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Indoor Activities
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Small Group
Big Dice

Materials needed:
  • Basketball hoop/large plastic garbage can
  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • Black marker
  • Note cards with scoreboard on them

Steps to follow:
If using a large plastic garbage can, securely set it up against a wall.  If using a regular
basketball hoop, no setup is required until the next step.  
On the pieces of paper, clearly write numbers 1-9.  Then secure them with masking
tape on the floor near the hoop following either of the diagrams below.

Each number has a certain number of shots a player can try to make. If they don’t
make the shot by that number, then that is their score.  These need to be determined
before play begins.

Before starting, have participants do warm-up exercises to stretch their arms, neck and
stomach muscles.

Explain to players that each number represents a station, and each station has a shot
limit. When a player has reached the shot limit before making a basket at that station,
their score is the shot limit number and then they move on.

At each station, the player is responsible for keeping his or her own score.  Go to all
the stations in order and tally the total score when completed.

When all participants are finished, compare scores and honor the winner with a prize.

Note: It would be helpful to have a volunteer for every participant
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