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Not only did Robert Lucas found the Activity Director Today website, he is a
singer/song-writer/humorist who appeared on Terre Haute, Indiana radio and
television in the 1980s and 1990s.  In 1992 he was chosen male vocalist of the year by
the Southwest Chapter of the Indiana Southern Gospel Music Association.

Bob has written over 200 songs in the genres of praise and worship, southern gospel,
country and folk.  He performed many of these songs on stage, but they were never
recorded.  Unfortunately, poor health ruined his plans of a future in the entertainment
business.  He had to retire from his job as a Health Facility Administrator and could no
longer stand to travel or put out the needed energy for performing.  It hit him hard.  He
had all but given up on the music.
 But we couldn't let him do that.

t this writing Bob is 72 years old and on kidney hemodialysis three days per week.  
Recently, he was diagnosed with CHF.  However, through the encouragement of his
family and friends he has agreed to record himself singing at home, along with some
of his keen wit, and posting the performances on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.  He
has nothing for sale.  He just does it for the joy of singing and with the encouragement
of those who love him.

You may shake hands with Bob by making small coffee fund offering through PayPal.  
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Any amount is appreciated.

- The Family Friends and Fans
of R D Lucas, the Silver Singer
Robert Lucas
The Silver Singer / Boomer POV
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Robert Lucas - 2003
At this time Bob started the Activity
Director Today website.  In 2004 he
started Activity Director Today
E-magazine for Activity Professionals
in Long-Term Care facilities.  His
e-mail subscribers numbered in the
Robert with wife Linda - 1998
Robert and Linda at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida  - 1994
This was at the height of his music career.  Two years later he developed bi-polar
depression and began to fail in health.  At that time he would begin to forget song lyrics,
although his voice remained strong, he stopped appearing in public..
Robert Lucas - September 9, 2019
This is Bob today when I talked to him about recording the
music for YouTube.  It looks like he thinks I'm out of my
mind.  That's OK.  This picture was taken with the new
webcam we bought him for the task of recording.
A decent microphone is on the way.
Robert and Linda at Jo Pugh's Art Shop
in Attica, Indiana  - 2005
With a lot of love and encouragement, Linda managed to get R D to follow
his second love, Art.  He started producing Steampunk rayguns from found
items and selling them on e-bay.  He also began producing colored pencil
paintings from photographs (he sold those on commission).  It helped stir
up his creative juices.  He wrote a few songs.
Robert and Jo Pugh at the Reality Fair
(the Beef House, Veedersburg, Indiana)  - 2006
The Reality Fair is presented each year to introduce area seventh graders to the realities of daily
living like responsible adults.  They represent the field of commercial art careers and gave
demonstrations of art projects and techniques. The Pringles can in front of Bob became the
barrel of a Steampunk raygun.
September/October - 2018-2019

In mid-September, Robert had a major seizure as a
reaction to medication incompatibility.  He was rushed to
the hospital where the doctors said there was no hope for
his survival and put him on comfort measures only.  His
wonderful wife, Linda, and his renal doctor, Rita Mankus,
became his advocates and took charge of the situation.  Dr.
Mankus had him transferred to intensive care and removed
all of his medications.  Starting from scratch she slowly
brought back essential meds until a balance was achieved.  
Bob spent two weeks in the hospital and another two weeks
in a rehab facility receiving physical and occupational
therapies.  In mid-October he was able to come home to
Linda.  He was weakened and physically and mentally
changed by the experience.  He  has been left  with a
nervous twitch, he can no longer concentrate on
complicated issues,  he can't drive and he walks with a
walker. He had to give up his beloved e-magazine, Activity
Director Today.   But, he has survived.  

Recently I visited him and found him in his office.  He was
singing to some music on YouTube.  He still has his
beautiful voice, although it has weakened and he is a bit
short of breath.  I told some friends and we carefully
approached him about sharing his singing talent with the
world through YouTube.  It took a lot of talking but we finally
got him to agree to it.  You will find his YouTube page here:  
Robert's YouTube Page.  We cordially invite you to visit and
leave your comments and well wishes.
Thank you for visiting our web page and come back often.

- The Family, Friends and Fans of
R D Lucas, the Silver Singer
September 9, 2019
Robert Lucas playing Pictionary with the kids
at the Veedersburg, Indiana Park.  Part of the
summer school program. - 2007
Seated just out of view is Attica artist Jo Pugh.
Robert Lucas - 2018
In 2013 Robert began experiencing renal failure
and diagnosed with acute kidney failure.  He
began dialysis three days a week to stay alive.  
The bi-polar depression was becoming a
problem and Bob was becoming more and more
reclusive.  He no longer went into stores, Early in
the year he had three stints put into his heart.  In
mid-September  he had a major seizure as a
reaction to medication incompatibility.  The
hospital said there was no hope for his survival
and put him on comfort measures only.  
Robert Lucas does not have CD's for sale,
nor does he intend to make any.  Feel free to download his videos from YouTube and
convert them to MP3 to make your own CD.  
Visit Bob's YouTube channel:
Robert Lucas - the Silver Singer / Boomer POV
Robert Lucas with childhood hero Curly Meyers. -
June 2004
Curly is a TV personality from Indianapolis who starred in a daily
TV show for children in the 1950s and 1960s.  Bob was a
"Buck-a-roo Buddy" (a member of Curly's TV audience).  Mr.
Meyers is a well known country musician who produced many
shows attracting people by the thousands throughout the 1950s
and 1960s.  Very similar to National Barn Dance out of Chicago.
Robert Lucas - July 2004
Robert Lucas receives the 2004 Volunteer Special
Recognition Award from Country Care Nursing and
Rehabilitation Center in Williamsport, Indiana.
Note:  October 6, 2019
Bob has now posted several items on
YouTube:  RD Lucas - The Silver
Singer / Boomer POV Stop by and have
a look. We are still working on sound
quality.  If you have any suggestions let
us know.
To see the work in progress and  hear him sing visit Bob's YouTube site at:
Robert Lucas - The Silver Singer / Boomer POV
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