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Setting the Dinner Table

Do you have residents who love setting the dinner tables, but you constantly have to
go back and redo what they have done?  Here is a solution.  Use these colorful place
mats to guide the helpful residents to the correct areas for the plate, silverware, and

Materials needed:
  1. Contact paper
  2. Colored construction paper
  3. White paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue

Steps to follow:
Using the white construction paper, cut out shapes that resemble the ones below:

Glue the shapes in the same pattern as above onto a piece of construction paper.  
Once the glue has dried, carefully place the construction paper onto a 13x19-inch
piece of contact paper.  Then cover the other side with the same size of contact
paper.  Cut any uneven edges.

Goin’ Fishin’ in Jell-O

Materials needed:
  1. 2 batches of Jell-O
  2. Ice cube trays
  3. Large bowl
  4. Paper
  5. Pen
  6. Foil
  7. Wet towel

Steps to follow:
Make the two batches of Jell-O and place into ice cube trays.  For more color, use
two different kinds of Jell-O.

Then write a bunch of reminiscing questions on the paper. Try to make them relevant
to the resident.  For example:
What was your favorite event of your childhood?
What were your parents’ careers?
What did you do for relaxation 30 years ago?
What was your favorite place to go on vacation?

Once you have about 10 questions made, cut them apart. Place in the middle of a
square piece of foil, and scrunch up into a ball.  When the Jell-O is finished, place
the square cubes into a large bowl and randomly place the foiled questions into the
bowl as well.  Have the resident fish out a question and answer it.  Use the towel to
wipe off his or her hands.

Word Poetry

Materials needed:
  1. Craft foam
  2. Hot glue
  3. Magnet strips, sheet, or dots
  4. Permanent marker
  5. Scissors
  6. Metal sheet

Steps to follow:
Cut the foam into squares, depending on the size of word you are using. For short
words use 3”x7” and for long use 3”x9” squares.  On the squares, use the marker to
write words in large print.  Then cut small pieces from the magnet strip or sheet and
hot-glue onto the back of the square foam pieces.  Then use a large sheet of metal
for the activity and have the participant create a poem, sentence, or haiku.  Talk
about what it means to them
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