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Jolene has enjoyed working in
the healthcare field in such
capacities as Marketing
Director, Activity Director and
Coordinator of Dementia
programs. She currently holds
an Administrator's License and
works as an Activity Consultant.
She is the author of A+
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has been in circulation for over
12 years.  

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Consider Hosting a Fall Festival at Your

Game/Activity Ideas
~A baking contest (pies and/or cakes)...blue ribbon prizes.
~Cutest dog contest...mutts allowed of course...you can have different categories.
~Antique cars owned by local citizens can be shown...car owners just love to talk about
and show off their cars.
~Invite a square dancing group to come in to perform and then teach some dance steps
~Face Painting
~Craft demonstrations...basket weavers, quilters, gold panning, blacksmith etc.
~Hay or Pony Rides
~A petting zoo
~Old country store - home-canned items, quilts, anything homemade to sell, etc
~Build a scarecrow
~Ring The Pumpkin - Line up three large pumpkins with stems, to form a ring toss. Use
embroidery hoops or make hoops with rope and duct tape. Mark a throwing line on the
floor and take turns trying to ring a pumpkin stem.
~Duck pond - This is a great game for young kids. The kids fish out ducks from a pool
and get prizes depending on the symbol on the underside of the duck. Requires some
materials, but can then be re-used for other events. Get a baby pool and 2-3 dozen
floating ducks. A fish net/scoop is optional. Mark each duck with a symbol on their
underside-- Just a few ducks get a star on the underside, these are for the "big" prizes.
Other ducks have 1, 2, or 3 on them and that corresponded to other levels of prizes.
~Lollipop pull: get a huge bag or three of lollipops and a couple of hay bales. Pull out
several handfuls of lollies and mark the bottoms of the sticks with a marker. Insert all of
the lollies in the hay bales. The people who pull out the marked pops win little prizes
~Prize Bags: Use a harvest or fall stamp and stamp a lunch sized paper bag randomly.
Let dry.

Fall Pumpkin Cupcakes
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
•        Any flavor boxed cake mix
•        Ready-made white icing
•        Red and yellow food coloring
•        Green gum drops; one per cupcake
•        cupcake papers
Make cupcakes according to the cake mix directions. Try to fill the cupcakes higher than
called for, but not too high. Allow them to cool fully. Mix white icing with red and yellow
food coloring to make a pumpkin orange color. Start with 3 drops red and 4 drops
yellow. Mix well. Continue adding from there if needed.
Spread icing on cupcakes and push a green gum drop in the center. Enjoy!

Simmered Fall Punch
•        2 cups apple juice
•        1/2 cup orange juice
•        1/4 tsp. cinnamon
•        2 or 3 cloves
Simmer on the stove for 20-30 minutes. Take out cloves before serving.

Applesauce Cinnamon Salad
•        2 (3 ounce) packages raspberry gelatin
•        2 cups boiling water
•        1/2 cup cinnamon candies
•        4 cups applesauce
Add gelatin to boiling water and candies. Stir in applesauce and chill until firm.
Pumpkin Dip

4 c. powdered sugar
2 (8 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese
1 can (30 oz.) pumpkin pie filling
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. ginger

Combine sugar and softened cream cheese until well blended. Beat in remaining
ingredients. Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. Serve with gingersnaps
and apple slices.

~Use gourds and simple bowls of leaves as centerpieces.
~A fantastic idea for a festive fall party "punch bowl" is a hollowed-out pumpkin. Make
sure the pumpkin is scraped out inside very well and rinse it out with ice water. Then fill
it with your choice of hot or cold fall refreshment. Use the top as the lid.
~Use small galvanized pails for serving snacks like pretzels, apple chips, caramel corn,
candy corn, etc.

Scented Pine Cones

First gather your pine cones. Big ones or small ones, it does not matter. You will need
glue for this project. (Elmer’s will work fine)Now, apply the glue to the tips of each of the
pine cone spikes, all around the pine cone. Now simply begin to sprinkle Cinnamon all
over the cone. Let the glue soak it up. Set them upright to dry. Once they have dried
spray some cinnamon spray liberally all over the cones and then place them in a plastic
shopping bag. Tie the shopping bag closed and let the cones rest in the scent. Place
your cones in a nice wood basket. They look lovely and rustic and they will smell
heavenly. You can also adorn the stems with glitter.
Gourd Animals

Here is a super cute idea you can do with a couple of gourds, some paint, feathers or
fabric, and a few pieces of cardboard or card stock. Use your imagination to create a
gourd pet or animal. It can be a real animal, or an imaginary animal, whatever you come
up with.

Fall Coasters
These are great for entertaining friends without ruining your tables. You will need a
coaster pattern, pressed leaves, jelly craft sheets, raffia, a hole punch, plastic needle,
stapler, and scissors. Here’s what to do:
•Collect and then press fall leaves a traditional way or with a microwave flower press.
•Place two pieces of jelly sheets together. Lay the pattern under the jelly sheets and
staple all around the outside edges. Punch holes in the pattern all around the coaster
punching through both layers of jelly sheets. Separate the pieces and then lay the
pressed leaves between the 2 jelly sheets lining up the holes.
•Thread a piece of raffia through a plastic needle. Stitch all around the coaster and you’
re done.

Glowing Leaves
This can also be done with fall flowers. For this you will need some pressed leaves or
flowers, a votive cup, tissue paper, decoupage solution, and foam brushes. Here’s
what you do:
•Press the flowers or leaves traditionally or with a microwave flower press. This part is
up to you to decide how to do it.
•Tear off the straight edges from the tissue paper and then tear the paper into small
•Using the foam brushes, brush the outside of the votive cup with decoupage solution.
•Arrange the flowers or leaves all around the glass. Brush on more decoupage solution
and lay the pieces of paper on the glass, overlapping all the edges. Keep adding paper
and decoupage solution until the entire glass is covered.
Put a candle in your votive cup and watch it Glow!