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Founded by Activity Professionals for Activity Professionals...
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NAAP Mission Statement
To provide excellence in support services to activity professionals through education,
advocacy, technical assistance, promotion of standards, fostering of research,
and peer and industry relations.
About NAAP
Founded by Activity Professionals
for Activity Professionals...

NAAP is the only national group that represents
activity professionals in geriatric settings exclusively.
NAAP serves as a catalyst for both professional and
personal growth and has come to be recognized by
government officials as the voice of the activity
profession on national issues concerning long-term
care facilities, retirement living, assisted living, adult
day services, and senior citizen centers. NAAP is
nationwide in scope with a growing membership in
Canada and Bermuda.

The National Association of Activity Professionals
recognizes the following values:

The quality of life of the
client/resident/participant/patient served is the
primary reason for our services.

The strength of NAAP lies in the diversity of its
members.  NAAP recognizes the rich cultural, and
educational backgrounds of its members and values
the variety of resources represented.

The strength of NAAP also lies in the development
and promotion of scientific research which further
defines and supports the activity profession.

NAAP values the development and maintenance of
coalitions with organizations whose mission is similar
to that of NAAP's for the purposes of advocacy,
research, education, and promotion of activity
services and activity professionals.

NAAP values members who become involved at the
state and national level to promote professional
standards as well as encourage employers to
recognize them as professionals.

NAAP affords Activity Professionals across the
country the opportunity to speak with a common

NAAP successfully worked with members of Congress
to secure a change in the nursing home reform title
of the 1987 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
(OBRA). Through our efforts, it became mandatory
that an activity program, directed by a qualified
professional, be provided in every nursing home that
receives Medicare and/or Medicaid funds.

NAAP was the only professional activity association
to participate in HCFA's workgroups that revised
OBRA's interpretive guidelines now in effect.

NAAP provides assistance at the state level to
promote certification of activity professionals,
working toward uniform professional standards for
activity practice.
By Mae Petty

In today’s society we hear about how important it is to stay physically and mentally fit.  What
about financially fit?

As Activity Directors we all have to keep a monthly budget.  Some of us have a large budget,
some of us have small ones, and some have hardly any at all and have to do fundraising.   
Sometimes it’s not that easy, but no matter what, you have to maintain a good working

It’s not that easy when it comes to our own personal budget, because we all love to spend
money.   Do you ever wonder or dream of having extra money for saving for your children’s
college, unwanted medical expenses, up-keep of your home or saving for your retirement?
You can learn how to make all those dreams come true.  The way you use your money is
largely due to your own personal attitude about money.  The level of Financial Fitness has a
lot to do with NOT HOW MUCH money you make, but more about your attitude concerning
money.  You need to stop and take a look at how you view your spending of money.

The first thing to do is write down all you spend during the month including things you have
charged.  Then take a look at how much income you have coming in.  If there is more
income than expenses you are on the right path of living within your means.  If there is more
expenses than income you need to decide on what really is necessary or isn’t necessary to
spend money on. This is where the financial fitness comes in.  IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.  
Like physical fitness to lose weight, you will need to learn how to start living within your
means.  You are the only one who can make the changes and start setting some goals to
live within your current income.

Second thing to do is get tough with yourself.  What happens when you go over your budget
at work?  You don’t continue to spend, but to cut back until you get back on track.  If you see
something that you think you just have to have, give yourself time to think about it and to see
if you really, really need it.  Most of the time you will realize you don’t need it after all.

Third thing to do is to get rid of as many credit cards as you can.  Start with paying off one
card at a time until you have them all paid off.  Only keep around a credit card for

REMEMBER, being financially fit is more than about numbers and figures.  It is about YOU
being in control of your money, instead of money in control of you.
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There are so many benefits when you belong to
NAAP!  Each member will receive a newsletter
which will give the updated reports on Government
Relations, Special Interests, International Updates,
Professional Development, Nominations, Standards
of Practice, Financial Updates and a Membership
Report. Along with this comes an update from our
President, Diane Mockbee, and our Executive
Director, Charles Taylor.

Members will also receive a discounted rate at the
Annual Conference which is held in March/April of
each year.

Effective JAN 1, 2006 membership dues are:
Active Membership = $75 US dollars
Associate Membership = $65 US dollars
International Membership (outside US) = $65 USD
Student Membership = $55 US dollars
Supportive Membership = $99 US dollars

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