• October begins on the same day of
    the week as January in common
  • October in the Northern
    Hemisphere is the seasonal
    equivalent to April in the Southern
    Hemisphere and vice versa.
  • October's birthstone is the opal or
  • October's flower is the calendula or
  • Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving
    on the second Monday of October.
  • The month October has become
    famous as "Red October", due to
    the Russian October revolution of
  • In the nineteenth century, the month
    of October was dedication to
    devotion to the rosary in Roman
    Catholic countries.

    Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month
    Schedule a dog show with the proceeds
    going to a spay/neuter organization in your

    AIDS Awareness Month (National)

    Apple Month (National)
    Visit an apple orchard.  Have some cider.  
    Make caramel apples.

    Auto Battery Safety Month

    Blindness Awareness Month

    Book Month (National)
    Invite your local library in to share book
    history.  Create books as a craft project.

    Brain Injury Awareness Month
    (National, US)
    Visit:  Brain Injury

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    (National, US)
    Visit:  Breast Cancer

    Car Care Month
    Have a classic car show (or customized
    cars).  Bring in car care products for a show
    & tell session (give a demonstration). Visit:  
    Car Care

    Caramel Month
    Caramel goes good with apples.  Use a
    caramel sauce because caramel chunks
    are too hard for most residents to chew.

    Child Health Month

    Christmas Seal Month

    Clergy Appreciation Month
    (Pastor Appreciation Month)
    Have a special appreciation day for the
    pastors who come to your facility.  Have a
    breakfast.  Hand out appreciation
    certificates.  Give a small gift.  Remember
    to include the residents in the appreciation

    Clock Month (National, US)
    Bring in all kinds of clocks.  Invite a local
    clock repairer to come in and give a
    demonstration.  Let the residents talk about
    clocks they remember.

    Computer Learning Month
    Set up a computer and let your residents
    get some hands on experience playing
    games.  Establish a computer center in
    your activity room (or elsewhere in the
    facility) which is easily accessible for your
    residents.  Let them play games (solitaire,
    free cell, spider solitaire, yachtzee, tetris...
    are good games for them to play).  A large
    screen LCD Monitor (i.e. 19+ inches) would
    be very nice for them and could be the
    object of a fund raiser.

    Cookbook Month
    Look at cookbooks.  Cook some favorite
    recipes with your cooking club.  Combine
    with Cookie Month celebration.

    Cookie Month
    Bake some Halloween or Autumn theme
    cookies.  Make sugar cookies and use
    cookie cutters.  Let residents decorate the

    Cosmetology Month (National, US)
    Invite your beautician to speak and/or to
    give hair and make-up demonstrations.  
    Other options include someone from a
    local beauty school,  a Mary Kay
    representative, an Avon representative,
    someone from a local Merle Norman
    Cosmetics store.  Let them give
    demonstrations.  (You will find that they are
    all very cooperative in volunteering for this
    activity).  Be sure to let the residents be the

    Country Music Month
    Invite a local country music group in to play
    for the residents.  You might even get a
    group of line dancers or square dancers to
    visit your facility.  Have the residents talk
    about country music and their favorite
    songs and artists.  Dress up in country
    clothes for the day (jeans, western shirts,
    flannel shirts, boots, neckerchiefs, straw
    hats, etc.)

    Crime Prevention Month

    Dental Hygiene Month (National,
    Good chance to establish PR with your
    local dentist.  Invite him in to talk about
    tooth care (or denture care).  Visit:  Dental

    Dessert Month (National US)
    Figure this one out for yourself.  This is
    Apple Month...how about apple pie, apple
    turnovers, caramel apples.

    Dinosaur Month
    If you are lucky enough to have a
    paleontologist in your town...invite him/her
    over to show some dinosaur bones,
    fossils, dinosaur models etc.  A good
    movie to show is "The Dinosaur Hunter" (it
    is rated G).  You need to judge your
    audiences preferences for movies...you
    may be able to show "Jurassic Park" and
    its sequels, or "Godzilla" (the newest

    Disability Awareness Month
    Invite a local Disability Awareness Support
    Group to talk about accessibility issues,
    coping problems and solutions, caregiver
    support, etc.  Be sure to invite family
    members to attend (maybe a dessert carry-
    in would be nice).

    Disability Employment Awareness
    Month (National, US)

    Domestic Violence Awareness

    Drum Month (International)
    O.K., bring in a local drummer.  High
    school band members would be great...
    with an assortment of drums.  This activity
    is guaranteed to make hearing aides
    squeal all over the facility.

