• August begins on the same day of
    the week as February in a leap year.
  • August's flower is the gladiolus or
  • August's birthstone is the peridot,
    sardonyx, or sapphire.
  • August contains no United States
  • August in the Northern Hemisphere
    is the seasonal equivalent to
    February in the Southern
    Hemisphere and vice versa.
    Harvest Month
    What a great time for fresh tomatoes,
    melons, corn, etc.  Residents can clean
    and prepare them.

    National Eye Exam Month
    Schedule an eye professional to talk about
    eye care.  Combine this with Cataract
    Awareness Month.

    National Romance Awareness
How about having a dance.  Maybe you
could organize a candlelight dinner for the

    Cataract Awareness Month
    Schedule an eye professional to talk about
    eye care.  Combine this with National Eye
    Exam Month.

    Fair Month
Have your own fair.  Arrange area activities
like a cake walk (or candy walk), ring toss,
beanbag toss, balloons, wet sponge toss
(use staff as targets).  Invite children in
from a local school to participate.  Also,
paint faces.  Can be tied in with
International Clown Month.

    International Clown Month
    Everybody likes clowns.  Invite a clown in to
    entertain your people and visit room to
    room.  Residents can paint, color, decorate
    paper plates with clown faces.

    Lemon Month
How many ways can you use a lemon?  
How about cooking, drinking, cleaning, etc.  
Provide samples or let residents make
some things using lemons.  What a great
aroma therapy source!
If possible, bring in a live lobster for your
residents to see and touch (watch out for
the claws).  If your facility is loaded with
cash, have a lobster dinner night (and invite
all of us to join you).
How about a catfish-fry.  If the facility can't
help you out, there are several other
services which provide catfish-fry services
for fund raisers.  Here's a chance to raise
some money for your department.  Don't
forget the french-fries and coleslaw.

    National Foot Health Month
    Wouldn't is be great to give foot
    massages?  This would be an excellent
    one-to-one activity.

    National Golf Month
    How about taking a group to a Putt-Putt golf
    course?  Or, maybe, you have some who
    could go and play a round of golf
    (remember hydration).  Set up a putting
    green in your facility.  Bring in your local
    country club pro to give a speech about golf
    and show some clubs, balls and
    accessories to the residents.  Maybe you
    could take residents for a golf cart ride
    around the facility grounds or golf course.

    National Heritage Month
    Talk about family roots.  Perhaps you can
    encourage a little genealogy or family
    recollections which can be recorded by
    volunteers and given to the family of the
    resident.  Ask questions like "How did your
    family get to the United States?"  "How did
    they get to where they are now?"  "Did
    anyone participate in the ________war?"

    National Mustard Month
    How is mustard made?  Where does it
    come from?  Sample various mustard
    combos like dill, honey, spicy etc.  Use
    recipes using mustard as a main
    ingredient.  Some places use mustard in
    baked beans.  How about hot dogs and a
    choice of mustard flavors?  A wonderful
    item for taste and aroma therapy.

    National Parks Month
    If you are lucky enough to have a national
    park nearby...go for a visit.  Bring in
    literature and pictures and souvenirs and
    video from national parks around the U.S.  
    Let the residents reminisce about their
    visits to the parks.

    Peach Month
Fresh peaches,  peach pie, peach cobbler...
residents can clean them, chop them, and
make them.  Peaches taste great and
smell great so dive in and enjoy.
How about an afternoon of watermelons?  
Also you can have different kinds of
watermelons. (See August is Watermelon
Month in the
August 2006 edition of Activity
Director Monthly, page 13)

    Famous Weeks in August...

    Week 1

    International Clown Week
    "Bring in the clowns, bring in the clown,
    there ought to be clowns."

    Manwatcher's Compliment Week
    Try this...get the gals together and talk
    about the men.  Maybe you could get the
    men to participate in a beauty contest for
    the women to judge.  
    Have fun!

    National Smile Week (Begins 1st
    Time to pass out "smile" or "smiley"
    stickers for each smile you see.  If you do
    this for the week, some people will have
    dozens of purchase an
    abundant supply.  You can recruit the staff
    and the residents alike to pass out the
    stickers during the week.

    Beauty Queen Week
    Have a beauty contest for residents, staff,
    family and children.

    Week 2

    National Apple Week
How about apples served seven ways?  
One for each day of the week.

    National Psychiatric Technician
    If you know one, send a card.

    Week 3

    Weird Contest Week
    Be creative!

    Week 4

    Friendship Week
How about establishing a secret pal club?  
Maybe you could start a pen pal club.  
Encourage the residents to be a friend to
someone (we all need friends).

August 1st:

August 2nd:

August 3rd:

August 4th:

  • Louis Armstrong***"It was recently
    determined that Louis Armstrong's
    birthday is August 4, 1901.
    Armstrong himself is on record as
    stating his birthday as July 4, 1900"
    Louis himself believed that he was
    born on July 4th, 1900 and that date
    is still found in many jazz histories
    and reference books. In the mid-
    1980s, Armstrong expert Tad Jones
    discovered in the Sacred Heart of
    Jesus Church in New Orleans a
    baptismal certificate that indicates
    compellingly that Louis was actually
    born on August 4th, 1901." (Source:
  • Clara Peller, Actress (best known
    for her "Where's The Beef?" in the
    Wendy's commercials.  Clara died
    in 1987.)

August 5th:

August 6th:

  • Lucille Ball, Born August 6, 1911
    Lucille Ball died at the age of 77 on
    April 26, 1989 following open heart
  • Robert Mitchum, 1917.  Actor
  • Odie (Garfield's friend), 1978  

August 7th:

August 8th:

August 9th:

August 10th:

  • Rosanna Arquette, 1959
  • Jimmy Dean, 1928
  • Eddie Fisher, 1928
  • Bobby Hatfield, 1940 (singer,
    Righteous Brothers) known for
    singing the high notes. He died
    11/5/03 at the age of 62 from a heart
  • Herbert Hoover, 31st US President
    1929-1933. Born August 10, 1874 in
    West Branch, Iowa. Died October
    20, 1964 in New York, NY. Married
    to Lou Henry Hoover.

August 11th:

August 12th:

August 13th:

August 14th:

August 15th:

August 16th:

August 17th:

August 18th:

August 19th:

August 20th:

August 21st:

August 22nd:

August 23rd:

August 24th:

August 25th:

August 26th:

August 27th:

August 28th:

August 29th:

August 30th:

August 31st:


[In the United States, there are no national
holidays or other commonly celebrated
events during August.]
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