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Jolene has enjoyed working in
the healthcare field in such
capacities as Marketing
Director, Activity Director and
Coordinator of Dementia
programs. She currently holds
an Administrator's License and
works as an Activity Consultant.
She is the author of A+
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has been in circulation for over
12 years.  

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Fall Festival

A fall festival is a celebration that welcomes the change of the seasons to fall. It's a
designated time where we can celebrate the changes of nature together as a group.


Get in the autumn spirit with browns, yellows and reds. Consider farm-themed
decorations such as bales of hay or plates with farm animals. Collect up gourds and
pumpkins, and get even more creative by creating a scarecrow (you can even do this as
a party activity with some old clothing, an old bed sheet for the head, and stuff it with
shredded newspaper).


Think "fall fair" when you're creating recipes. Snacks can include roasted pumpkin
seeds or popcorn. Homemade breads such as pumpkin or zucchini bread are sweet,
autumn snacks. Have an "apple tasting" contest allowing residents to try different
breeds of apple slices such as Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious and more. Check
local farmer's markets for a grand selection of different apples. Other great snacks
include candy or caramel apples, hot dogs or sausages (in celebration of Oktoberfest)
and of course, apple pie or oatmeal cookies.


Dollar stores or farmer's markets are a good place to pick up party favors. Consider
straw hats, fall-themed or farm animal stickers. Pick up a bunch of mini-pumpkins or
gourds as gifts, or even give homemade caramel apples. Find cute fall-themed
decorations at the dollar store or the craft stores to use as party favors.


•        Stenciling
•        Butter churning
•        Amazing race (after finishing you will receive a paper to tell you where and what to
do for the next task to win a prize at the end)
•        Baked Apples (cut out the core and put in brown sugar)
•        Carmel apples, candy apples
•        Make your own candy apple
•        Dress up in period clothing and have your picture taken (or wood cut-outs)
•        Apple heads- put ears, nose, and eyes on an apple to create a face
•        Apple prints - use the apple to make shapes, then put paint on them and put on
•        Autumn fall wreaths
•        Make a Weather Vane
•        Fishing Game
•        Farmer's Market - biggest apple, corn, pumpkin, squash
•        Horseshoe Throwing Contest
•        Hoop and Sticks: You have a hoop and a stick you hit the hop with the stick. The
object of the game is to keep the hoop rolling.
•        Gold Panning: Have an area that is filled with small rocks and sand, residents go
and sift through the sand and rocks to find gold nuggets
•        Needle in a haystack (not a needle but maybe candy or a large objects)
•        Pancake breakfast
•        Black smith to show how it was done in the olden days
•        Log Bird Houses
•        Guessing Game: How much harvest candy are in a jar
•        Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss
•        Lollipop tree - The resident gets to pick a lollipop from the tree and if there's mark
on it, they win a prize
•        Make Jumbo smores
•        Funny Faced Gourd:
Use acrylic paints to make a face on a gourd. The gourds naturally have characteristics
that create a funny face.


You will need: Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Mix spoonfuls of these spices together. Pour them into a square of aluminum foil. Add a
few drops of water and close leaving a small opening at the top. Place them onto a
cookie sheet and into a 275 degree oven. As the water evaporates you will notice the
aroma wafting through the house.


Begin with a walk through the fallen leaves. After residents have collected the leaves
place them in between clear contact paper to make autumn placemats.



Do Sa Do
1. Stand facing the center of the room with your partner at your side.
2. Hold your arms up in the classic dancing position if you are a man. Hold your skirt
with both hands if you are the woman.
3. Turn toward your partner, and advance forward. The man will pass the woman as
she stands at his right shoulder and, without turning around, will circle around her, with
his left shoulder passing the woman's left shoulder. He will then step backward into his
position, facing the woman. The woman will do the same as the man, and will end
facing the man.

1. Stand with your partner with other couples around the outside of a square. The
women from couples who are standing directly across from each other step forward,
link hands and circle around clockwise in the middle of the square.
2. Advance forward if you are the man left standing on the outside of the square without
your partner. Instead of taking the hand of your partner, take the hand of the woman who
stood opposite you across the square.
3. Return to your side of the room if you are the woman, and take the male from the
couple who stood opposite with you.
4. Turn to face the center of the square.

Reverse the Flutter
1. Complete the same steps as in the Flutterwheel, but this time it is the man who
steps forward, and links hand with the man from the couple who stood opposite him.
2. Step forward if you are the woman left without a partner, but take the hand of the man
who stood opposite you across the square.
3. Follow the man as he returns to his side of the square, and turn with him to face your
partner across the square

Pass the Ocean
1. Advance forward to meet the couple who stands across from you.
2. Move to the right if you are the man so that the woman from the opposite couple will
pass by you on your right.
3. Grasp the left hand of the woman from the opposite couple if you are the woman, and
revolve so that the women face the center of the circle, but are not standing directly in
front of the other.
4. Take the right hands of your partner if you are the men, and stand facing the center of
the circle, but not standing directly in front of your partner. If viewed from above, it will
appear that the four couples form a wave as they stand with their right hands grasped in
the center of the square.

Right and Left Through
1. Advance forward with your couple to meet the couple who stands directly across from
you. Move to your right to allow the woman from the opposite couple to pass on your
2. Take the woman's hand from the opposite couple and spin with her until you face the
opposite side from which you originally stood. The woman who is your partner will do
the same thing. She will move to the right of the opposite couple's man and spin with
him until she faces the opposite side, then step forward with you to the edge of the
3. Place your left hand over the shoulders of the woman, take her right hand in yours,
and turn her counter clockwise, stepping backward until you do so, until you both face
the center of the room. The opposite couple will do the same as you and will end up on
the side form which you started.