    Energy Awareness Month

    Family Health Month

    Family History Month
    A great opportunity to discuss genealogy
    with your residents.  Encourage family
    members to be there to record history (at
    least let them take notes).

    Family Sexuality Education Month

    Fire Prevention Month (National)
    Review your facility policy regarding fire
    safety.  Test the alarm system and practice
    your evacuation routine.  Have the local fire
    department come and teach people how to
    use a fire extinguisher. Make sure your
    residents get to see the fire truck.

    Flu & Pneumonia Month

    German American Heritage Month
    Think Oktoberfest.  Incorporate things like
    beer, sausage, sauerkraut, polka dancing,
    accordions, etc.

    Glaucoma Awareness Month
    (National, US)

    Healthier Babies Month (National)

    Healthy Lung Month
    Visit:  American Lung Association

    Hispanic Heritage Month
    (September 15 - October 15, 2005)
    Celebrate with Hispanic foods, music,
    dance and traditions.

    Adult Immunization Awareness
    Week (National)

    Kitchen & Bath Month

    Learning Disability Awareness

    Liver Awareness Month
    Visit:  Liver Foundation

    Lupus Awareness Month
    Visit:  Lupus

    Magazine Month (American)

    Make a Will Month (National)
    Ask your residents about making a will.  
    Invite social services to take part in this
    activity.  (Be sure to ask family first...invite
    them to participate).  Check with your
    administrator and/or legal advisor first.

    Medical Librarians Months
    (National, US)

    Medical Ultrasound Awareness

    Organic Harvest Month
    Visit:  Organic

    Pasta Month
    Think spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, etc.  
    Create foods. Create crafts.  Demonstrate
    making pasta using a pasta machine.  
    Visit:  I Love Pasta

    Pastor Appreciation Month
    (Clergy Appreciation Month)
    Have a special appreciation day for the
    pastors who come to your facility.  Have a
    breakfast.  Hand out appreciation
    certificates.  Give a small gift.  Remember
    to include the residents in the appreciation

    American Pharmacy Month
    (National, US)
    This is a good chance for your facility
    pharmacy to field pharmacy questions from
    the residents (if the consultant is brave

    Physical Therapy Month (National,
    Let the Physical Therapist come up with
    some ideas and make a presentation to
    the residents.  Visit:  APTA

    Pickled Pepper Month

    Pizza Month (National)
    Party time!!!  Either order out or bake in
    several different types and toppings of
    pizza.  If you bake in, let the residents pick
    out their own toppings.  You may be able to
    get a local pizza franchise to visit your
    facility and donate much of the supplies for
    the PR.  Perhaps you can get a pizza parlor
    to do some dough tossing
    demonstrations.  Or maybe you can try a
    facility home made pizza carry-in party.  
    Also check with your facility's food
    distributor for some advice.  Visit:  Pizza Hut

    Polish-American Heritage Month

    Popcorn Poppin' Month (National)
    Run that fancy popcorn popper all month.  
    Visit:  Popcorn

    Pork Month (National)
    Visit:  Pork

    Pregnancy & Infant Awareness

    Pretzel Month

    Roller-skating Month

    Sarcastic Awareness Month

    Seafood Month
    Visit:  Seafood

    SIDS Awareness Month (Sudden
    Infant Death Syndrome)

    Spina Bifida Awareness Month
    (National, US)

    Spinal Health Month (National, US)

    Stamp Collecting Month (US

    Story Telling Month

    Talk About Prescriptions Month
    Visit:  Prescriptions

    UNICEF Month

    Vegetarian Month

    World Series Month / Baseball

    Youth Against Tobacco Month

    Famous Weeks in

    Week 1

    National Eat Dinner Together

    National Gerontological Nursing

    National Healthcare Food Service

    National Mental Illness
    Awareness Week

    National Nurse-Midwifery Week

    National Spinning & Weaving

    Walk a Child to School Week

    Week 2

    Handicapped Week

    International Letter Writing Week

    National 4-H Week

    National Adult Immunization
    Awareness Week

    National Bookkeeper's Week

    National Fashion Week

    National Fire Prevention Week

    National Get Organized Week

    National Mystery Week

    National Pet Peeve Week

    National Respect Life Week

    National School Lunch Week

    Week 3

    Bible Week

    Getting the World to Beat a Path
    to Your Door Week

    International Pinball Week

    National Hepatitis Awareness

    National Infection Control Week

    National Kraut Sandwich Week

    National Networking Week

    National Pickled Pepper Week

    Week 4

    National Cleaner Air Week

    National Consumers Week

    National Forest Products Week

    National Healthcare Facilities And
    Engineering Week

    National Hug-A-Vending Machine

    National Magic Week

    National Massage Therapy
    Awareness Week

    National Pharmacy Week

    National Red Ribbon Celebration

    National Respiratory Care Week

    National Save Your Back Week

    New International Version of the
    Bible Week

    Pastoral Care Week

    Peace, Friendship and Good Will

    Toastmaster's Week


October 1st:

