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Dear Activity Professional,

The Activity Planner has been created to provide you with some
helpful ideas to "kick start" your monthly activities.  On these
pages you will find many activity nuggets to inspire you in the
creation of your own activities.  Nuggets such as monthly
observances and ideas, monthly holidays, celebrity birthdays and
more.   Many of these ideas are cross referenced with hyper links
so you can read more about the subject and broaden your
knowledge of the activity content and gain some deeper
understanding for your presentation to the residents.

On each month's page you will find the following

  • a New Activity Creation Form for you to use while
    planning your activity.  You will find a box labeled "New
    Activity Creation Form" at the top of every month's page.  
    It is in PDF format so you can print it out and use it to
    create your activity.  I believe you will find it quite beneficial
    for your needs.

  • On each month you  will find a link to Today's Events.  It
    includes events, birthdays, news items and a couple of
    games.  Also included is a series of dictionaries and

  • I discovered a free website where you can print out
    calendars.  It even allows you to enter your activity items
    into each day.  Also, it offers many more free items for you
    to create and print.

  • The Free Clip Art button is linked to Microsoft and offers
    thousands of items for you to use.  The site is indexed so
    you can find what you are looking for easily.

  • There is a link to Gina Salazar's site, Activity Ideas That
    Work.  This site is very popular and is hosted on The
    Activity Director's Office website.

  • Finally, you will find a link back to this page so you can
    Share Your Activity Ideas and  thoughts you may have.

           The Activity Planner will always be a work in progress.  If
    you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the content of the
    activity planner, anything that will help activity professionals plan
    their activities, drop me an e-mail and I'll consider adding them to
    the pages.

I wish you the very best in your activity creating and planning.


Linda Lucas, AD
Site Owner
Linda Lucas, AD
Site Owner
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