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Jolene has enjoyed working in
the healthcare field in such
capacities as Marketing
Director, Activity Director and
Coordinator of Dementia
programs. She currently holds
an Administrator's License and
works as an Activity Consultant.
She is the author of A+
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has been in circulation for over
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Backyard Olympics   

•        Use colored hula hoops to recreate the five rings in the Olympics emblem.
•        Use lots of paper streamers and star cut-outs with red, blue & white patriotic
•        Create wreaths from olive branches.
•        Hang a rope and attach all different kinds of flags along it.

What you'll need:
•        1 sheet of white construction paper
•        Clear tape
•        Red, yellow, and orange tissue paper, 12" x 12" square of each color
•        White craft glue
How to make it:
1.        Roll the construction paper into a cone shape, tape closed.
2.        Layer the tissue paper squares, red on the bottom, then orange, and yellow on
3.        Gather from the center of the squares and hold in your hand like a bouquet of
4.        Put some white craft glue into the sides of the opening of the cone.
5.        Place the tissue paper into the cone and let the glue dry completely.

Every Olympics competition has a ceremony of awards. You can make your own
medals as follows:
•        Poster board
•        Hole punch
•        Paint (gold, silver, copper)
•        Ribbon
1.        Cut 3-inch circles out of poster board.
2.        Paint the circles (gold, silver, and copper).
3.        Punch a hole near the edge of each circle using a hole punch.
4.        Cut lengths of ribbon about 24 inches long and string the ribbon through the hole
in the medals. Tie a knot at the ends.


Giant Slalom
Croquet set up in a long line. Olympians hit the balls around each wicket (points being
lost if they actually go though one).
Olympic Rings
5 hula hoops set up in "Olympic Ring" style on the lawn.  Throw Frisbee's -points are
awarded for the Frisbee landing in different rings.
Pass the Sand

        Container of sand
        Plates
        Scale
To Play
        Divide the group into 2 teams and line them up.
        Have the person in each line grab a handful of sand from a container.
        They must pass the sand to the next player, who passes it to the next, and so on
down the line. When the sand reaches the last player, he/she pours what is left of it on
a plate.
        The team with the most sand wins the game. (You may have to weigh the sand on
a food scale if it's close).

Hula Hoop Relay

        1 hula hoop for each team (even number)
        Course obstacles (garbage cans, chairs, etc.)
To Play
        For this race, you'll need even numbered teams and a hula hoop for each team.
        Begin by creating a course-a straight line to a goal (a chair or trash can, for
instance) and back, or create a slalom-type trail around obstacles.
        When the race begins, the first player from each team rolls the team's hoop (using
his hand or a stick) along the entire course before returning to the starting line and
passing the hoop to the next player.
        The race continues until all of the players on one team complete the course.

Shot Put and Discus
Substitute water balloons and Frisbees for the real things, and see who can throw them
the farthest.
Anywhere I Hang My Hat Is Home
Equipment: Hat, six foot dowel rod that is stuck into the ground
Scoring: 1 point per hat that stays on the dowel rod after 10 tries
Contestants get 10 tries to toss a hat from a distance of five feet so that it lands and
stays on the upright dowel rod.