97 Ideas to Recognize NCCDP
Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Staff Education Week February 14 to 21
Sponsored by
National Council of Certified Dementia

Encourage your staff to participate in the planning process for NCCDP Alzheimer’s and
dementia staff education week February 14th to the 21st.

1.        Provide at minimum 8 - hours of comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia
training by an instructor trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia to all staff.
2.        Provide innovative topics and in-services on topics and or themes related to
3.        Ask staff for specific topics they would like to see presented after completing the
comprehensive dementia education course.
4.        Invite a speaker from a dementia organization.
5.        Invite a support group leader to present a topic on ways to support the care giver.
6.        Honor your in-service director or your nurse educator
7.        Recognize those who have obtained Certified Dementia Practitioner certification.
8.        Recognize those who have obtained certification as certified dementia care
9.        Recognize your dementia unit manager and the staff who work on the unit.
10.        Certify your staff as Certified Dementia Practitioners CDP.
11.        Send your trainer or In-service director or Nurse Educator to become approved
NCCDP approved Alzheimer’s and dementia trainers.
12.        Invite the mayor or other local politicians to speak and provide an Alzheimer’s
and Dementia Staff Education proclamation.
13.        Provide dementia education to your local law enforcement and first responders.
14.        During in-service provide fun games such as word search puzzles about
15.        Raise awareness about the importance of dementia education by putting out
press Releases. Write an article about the importance of staff education and the impact
the education had on staff that provide quality of care and quality of life.
16.        Provide promotional items and gifts to the staff working on the dementia unit.
17.        Decorate the facility with balloons and posters to promote dementia education
18.        Provide “live” instructor training.
19.        Ban all video training for the week of February 14th to the 21st. Instead use
power point, over head and interactive education.  
20.        Invite families and volunteers to dementia training or a dementia education
21.        Invite care providers from your community for a luncheon. Acknowledge how
hard they work to care for their loved one. Provide information on handling stress and
gift baskets with an assortment of aroma therapy, massage lotions, visualization tapes
and relaxation music.  
22.        Advertise the dementia series in the local paper and invite the public to attend.
Keep a list of names, addresses, phone number of the people who attend from the
community. Send them a Thank you note for coming and your statement about the
importance of dementia education.
23.        Advertise Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week February 14th to the
21st with a PSA announcement.
24.        Invite local clergy to attend dementia training.
25.        Offer to present dementia training at local church, First Responders, EMT’s, Law
Enforcement and Fire Fighters.
26.        Order dementia specific magazines and provide to the staff.
27.        Order dementia specific videos and show to staff such as “The Notebook” or
“Driving Miss Daisy.”
28.        Show Alzheimer’s Movies and advertise the show times and titles to families
and public.
29.        Invite local media to attend your trainings and provide information on the
importance of dementia education and how your training is different from other facilities.
30.        Have a dementia Education party once everyone has completed training.
31.        Provide certificates to participant’s that indicates completion of comprehensive
Alzheimer’s and dementia training. Take a picture of your staff and post in facility
newsletter, bulletin boards and in the local paper.
32.        Frame each person’s certificate and post in the facility.
33.        Provide internet access for staff to attend online trainings. www.NCCDP.org has
free CEUS as well as CMS. See link on our web site under CEUS.
34.        Select staff to attend state and national conferences specific to dementia
35.        Recognize staff ideas and provide awards for best idea.
36.        Recognize the staff that assists the activity department, especially on the
dementia units.
37.        Download fact sheets from care giver web sites and dementia organizations
and make available to staff, volunteers and families.
38.        Begin a dementia library with videos, books, magazines, web sites, fact sheets
and brochures.
39.        Invite the state surveyor’s office and a representative from the local ombudsman’
s office to speak about the importance of staff education.
40.        Invite another facility, senior center, adult day care to your training.
41.        Invite an AARP Representative and or Office on Aging to speak.
42.        Provide daily tips on your company inter office emails.
43.        Provide dementia tips and resources on your web site.
44.        During tours emphasize the importance of dementia education and what topics
are taught to your staff and the community.
45.        Add information about your dementia education and certification to facility
46.        Invite a prominent speaker to address your community. Place a press release in
paper and invite the public.
47.        Advertise your dementia unit and the education your staff receives.
48.        Add to all marketing materials the dementia education and the topics covered.
49.        Ask staff to design posters that is themed and captures the importance and role
of Alzheimer’s and dementia staff education.
50.        Invite a local high school art class to hold a contest and design posters to be
judged by the residents and employees. Hold an art show and showcase all the
entries. Provide a prize and submit a press release.
51.        Ask staff and residents to submit a tribute or poem that speaks to the
importance of staff education. Have a contest and provide a prize. This encourages your
staff to think about the reasons why it is important to provide dementia education.
52.        Ask staff and residents to submit ideas for a theme name for dementia
education week.
53.        Thank your staff for the care they provide to the dementia population.
54.        Send a Thank you note to those organizations that have supported you, referred
clients and contributed to the success of your dementia unit. Include information about
your dementia education program.
