Pathways to the Past
by Sandra Stimson ADC, CALA, CDP
Executive Director,
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
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Executive Director
Alternative Solutions in LTC
National Council of Certified
Dementia Practitioners  
Providing Internet Resources
for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

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Sandra Stimson has
experience as a corporate
consultant, Corporate Trainer
and National Speaker. Her
experience is in long term
care, as Activity Director,
Director of Alzheimer's Units
and Assistant Administrator of a
550 bed long term care county
home.  She is Co-founder of
Pet Express Pet Therapy Club,
is a Life Replay Specialist.  
Sandra implements dementia
units nationwide.  Sandra has
written several books,
Volunteer Management
Essentials for Long Term Care
and Pet Express Pet Therapy
Program. Sandra has been a
facilitator for Alzheimer's
support groups and is the
Awards Chair for the NJ
Association of Activity
Professionals.  Sandra is the
Executive Director of
Council of Certified Dementia

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Are There Activities
in Heaven, Lord?
by Marilyn Steadman

Dear Lord, I sometimes think about the
residents who have gone.
The ones you chose to be with you,
and not linger on.

Does Marjorie get a rose each week?
Is it yellow, white or read?
Does she still enjoy her soup each day,
and have books beside her bed?

Does Anita still write in her journal about
heaven and each passing day?
Are there plenty of word puzzles for her to work out?
I miss her since she went away.

The Yellow Rose of Texas
is what Bill would love to hear.
If the angels sing that song for him,
he would grin from ear to ear.

Does Veronica chat with the angels?
Does she wear that big straw hat?
It had flowers all around it.
I can still picture that.

Does Mary get to go bowling?
It's what she really likes.
She'd get so thrilled and excited
each time she'd bowl a strike.

Does Al still like to "people watch"?
Is he watching us down here?
Could you tell him that his wife's okay,
but wishes he were near.

And sweet little Annie loved bingo.
So if it was all the same,
Could you start a group up there?
It was her favorite game.

Do they miss my activities
as much as I miss them?
Do they sometimes smile down on me,
and see me once again?

I think about them often, Lord,
And how they touched my life.
I know that they are all just fine,
and have no pain or strife.

You took them all to be with You,
and this I understand.
But are there activities in Heaven, Lord?
If there are, that would be just grand!

The Ten Commandments of Bingo

1. Thou shall not sit in thy neighbor's lucky seat.
2. Thou shall not stare at thy neighbor's card.
3. Thou shall not use the caller's name in vain.
4. Thou shall not holler false bingo.
5. Thou shall not wish bad luck on thy neighbor.
6. Thou shall not threaten the caller.
7. Thou shall not steal thy husband's money for bingo.
8. Thou shall not lie about how much thou won.
9. Thou shall not lie about how many thou lost.
10. Thou shall not use profanity when thy neighbor wins.

You know you're an Activity Professional when......
By: Colorado Activity
Professionals Association

  • You find yourself humming "In the Mood".
  • You have the will and you find the way.
  • You get on the city bus and start a sing-along.
  • You can stretch a dime into a dollar.
  • You smile sweetly and say "thanks" when
  • a fifth set of '89 National Geographics are being donated.
  • Your "work" becomes "home”, but you still take your work home.
  • The medicine you dispense is hugs and kisses.
  • You miss your flight while helping an elderly lady find her gate.
  • You choose your clothes based on what the residents will like.
  • Impossible is not in your vocabulary.