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MEN'S ACTIVITIES: Additional Resources and Links

Click here to read the article, Don't Be Lost. Read the M.A.P.! Men's Activity Programs in
Health-Care Facilities by Kimberly Grandal, CTRS, ACC

Board Games, Table Games and Casino Games:

  • *Bingo: Regular bingo, sports bingo, hobby bingo, etc.

  • *Pokeno: Pokeno board games

Community Groups and Organizations

  • *Here are a few links where you may be able to find male volunteers.
  • *Big Brother sponsors

  • *Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs

  • *Y's Men International U.S. Area

  • *American Legion

  • *Boy Scouts of America

  • *Kiwanis International

  • *4H Club

  • *Veterans of Foreign War

  • *Jaycees

  • *YMCA

  • *National Coalition of Free Men

  • *Additional Men's Organizations

  • *Visits from fire station, police station, hardware stores

Community Trips

  • *Baseball game or other sporting events (local, schools, colleges, state, minor leagues,
    major leagues, etc.)

  • *Putting practice or miniature golf

  • *Movies

  • *Concerts and comedy shows

  • *Museum, zoo, aquarium

  • *Restaurants

  • *Picnics, parks

  • *Community clubs and organizations


  • *Get subscriptions or ask people to bring in recent magazines: Men’s Health, Sports
    Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, Field and Stream etc. There are even magazines
    about cigars, cars and trucks, farming, beer and more!

Military and Politics

Movies and Videos

  • *Activity Director Catalogue (1-800-772-0447) has videos on classic cars, WWII, Ed
    Sullivan, cowboys, video fireplace, train rides, route 66, etc.

Special Events

  • *Barbecues

  • *Comedy Night

  • *Happy Hour

  • *Special meals (Men's Breakfast Club, etc.)

  • *Trophy Day (Have everyone bring in trophies, awards, etc. and put on display or use
    for discussion)

  • *Competitions

  • *Adapted Olympic Games

Sports and Hobbies

  • *Start a sports club. Contact various sports and hobby association for dates,
    information, etc. Ask for free posters, brochures, pictures, to display and use for
    discussion activities, decor and displays.

  • *Cars: Car shows, remote controlled cars, car puzzles, matchbox car collections, model
    cars, It's Never 2 Late computer driving game


  • *There are many online sports casino games, video games, computer games etc.

  • *Video games: Check out Playstation for sports games and others like Army Men World
    War Land Sea Air

Word Games, Discussion, Trivia

  • *Bi-Folkal Kits have great multi-sensory reminiscing kits for many topics including train
    rides, automobiles, the Depression, farming,etc. Visit

  • *Men in History

  • *Current Events

  • *Pictures enhance reminiscing (please be sure to double-check the terms of use before
    using any of these)

  • *There are many discussion and trivia materials available on the market.
Kimberly Grandal,

Kimberly Grandal, Founder
and Executive Director of Re-
Creative Resources, Inc., is a
strong advocate for the field
of Therapeutic Recreation
and Activities, with over fifteen
years of experience working
with the elderly in numerous
management and consultant
positions.  She is an Activity
Consultant Certified and a
Certified Therapeutic
Recreation Specialist. Kim is
a member of the New Jersey
Activity Professionals
Association and the New
Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania
Therapeutic Recreation

In 1990, Kim graduated from
William Paterson University
with a BA in Sociology and
later studied gerontology
courses at Union County
College and Therapeutic
Recreation courses at Kean
University. Throughout her
career, Kim has been the
Director of Therapeutic
Recreation for several long-
term care facilities, including
one of NJ’s largest.

In 2006, Kim founded Re-
Creative Resources Inc. She
is a speaker for various state
and local activity associations
such as NJAPA, MOCAP, and
NJACA, as well as the Society
of Licensed Nursing Home
Administrators of NJ. She
also offers lectures for Re-
Creative Resources Inc.,
local colleges, and
community groups, and
provides consultation and
support to numerous
facilities in the state.

Kim is the editor and writer
for the “The Rec-Room", a
monthly newsletter published
by her company. In addition,
she writes monthly articles
for the Activity Directors Office
newsletter, and has
contributed articles to
Creative Forecasting
Magazine, and The
Continuing Care Insite

Kim is a recipient of the
Kessler Institute of
Rehabilitation 1997 Triumph
of the Human Spirit Award.  
Her passion is to promote
the field of Therapeutic
Recreation and Activities and
to unite Recreation
Therapists and Activity
Professionals. Kim currently
serves on the NJAPA board
as the Chairperson for the
Legislation Committee.