October 2nd:

October 3rd:

  • Chubby Checker - born Ernest
    Evans on October 3, 1941 in Spring
    Gulley, South Carolina. He later
    moved to Philadelphia. He got the
    name "Chubby Checker" from Dick
    Clark's wife.  See his bio at the
    official Chubby Checker Web site:
  • Tommy Lee, 1962
  • Ashley Simpson, 1984
  • Ray Stark, Producer (Funny Girl,
    Annie, Steel Magnolias & more.)
    Born October 3, 1914 in Chicago,
    Illinois. Died January 17, 2004 from
    natural causes.

October 4th:

October 5th:

  • Michael Andretti, Race Car Driver -
    born October 5, 1962
  • Chester A. Arthur - 21st US
    President was born October 5, 1829
    in Fairfield, VT. He died November
    18, 1886 in New York, NY.
  • Diahann Carroll, Actress - born
    October 5, 1935
  • Bill Dana, Actor and comedian -
    born October 5, 1924
  • Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald's
    Corp. - born Ray Arthur Kroc on
    October 5, 1902 in Oak Park,
    Illinois. Died January 14, 1984.
    (Note: The restaurant chain was
    started by Dick and Mac McDonald
    in 1940; McDonald's Corp. was
    founded in 1955.)
  • Steve Miller, Musician - born
    October 5, 1943
  • Kate Winslet, Actress - born October
    5, 1975  

October 6th:

October 7th:

October 8th:

October 9th:

October 10th:

  • Helen Hayes, 1900 (Actress, born in
    Washington, DC, died March 17,
    1993 in Nyack, New York. Web
    sites: www.helenhayes.org and
  • Tanya Tucker, 1958
  • Ben Vereen , 1946

October 11th:

October 12th:

October 13th:

October 14th:

October 15th:

October 16th:

October 17th:

October 18th:

October 19th:

October 20th:

October 21st:

October 22nd:

October 23rd:

October 24th:

October 25th:

October 26th:

October 27th:

  • Leif Erickson, 1911. However, Leif
    Erikson Day is observed October
  • Nanette Fabray, 1922
  • Emily Post, 1872
  • Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, 26th
    US President, was born October 17,
    1858 in New York City. He died
    January 6, 1919 in Oyster Bay, NY.
  • Carrie Snodgress, Actress -
    nominated for Best Actress for her
    role in Diary of a Mad Housewife.
    Born 10/27/1946. Died April 1, 2004
    at the age of 57 of heart failure while
    awaiting a liver transplant.
  • Dylan Thomas, Writer, Poet - Born
    October 27, 1914 in Swansea,
    Wales. Died November 9, 1953 in
    New York City and was buried in
    Laugharne, Wales.
  • Teresa Wright, Actress, 3-time
    Academy Award winner in the
    1940's. Born October 27, 1918 in
    New York City and grew up in New

October 28th:

October 29th:

October 30th:

October 31st:


Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), Check
calendar for date.  This festival, also known
as the Feast of the Ingathering, is both a
harvest festival and a commemoration of
the forty years of wandering after the Jews
were freed from Egypt. The name refers to
the small huts Jews live in during the
festival, symbolic of the shelters used
during their wandering. Some say that they
also represent the huts used by workers
during the annual fruit harvest.

Columbus Day: A federal holiday observed
the second Monday in October, it
commemorates Christopher Columbus's
landing in the New World in 1492. Quite
likely the first celebration of Columbus Day
was that organized in 1792 by the Society of
St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order,
widely known as Tammany Hall.

Shemini Atzeret (Assembly of the Eighth
, Check calendar for date. This joyous
holiday, encompassing
Simchat Torah
(Rejoicing in the Torah), falls immediately
after the seven days of Sukkot. It marks the
end of the year’s weekly readings of the
Torah (Five Books of Moses) in the
synagogue, and the beginning of the new
cycle of reading

October 31, Halloween Eve of All Saints'
Day, formerly called All Hallows and
Hallowmass. Halloween is traditionally
associated in some countries with
customs such as bonfires, masquerading,
and the telling of ghost stories. These are
Celtic practices marking the beginning
of winter.
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