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The Activity Director's Office
By Sandra Stimson ADC, CALA, CDP
Executive Director,
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
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Activity Professionals Week January 21-26 2007

Now is the time to order your promotional items either to honor your staff and / or your Activity director.
The Activity Director should plan some special ways to honor the activity staff. The Executive Director
should also plan something special to recognize all that the Activity Director does for the community
and residents. The following are some suggestions for celebrating this very special week.

First Day: Balloons and Banners Up
Word Search Puzzles with words that describe the activity department placed
around facility.

Second Day: Coffee / Tea and Breakfast Items for the Activity Staff.

Third Day: Lunch out with the Executive Director is always appreciated!

Fourth Day: Resident party and entertainment. Department heads serve food items.

Fifth Day: Activity staff provided with promotional items, such as pins, calculators, bags. These items
are available through

At we have a special tribute poem for activity professionals that you could print
out on pretty paper and read during your resident / facility party.

The Executive Director could purchase one item off of the Activity Department wish list as there are
always items the director would like to purchase for the residents, such as overhead projector, pop
corn machine, DVD players, sensory equipment, gift cards to video stores and craft stores, etc. Activity
Director’s like to receive books and there are many books on our web site that you could purchase.
One valuable tool is the Care Plan Cook Book.

The best gift of all is education. Why not send your Activity Director and are staff to some seminars or if
she is not certified, to the 90 hour activity courses. You can find an instructor at For NJ
classes begin in February and will be held evenings 5:30 to 9:00 at Daughters of Miriam in Clifton NJ.
See for details.

Another idea is to pay for membership in state or local activity associations.

Sandra Stimson has experience as a
corporate consultant, Corporate
Trainer and National Speaker. Her
experience is in long term care, as
Activity Director, Director of
Alzheimer's Units and Assistant
Administrator of a 550 bed long term
care county home.  She is
Co-founder of Pet Express Pet
Therapy Club, is a Life Replay
Specialist.  Sandra implements
dementia units nationwide.  Sandra
has written several books, Volunteer
Management Essentials for Long
Term Care and Pet Express Pet
Therapy Program. Sandra has been a
facilitator for Alzheimer's support
groups and is the Awards Chair for the
NJ Association of Activity
Professionals.  Sandra is the
Executive Director of
Council of Certified Dementia

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Care offers resources for health care
professionals in many areas of
dementia care, care plans,
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calendars, sensory calendars,
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