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New!  Alzheimer’s Calendars

When each issue of ElderCare Activities Guide comes out subscribers have the ability to login
online.  When logged in we have two different kinds of calendars available for print.  One is the
general holiday calendar and the other is our new Alzheimer's Calendars.  These calendars will
contain 2 Alzheimer's activities per week and all the other days are left blank where you can type
your own schedule.  All of the Alzheimer activities are included in the printed in the magazine and
then again with the calendar online.  Here is an example of an Alzheimer’s activity:

Adapted Multisensory Exercise

Up to 6 residents with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s  

What follows is an adaptation of a multisensory exercise intervention that, through the
combination of music, movement, and imagery, has been shown to elicit important positive
effects in nursing home residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Developed at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas, this group activity improved
significantly the residents’ overall mood and their resting heart rate, and helped maintain

Materials needed:
  • A portable audio cassette player.
  • Audio cassette with gentle, uplifting music.

Also, consider that, if your group includes residents with severe Alzheimer’s, you need the same
number of volunteers, so that each elder receives one-to-one attention.

Steps to follow:
With the music playing softly in the background, invite participants to perform the following
  • Arm rolls.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling with hands.
  • Marching.
  • Flying.

Importantly, you need to use imagery to help participants visualize the movements and increase
their involvement in the exercise. For example, you may want to encourage them to imagine that
they are:
  • Swimming in the calm sea.
  • Marching on the fields.
  • Flying with the birds in the blue sky.

Ideally, the activity should be carried out after lunch for approximately 15 minutes.

During the intervention, provide constant, additional verbal cues about tasks to perform. Say
things like, “Listen to the music,” or “Let’s move our arms/hands together!”

1.  Heyn P. “The effects of a multisensory exercise program on engagement, behavior, and
selected physiological indexes in persons with dementia,” American Journal of Alzheimer’s
Disease and Other Dementias, July-August 2003, 18(4): 247-51.
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