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By Sandra Stimson ADC, CALA, CDP
Executive Director,
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
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Sandra Stimson has experience as a
corporate consultant, Corporate Trainer
and National Speaker. Her experience
is in long term care, as Activity Director,
Director of Alzheimer's Units and
Assistant Administrator of a 550 bed
long term care county home.  She is
Co-founder of Pet Express Pet Therapy
Club, is a Life Replay Specialist.  
Sandra implements dementia units
nationwide.  Sandra has written several
books, Volunteer Management
Essentials for Long Term Care and Pet
Express Pet Therapy Program. Sandra
has been a facilitator for Alzheimer's
support groups and is the Awards Chair
for the NJ Association of Activity
Professionals.  Sandra is the Executive
Director of
National Council of Certified
Dementia Practitioners  

Alternative Solutions in Long Term
Care offers resources for health care
professionals in many areas of dementia
care, care plans, Snoezelen products,
dementia activity calendars, adult day
care calendars, sensory calendars,
reminisce videos for dementia, activity
books, and dates to remember, party
resources and links.
Winner of Activity Professional Tribute Contest

In honor of Activity Professionals week,. January 21 -27 Alternative Solutions in Long
Term Care held a nationwide contest for an original tribute
honoring Activity Professionals week. Many inspirational tributes were submitted by
activity professionals, administrators, social workers, consultants and residents. The
winner was judged on originality in which the tribute captured the essence of the
activity profession. The 2006 winner is Susan Winder-Rivera ADC who is the Director
of Therapeutic Recreation at Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located
in Bronx New York. The winner received a cash award. All of the entries are posted on
the web site. For more information please visit our web site.

Susan Winder-Rivera, ADC Director Therapeutic Recreation
Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Bronx, New York

Our call is one most extraordinary
First we try to figure out
What it is a resident’s truly about-
Involving the body, the mind, and the soul
We fill the assessment, develop a goal.
We look at the person
and not the dis-ease
We don’t want to label
we want to perceive
In the calm of the storm
one can usually see
what a person can manifest
and what they can be,
beyond limitations, unwanted adulterations
beyond morbid fascinations and unheld screams
A higher calling cries to be heard
in the melancholy scenes.

It may be the heart
It may be the bones,
It may be the blood
or the brain’s chemicals.

When the dancer stops dancing through the loss of a limb
we map out and modify
for the resident to win.
The original thrill
returned to its source
back to the fork in the road
before things went off course…

We enliven, enrich, embrace and encourage
we remove elements that cause to discourage.
We enlighten and energize
the lost and forgotten
fan their flames, call their names
deny their Armageddon.

We are teachers, counselors, a healing balm
The soother, the smoother
of things gone wrong
We overcome obstacles beyond comprehension
our course need be steady, beyond apprehension

Our purpose is higher
than the eye can see
and although we do appear quite commonly
Our call is one most extraordinary.
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for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

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