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Current Activities in Longterm Care
Kate Lynch, Editor
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Shall We Dance?
By Lorena Tonarelli, M.Sc.

  • A spacious room
  • Audio equipment
  • Ballroom tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
  • Chairs
  • Refreshments
  • Rope lights of various colors
  • Self-adhesive hooks

Note: Consult the physician to make sure that the participants’ health conditions allow them to
dance safely.

Hung the rope lights to the wall using the hooks, arrange the chairs, and remove any item that
may put the residents at risk of falling.

The activity:
Switch off the main lights, leaving only the rope lights on. Play the music at a comfortable volume
level, welcome all participants and… open the dance!
Encourage everyone to get out on the floor and have some enjoyable time together.
Check that nobody is left out, and that everybody has some rest and water.
Let participants enjoy the dance for as long as they wish and, at the end of the activity, encourage
them to join in a big round of applause!

Things to consider:
As with all music-based activities it is important that the choice of tunes reflects the residents’
individual preferences. Check with your elders in advance so that you can plan the activity for
groups of residents with similar taste.

Wheelchair users can, too, take part in the dances, for example by moving their hands and arms
to the rhythm of the music.

However, if they are unable to do that, because too frail, a volunteer can sit close beside the
elder, put their arms around them, and move them gently from side to side to the rhythm of
Also, volunteers can dance, and guide, those residents who have very poor vision, and describe
what’s happening around them.

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