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Jolene has enjoyed working in
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Director, Activity Director and
Coordinator of Dementia
programs. She currently holds
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works as an Activity Consultant.
She is the author of A+
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It’s Luau Time!!

Make your next event a celebration to remember...with cool ideas for Hawaiian luau-
themed fun.
Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations:
•        Do-it-yourself invitations may include any kind of tropical clip art, or photos of a
hula dancer, surfer, tropical flowers, a lei, a volcano, or a map of Hawaii.
•        Inside, include party details in both English and Hawaiian.
•        Be sure to ask guests to wear Hawaiian shirts!
Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations:
•        See if your local florist carries inexpensively-priced orchids (now available in most
big flower markets), or ask about tropical flowers such as Bird of Paradise, Hybiscus,
Red Anthurium, or Red Ginger flowers.
•        Surf boards (borrow one from a surfer friend, or create one from inexpensive
styrofoam board)
•        Palm fronds (Tip: you can also make your own palm trees by cutting out palm
fronds from green construction paper, then gluing or taping them to cardboard tubes.)
•        Pineapples and coconuts
•        Travel posters
•        Throw some play sand onto the serving table and artfully arrange some
pineapples, mangoes and bananas on the sand
•        Hang fish netting up also with plastic lobster or plastic crabs in it.
•        Fill baskets with shells or flowers or both.
•        Soothing melodic tunes in the background.
Hawaiian Luau Party Games & Activities:
•        Hula Dancing - Award prizes for the best dancers.  To make inexpensive hula
skirts from green drawstring trash bags. Cut the bottom off, then make thin slits to
create the hula grass skirt. The draw strings allows for one-size-fits-all.
•        Pineapple Bowling - So silly but fun! Bowl with coconuts to knock down pineapple
"pins". Awards to the person with the best aim.
•        The Big Kahuna - The award goes to the party animal who arrives with the most
colorful Hawaiian shirt
•        "Hot Coconut"- Play as you would "hot potato" but using a whole coconut. Pass the
coconut around the circle from person to person quickly, while music is playing. When
the music stops, the person holding the coconut sits in the middle or controls the
music for one round.
   Bobbing for Seashells
Add a little "under the sea" flavoring to your party games!
Directions: Fill a large plastic tub with water. Purchase floating items; plastic fish,
shells, pineapples, flip-flops... Before the party use a permanent marker to write either a
1,2,or 3 on each item. Items will be placed in the water at game time. Make three prize
bags filled with inexpensive prize items. Write 1, 2, or 3 on each bag. Players take turns
reaching in to grab an item. They then collect a prize from the bag that matches the # on
the item they caught.
Beach Sand Art Vases
You will need: empty glass jars and colored sand (craft store), artificial flower. Fill the
jars with sand one colored layer at a time. Then insert the artificial flower.
Sand painting
Sand scenes can be created with construction paper, colored sand, and white school
glue. Use the glue to make trees, water, beach etc. Pour the sand using the desired
colors for each item.
 A Pearl and Shell game is great fun for the more analytical guest. You will have
three shells, and underneath one, you will have a pearl (or whatever item you choose).
It's kind of like a magic trick or card game. The dealer moves the three shells around,
and the guest chooses which one has the pearl inside.
•        Another creative game is to split the guests into several groups. Purchase floral
cloth fabrics for your tropical theme, and give the fabric to each group. The group has to
make the most creative attire possible within five minutes. Examples of attire include
skirts, headbands, Speedos... whatever they can imagine! Vote which group has the
most creative and fun idea.
•        Rotate groups and have a drum and ukulele contest. The group to create the most
harmonic tropical band wins!
Pasta Jewelry - Make necklaces, bracelets and anklets on your own out of pasta.
To make colorful pasta pour ¼ cup of alcohol into a bag, add about 10 drops (more or
less, this depends on what shade you want) of food coloring to the alcohol and add ½
cup of pasta and seal the bag. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes until the pasta absorbs
the color (every couple of minutes turn the bag to evenly coat the pasta). Then scoop the
pasta out with a slotted spoon and let it dry on a paper bag for about an hour (Rigatoni
pasta are good beads for necklaces).
 Ocean in a Bottle
For this luau party activity, each resident gets a baby food jar (or any other little jar or
clear water bottle for that matter). They then add small sea beads, glitter, water, baby oil
and blue food coloring to create their own ocean!!

Lei Necklaces  
A must for a luau party.

You'll need:
•        Yarn
•        Drinking straws
•        Colored paper
Directions: Before the party, cut 1" pieces from drinking straws and flowers from colored
paper. Make a hole in the center of each flower using a hole punch. The residents will
bead their lei's alternating straws and flowers until it is the desired length.
Tip: Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn for easy beading.

Hawaiian Luau Party Favor Ideas:
•        Lei
•        Sunglasses
•        Sand buckets and shovels
•        Blow-up beach balls
•        Sun tan lotion
•        Beach towels
Hawaiian Luau Party Food Ideas & Recipes:
•        Goldfish crackers
•        Macadamia nuts
•        Fruit smoothies
•        Tropical punch
•        Fresh fruit plate - pineapple chunks, papaya slices, strawberries, grapes,
watermelon, bananas.
•        Sea shell macaroni salad
•        Coconut shrimp
•        Pineapple chicken