” for the
residents to enjoy.

Activity 4 – Stretching it the golfers way (Exercise – physical movement)
Materials: yard sticks
Instructions: This fun workout with yard sticks will allow residents practice
hand positions and golf swings to get the residents in shape for their next
game activity. First warm them up with wrist movements, then arm stretches,
slight knee bends or upper-body twist. Golfers pick up is a good stretch that
is very easy on the back. Just remember that today any exercise should
focus on the body movements used in golf.

Activity 5 – Silly Golf Balls (Craft – cognitive and sensory skills)
  • Used golf balls (Contact the local golf range to donate old golf balls.
    Bleach or spray paint them any color)
  • Base - old cork board, wooden coasters or small scrape wood pieces
    (paint if it has any logos on them)
  • Glue
  • Silly eyes
  • Yarn, Easter grass, or colored pipe steams (to use for hair or arms)
  • Felt scrapes (red, pink or blue)
Let resident glue the golf balls on the selected base and decorate a face
on the golf ball. You can make silly names for them to add to the décor or
just write the residents name on it. Great for tokens to remember today’s
theme for the residents room or to give as gifts to their favorite golfer in
their family.

Additional suggestion:

1.        Game - Get out the Wii or DVD and play golf games.
2.        Miniature Golf Course – Set up your own golf course around your
facility complete with sand traps and water ponds. Use your imagination to
allow the residents to have fun playing a round of golf.
3.        Word game – Get a list of well known golfers through out history on and create a word search with their names. You can use this
as a group game or type them up and pass them out while you do your One
on One visit with the residents. Turn it into a facility activity by matching up
a staff member with a couple of residents to see who can turn their
completed search in first to win a prize. Lots of things you can do with
famous golfer names once you letting your creative juices flow.
4.        Trip - Take a field trip to your local Mini Golf lot so the residents can
play a round of miniature golf.
5.        Movie – As always review the movie to see if it is appropriate for
your residents viewing.
Caddyshack -1980 - Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield
Happy Gilmore – 1996 – Adam Sandler
Tin Cup – 1996 – Kevin Costner
The Legend of Bagger Vance – 2000 – Matt Damon, Will Smith, Charlize
Theron and Jack Lemon
The Greatest Game Ever Played – 2005 – Shia Labeouf
6.        Social – Host a facility golf tournament. If you need some on-line
help read through the tips on to give you some
ideas or ask your Marketing Director to help out with the event to promote
the facility. Invite residents, family, staff, community and vendors to
participate. The event can also be a fund raiser for your facility. If you want
just keep it small and simple just for the residents the website tips can help
you make it as much like a real tournament as possible.
7.        Golfer’s Lounge - Host a golfer’s lounge and serve non-alcoholic
drinks, coffee, tea and some appetizers. Decorate the lounge area with golf
clubs/bags, golfer posters and anything else to give it that golf club lounge

Christine Jennings