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Musical Tree Painting

Materials needed:
Watercolor paper
Paper tape
Small sponge
Poster paints
Small dishes
Drinking straw
Small boom box for music

Choose a piece of music that participants will know.  
Participants will be asked to draw to the music.

Steps to follow:
Lay old tablecloths on the work area.

Set out small dishes and fill with paint and a few with
water.  To make the paint runny you may need to
add water.

Lay a sheet of watercolor paper in front of each

Using the sponge dampen both sides of the paper.

Then tape the paper down to the table to keep it
from moving.

Allow time to dry; this would be a good time to
explain the project and let participants know that
they will be asked to draw to the music.  

When the paper is dry, use the sponge and dip into
the paint, then dab the sponge all over the paper to
create a background.

Then have participants get the eyedroppers full of
paint and start the music.

You may need to demonstrate your own movements
to the music to get participants started.  

Encourage participants to let go and have fun!
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