55.        End the week with a remembrance ceremony for those who have passed away
because or complications related to dementia.
56.        Visit another community and see how their dementia unit is run and what
innovative ideas they are trying. Be open to trying new things.
57.        Hold a family education night and present a topic on Alzheimer’s or related
58.        Hold an Iron man Race with your staff and families. 3 miles. Teams bike one
mile, canoe one mile and walk fast one mile. Raise money for your favorite group or
support group.
59.        Hold an ethical dilemma group. For a quick 15 minutes, present to the staff a
situation dealing with wandering, or aggression or sexuality issue and have staff
discuss possible solutions.
60.        Meet with your pharmacy rep to see what giveaways they could give for Staff
Education Week. They also might have free videos and posters to contribute to your
61.        End the week with a staff education week celebration luncheon and invite all the
staff to come.
62.        Each day of the training, have pop corn, candy, healthy snacks to kick off the
training day. Have Hershey kisses and other heart candy. You can order your facility
name on Hershey products through the Hershey web site.
63.        Ask all staff to bake sugar cookies in a heart shape for a cookie exchange. They
can use their favorite recipe.
64.        Have a Staff Education Week breakfast and invite the staff to come.
65.        Arrange to have the education room painted before the start of the training class.
Add plants to make it more inviting.
66.        Hold a Staff Education Week Tea. And provide a mini in-service.
67.        Create a Trivia Questions that the residents will ask the staff. Have the staff
divide into teams. The residents will ask the prepared questions. Give prizes to the
winning team.
68.        Silhouette Wall. Place a very large piece of paper on the wall. Place a pretty
border around it. Have each resident stand in front of the paper and trace their profile.
You could do this with the staff. Let the residents pick who each staff person silhouette
is and the residents identify the staff silhouette. You will need a strong light shining on
the paper while you are tracing the silhouette.   
69.        Submit information to local churches to run in their Sunday bulletin about staff
education week and what you will be doing to honor this week. Post topics to be
covered and invite public to attend.
70.        Send a daily email to all staff with a daily affirmation about dementia education
and the benefits.
71.        Provide a calendar that you can purchase at the UPS store that gives a monthly
quote about the importance and benefits of education.
72.        Order white t shirts and provide fabric paints and ask staff to design a theme or
quote to honor Staff Education Week. Have a parade so everyone can show off their
73.        Have Coins for Cure Drive. Place clear plastic boxes at receptionist and nurses
stations. Explain using a sign, that you are seeking donations of all kinds of coins and
who the funds will be donated to.
74.        Ask staff to pledge to tell five people what they learned in your training. Give
them pledge cards.
75.        Ask local radio station to air and promote Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff
Education Week sponsored by the NCCDP.
76.        Create a YOU Tube Video about Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education
77.        Write letter to local congressman, senator, etc explaining the importance of
dementia education and how it benefits your residents and staff. Now would be the time
to ask for state funding to be set up to cover dementia education programs. Many states
have Alzheimer’s grants that are set up for dementia education, speakers and
78.        Download dementia fact sheets from different web sites and leave in employee
lounge and at front desk for families. Have a different fact sheet each day.
79.        Ask staff to bring in internet articles, articles from the paper and magazine
articles that could be shared at the next training. Start a large binder to place those in.
80.        If you have a corporate newsletter, high light this week and how you will be
celebrating this week.
81.        Host a professional seminar regarding a specific area of dementia or care
giving issues and support.
82.        Invite the local schools to participate in a poster contest or slogan.
83.        Ask local businesses to display posters you will give that states your facility is
honoring Alzheimer’s and dementia staff education week.
84.        Bury a time capsule of all the ideas staff have to day about dementia. Dig it up in
5 years and see how many things will change. Have them also write down words
associated with care. Those words will have new meanings in 5 years.
85.        Plant a tree in honor of this week.
86.        Create a reason to celebrate this week! Health care workers should encourage
and participate gladly in all education programs.  Smile! View this as a positive
experience vs. complaining, about yet another in-service. Your education department
has worked hard to put this together. Thank them!   
87.        Have a PSA announcement about the importance of dementia education for the
community awareness.
88.        Send personal thank you notes to your employees for all they do.
89.        Set up a resource library with web site addresses, support groups, information
sites. Set up on company web site as well.
90.        Have a staff member who sews assemble a block quilt with dementia residents
name or design something depicting dementia.
91.        Invite a local VIP or celebrity whose family member has dementia and has
personally been affected and can provide a personal presentation.
92.        Profile a dementia resident and history.
93.        Honor a national organization who is committed to dementia education and
resources and or research.
94.        Invite all the Support Group Leaders from your city to a luncheon to say Thank
you for their time and effort as volunteers.
95.        Write a letter to the Editor, “Dear Editor” about your company commitment to
dementia training.
96.        Develop a foundation or grant program specifically for your employee’s
dementia education and dementia certifications (CDP).
97.        Pay for the CDP, CDCM, Instructor and CFRDT renewals.
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