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Looking Up!
April 12th is Look Up At the Sky Day!
(This activity is based upon our calendar below)

Materials needed:

  1. Multicolored construction paper
  2. Pencils
  3. Markers


Develop a few questions to ask the participant to get them into the activity.  Some examples are:
What are some characteristics of the sky?  Good and bad?
How can the change of weather affect the way the sky looks?
Did you ever have a bad experience with weather?
Do you have a memory of what the sky looked like?

Steps to follow:

After asking all the questions, give them the multicolored construction paper, pencils, and
markers.  Then tell them to close their eyes and explain the first picture of the sky they see.  

Then have them choose the colors they want and have them draw a picture of what they just
imagined.  Ask questions about their picture as they are going: What color were the clouds?  Was
the sun out?  Were there birds?  Were the stars out?  How big was the moon?  

An option to consider if the participant is unwilling to draw would be to have the participant explain
to you in detail the picture they are imagining in their mind and you draw it.
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