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Facts and fun
Use these facts for cognitive stimulation and conversation.
Answer true or false to the following questions.

1. The bald eagle is found only in North America and has a wing span of more than six feet.

2. The rain forests of Guatemala are slowly being cut down by the people so more corn and
grain can be grown.  

3. The fastest an ostrich can run is 10 miles per hour.

4. A kangaroo can jump as much as 200 feet.

5. Kangaroos give birth to as many as five babies at one time.

6. Sows give birth to as many as 18 piglets.  

7. The first commercial typewriter (the Oliver) was so heavy that it could not be used in the

8. The MiIky Way has several hundred billion stars, which travel as fast as 500,000 miles per

9. The Macaw parrot lives to be 100 years old.

10. You could not purchase any cars in the United States during World War II.

11. Ted Williams, the great baseball player, hit .400 in 1940.

12. James Stewart, the movie actor, joined the Air Force during World War II and became a
bomber pilot.  

13. "The Guiding Light" was a popular religions program on radio in 1940.

14. Although Kate Smith was a popular radio and TV singer, she never appeared in the movies.

15. The first director of the popular USO, which staged shows all over the world for GIs, was
Thomas E. Dewey.

16. Camel hair brushes are made of squirrel hair.

17. Human blood is six times thicker than water.

18. It took Leonardo da Vinci about five years to complete his famous Mona Lisa painting.

19. Dolley Madison, wife of President James Madison, refused to let anyone keep snuff in the
White House.

1.        TRUE.
2.        TRUE.
3.        FALSE. It can run as fast as 30 miles an hour. One was even clocked at 45.
4.        FALSE. Eighteen is about the limit.
5.        FALSE. They give birth to only one.
6.        TRUE.
7.        TRUE.
8.        TRUE.
9.        FALSE. Forty years is average.
10.        FALSE. You could buy a Desoto or a Packard. They are now collector’s items.
11.        TRUE.
12.        TRUE.
13.        FALSE. It was a popular soap opera.
14.        FALSE. She starred in one film called “Hello Everybody,” and made special
appearances in others such as “This is the Army, in which she sang “God Bless America.”
15.        TRUE.
16.        TRUE.
17.        TRUE.
18.        TRUE.
19.        FALSE. She was a habitual user of snuff herself.