The purpose of the Activity Director Today is to provide encouragement and useful
Internet resources to Activity Directors in Long Term Health Care Facilities.  This is
achieved through many helpful web links, many useful downloads and by the interactive
correspondence among Activity Directors across the United States.

It is a privilege and a great honor to be an Activity director and to be responsible for the
activities and the social interactions of the residents of my facility.  Over the years I have
encountered just about every problem imaginable including major changes in Federal and
State regulations, the addition of MDS, OBRA, and more recently HIPAA.  Some things
have been hilarious and others have been tragic.  Never has any moment been dull!  I've
worked with management personnel who vigorously supported the Activities Department
physically and financially; and with those who begrudged every penny and wished there
were no activities at all.  There were many times I had no one to turn to for support.  
I don't want that to happen to you.

There are a lot of resources for Activity Directors on the Internet (if you know where to
look).  There is also a lot of moral support.  Let this site take you there.  Also, I encourage
you, feel free to share your thoughts, frustrations, encouragements and ideas with your
peers at Activity Director Today.

Linda L. Lucas, AD
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