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The National Certification Council
for Activity Professionals
Our Mission:  The National Certification
Council for Activity Professionals is a
credentialing body, which sets standards and
criteria to ensure that those we serve have
optimal life experiences
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Why Become NCCAP Certified?

1. Federal Law, OBRA, states that an activity department must
be directed by a "qualified professional." One of the ways to
become qualified is to become a Certified Activity

2. NCCAP certification is recognized by HCFA (Health Care
Financing Administration) as an organization that certifies
activity professionals who work specifically with the elderly.

3. NCCAP certification assures administrators and surveyors
that you have met certain professional standards to become

4. Many administrators will only hire activity professionals
who are already certified.

5. Some administrators offer a higher salary to a certified

6. Become NCCAP certified so others will know that you are
nationally qualified and giving quality activity service to


May derive from a wide variety of curricula: Social Work,
Recreation, Education, and Business degrees. These are a
few of the educational backgrounds that represent our
certified members.

Activity work experience with elderly populations, where at
least 50% are 55+ years of age. Some volunteer work with
elderly clients may be applied.

Current education (within past 5 years): workshops,
seminars, college courses that keep the activity professional
abreast of present trends. NCCAP's Body of Knowledge
contains 27 areas of education with many subheadings that
are applicable.

May include: advising a group, working one to one, teaching a
class, conducting workshops, publishing professional
articles, supervising students and/or managing 5 or more
activity staff persons.

The cost of being certified initially ranges from $45 to $65
depending upon the level. Renewal is required every two
years with 20-40 hours of continuing education and a fee of

For further information visit
Conference Tips
Kathy Hughes, ADC
NCCAP President

The fall season is conference time for many state activity associations.
Continuing education workshops and conferences are available for all
activity professionals. Here are some tips to assure that your continuing
education experience can be used for your NCCAP certification or
NCCAP renewal.

On the NCCAP website ( we have placed a “Sample
Certificate” that can be a reference for making certificates for your
conferences or can be used for educational opportunities that may not
have a certificate of attendance. You can make copies and keep them
with you for educational opportunities that present themselves. Recently
a craft store had a session on making wreaths for the holidays. This
session was 2 clock hours and the participants were able to take their
homemade wreath home with them to celebrate the fall season. By
filling in the sample certificate the activity professional was able to earn
his hours and learn a new craft for his residents. Making sure that
certificates have all the required information will make your continuing
education session a successful experience.

When attending a conference of your state activities association, make
sure that you bring your business cards to share with the other activities
professionals that you meet. It is a good idea to also write on the back of
the card that you receive any information that you need to follow through
with that person. Also sending a note to the people that you receive a
card from afterwards will reinforce your networking. Networking either
formally or informally is a great way to expand your resource for planning
activities for your residents.

Always make it a point to meet the “new” activity professionals who are
attending the conference. You have a lot of information to share and you
will find that they are looking for your wisdom and experience. It is
always a renewal of your spirit to talk to people who share your career
and know what you are talking about.

Make sure to interact with the speakers and the state association board
members. Volunteer for a committee, there are many jobs available that
you can do without investing a huge amount of time. By becoming
involved with your association you will learn new skills and meet
individuals who have a wealth of information to share with you. Let them
know that you are willing to work about an hour a month on a project,

Enjoy the experience of attending a conference. Keep in mind that
NCCAP has many State Association website links on their website. If
your association has a website make sure that you are linked to the
NCCAP website. You can access that information by clicking on the
“NCCAP State Reps” link from the homepage at If your
State Association is not listed, please send the link to

Happy Conference Going!

NCCAP Announcement:

TAKE the MEPAP course for FREE.... Beginning 1/2007 NCCAP will be
offering 20 scholarships* to individuals needing to complete the MEPAP

NCCAP will be conducting a quality assurance study which will include
following a group of students through the entire MEPAP process from
the MEPAP part 1 - through to the conclusion of MEPAP part 2 (the
equivalent of the MEPAP 2nd edition, which will be required of all NEW
applicants after 1/1/2007)

Candidates for this study will have the following:

1. A high school diploma/GED
2. A minimum of 6,000 hours (3 years) experience
3. 30 hours of continuing education
4. 12 college credits (less than 60)

ONCE accepted into the program/study; the candidates will be required
to apply for NCCAP certification at the ADPC level, and then will be
eligible for the ADC Track 4, upon completion of the MEPAP course(s).

Interested individuals cannot be currently certified. (There is a Beverly
Morris scholarship fund available to assist others with funding for their
courses)...NCCAP will be covering the $500.00 course fee for those
individuals accepted into this program.

Interested individuals must submit in writing to the NCCAP office,
attention Cindy Bradshaw/Scholarship applicant:
the following:
* letter of intent to complete this study
* letter of recommendation from
supervisor /administrator to be a part of
the study (as the administrator will be
required to complete practicum evaluative
tools as a part of the quality assurance
* Proof of the high school/GED
* proof of the 6,000 hours of experience
* proof of the 30 clock hours
* a transcript to verify the 12+ college

*These students will be assigned to one of the instructors in their area
that have agreed to participate in this program; or to an alternate method
of course delivery.

(NCCAP reserves the right to determine eligibility for this quality
assurance study)
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