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Christine's Activities
by Christine Jennings
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Christine received her North
Carolina State AD
qualification through
Rowan-Cabarrus Community
College, Continuing Education
Health Occupations Program
in November 2007. She has
been volunteering at living
assistant and adult care
facilities since 2007. Christine
writes for The Rec-Room and
compiles fantastic monthly
theme-related activity ideas for
Christine's Column found on
the Re-Creative Resources'
Christine Jennings
National Clown Week – Aug 1 - 7

   In honor of the funniest profession around we celebrate National Clown Week which
was proclaimed by Richard Nixon for the first week of August (1-7) in 1971. Take the
entire week or just celebrate one day so your residents can laugh and reminisce about
clowns they remember. Get everyone in the facility involved by asking them to help you
“clown around” with the residents. Let the sound of laughter echo through out your
facility, because “Laughter is the best medicine”!
Activities: (Name Suggestions)
1.        Clowning Around With Food (Food/Cooking)
2.        Making Faces (Craft)
3.        Who’s That Clown (Game)
4.        Bring in the Clowns (Social)

Activity 1 – Food/Cooking (Sensory, cognitive, creativity)
Cake mix (or purchase unfrosted cupcakes at a bakery if you don’t have an over)
Cake mix ingredients: eggs, oil, water, cupcake pans and cupcake liners
Purchase a variety of ready made frosting and a few colored decorating icings in a tube
or let them make it from your favorite icing recipe
Mixing bowls, spoons, mixer and aprons
Different candies for decorating such as mini chocolate chips, candy dots, string
licorice, M&M’s, any candies that will work well for faces
Let residents mix the cake mix by allowing each add an ingredient so they all feel they
have a part in making the cupcakes. If your residents are higher level then assign each
a task to do in the kitchen. After the cupcakes are in the over ask them:
  • What was the funniest thing that happened while you were baking?
  • Did you ever have a food fight? When? Where?
  • How they or someone they knew made homemade frosting?
  • What is their favorite flavor of icing?
  • Do they remember the funniest looking cake they ever saw? Ask them to
    describe it.
When the cupcakes are cool let the residents’ frost and decorate them like clown faces
or just let them make the funniest looking cupcake since today is all about “Clowning

Activity 2 – Craft -Clown face mask (Creativity, cognitive, sensory)
Large paper plates
Large long craft sticks
Paint, markers, glitter, Easter grass, ribbon, colored yarn, colored paper, large
pompoms, small balloons, or just whatever you have to decorate with to make clown
Scissors, glue, staples
1.        Have staff to help mark eye holes on paper plates and cut them out.
2.        The craft stick will be the mask handle so attach it to the bottom of the paper plate
by stapling the plate to the top of the stick.
3.        Let the residents decorate the mask like a clown face. Glue the Easter grass (any
color) for hair or they can use yarn instead. Paint or use markers to draw the clown face.
Glue a large pompom or blow up a small balloon just enough to resemble a rubber
nose. Push in the tie tail of the balloon so it will glue easier on the paper plate. They can
cut out eyelashes, big lips or even a hat from the construction paper. Let the residents
have fun making their very own clown face and suggest they keep them so they can
“Clown around” with the staff.

Activity 3 – Game (Cognitive)
Make a list of famous clown names on a white board. Read out the association to the
residents and ask them to pick out the clown that matches the association. Here are a
few to get you started:
1)        Rebo the Clown (Bev Bergeron CBS TV show 1960-65 – Magic Land of
Allakazam & The Magic Circus)
2)        Blinko (Ernie Burch 1950’s TV show- Ringling Bros. Circus and “The Greatest
Show on Earth” movie)
3)        Coco the Clown (Nicolai Poliakoff – Star of the Bertram Mills Circus)
4)        Emmett Kelly – (Well known American tramp clown)
5)        Ernest Borgnine – (American films/TV actor enjoys performing in parades in New
York City)
6)        Flint Rasmussen – (Seven time winner of the “Man in the Can award” Rodeo
7)        Slim Pickens –(American rodeo clown and film actor)
8)        Bozo the Clown –(TV show and cartoon series)
9)        Clarabelle (originally played by Bob Keeshan – Regular character on Howdy
Dowdy TV show)
10)        Willie Whistle – (WSBK-TV38, a clown who had a kids show in the early 1980’s)
Clown Name Word Search
Cross Word Puzzle with clown names using the association as clues.

Activity 4 – Social (socialization, sensory)
According to the under the “Sample News Release” it states
that clowns everywhere will donate their time free or for a small donation. You can
locate clown schools across the USA and other countries to contact. Call in advance to
see if you can book a clown for your social.
If you don’t have any luck with the Clown Schools rent a clown costume and be a clown
for a day. In addition or as an alternative show clown TV shows on DVD’s such as Red
Skelton, Bozo the Clown TV Shows, or The Soupy Sales Show. Serve refreshments to
bring back memories of places clowns usually perform like the circus. Serve cotton
candy, popcorn, cream soda pop or snow cones

Christine Jennings