• February begins on the
    same day of the week as
    March and November in a
    common year, and on the
    same day of the week as
    August in a leap year.
  • On a few occasions in
    history, February has had
    30 days.
  • February in the Northern
    Hemisphere is the
    seasonal equivalent to
    August in the Southern
    Hemisphere and vise versa.
  • February's birthstone is
  • February's flower is the
    violet or primrose.
  • The Chinese floral emblem
    of February is the peach

Potato Lover's Month
  • Your options are enormous
    for celebrating the Potato.  
    How about inviting
    someone in to talk about
    the nutrition found in
    potatoes.  How about
    sharing potato recipes
    (how about making those
    recipes to sample).  We
    were lucky enough to have
    a Lays plant at the edge of
    town.  They provided us
    with lots of seconds (the
    only problem was that the
    label had slipped or
    misprinted and the bags of
    chips couldn't go to
    market)...talk about fresh
    potato chips...yummy!  And
    don't forget homemade
    French fires, fried potatoes,
    stuffed potatoes,  real
    mashed potatoes, baked
    potatoes...and on, and on,
    and on.  Also, don't forget
    the people who make craft
    stamps out of potatoes.

Vegetation Month
  • This is a good opportunity
    to bring in samples of
    Bonsai Trees and other
    indoor plants.  Perhaps
    pass out house plants to
    your residents.  How about
    starting an indoor
    gardening club where the
    residents bring their plants
    together each month to see
    how they have grown?

Heart Month
  • Promote heart awareness
    throughout your facility.  
    Include Nursing and
    Dietary.  Put up posters,
    conduct an inservice,  make
    badges and have your
    residents support American
    Heart Month all month
    long.  Invite the public in
    and conduct a mini-
    seminar featuring your local
    Heart Association (serve
    heart healthy snacks).

American History Month
  • Have a history discussion
    with your residents.  Let
    them share what they
    remember (i.e. historic
    events which happened in
    their lifetime).  Bring in a
    history club to share the
    history of your local area.  
    Perhaps you can work in a
    program about genealogy.

American Music Month
  • The door is wide open
    here.  Invite in your music
    contacts and organize
    special music for each
    week of the month.  Hardly
    any musician turns down a
    chance to present their
    music in health care
    facilities (some charge,
    some do it for the
    residents, some do it to
    practice...you try to get them
    for free).

Biorhythm Health Month

Black History Month
  • Invite local teachers and
    historians in to talk about
    black history.  In some
    areas of the country, the
    only black history people
    know about is Martin Luther
    King Jr.  While he is
    extremely important, black
    history is far richer and
    more important than many
    people are aware.

Canned Food Month

Celebration of
  • Oh, Yeah!!!!  My favorite
    subject.  Find out the history
    of chocolate.  Provide
    samples.  If there is a
    chocolate shop near you,
    invite them in to talk about
    making chocolates (and
    encourage them to bring
    samples).  A chocolate
    shop owner will make a
    great resource for you to tap
    several times throughout
    the year.

Romance Month
  • Gather the residents and
    discuss how they met their
    great love.  Works great
    with Valentine's Day.

American Pies Month
  • How about a pie contest?  
    Let the residents eat the

Human Relations Month

International "Boost" Your
Ego Month

  • Many of your lady residents
    (and some men) love to do
    embroidery.  Bring in
    samples from people who
    embroider for a hobby.  
    Perhaps your residents
    have samples of their own.  
    It would be a good time for
    a ladies tea and to kindle
    an embroidery club (if you
    have anyone whose fingers
    are dexterous enough to do
    the fine hand work).

International Friendship
  • This would be a good
    chance to start a Secret Pal
    club.  How about assigning
    "friends for a day" (let the
    residents hang out with
    someone they don't know
    too well).  Give the
    participating residents a
    little question form so they
    can interview their "friend
    for a day."  Then
    reassemble the next day
    and share what they have
    learned with the other
    participants.  It helps
    everyone learn about
    everyone else.  (You could
    do the same thing with staff
    and residents).

International Twit Award
  • Everyone knows someone
    who is a candidate.

Cat Health Month
  • Bring in cats for show &
    tell.  Perhaps a veterinarian
    can come in and talk about
    cat health (with examples of
    healthy cats).  The
    residents will love to hold
    them and pet them (the
    cats, that is).

Cherry Month
  • How about chocolate
    covered cherries?  Also,
    cherry pies.  How about
    chocolate covered cherry
    pies?  Mmmmmm!  Or you
    could top all of your
    desserts with maraschino
National Children's
Dental Health Month

Fiber Focus Month
  • Eat oats.  Bring in someone
    to talk about the benefits of
    eating more fiber (maybe
    your facility dietitian).

Scottish Culture
  • Bring in bagpipes, tartans,
    and kilties.

Snack Food Month

Weddings Month
Wild Bird Feeding
  • Clean up and fill up those
    bird feeders.  Maybe
    someone can present a
    program about feeding the
    local wildlife.

Responsible Pet Owner

  • Return Shopping Carts To
    the Supermarket Month

  • Sleep Safety Month


Week 1

Agricultural Week

National Pay Your Bills Week

Week 2

Big Brothers/Sisters Week

Boy Scouts Week
  • Bring in your local Boy
    Scout troop in uniform to
    visit the residents.

Celebration of Love Week
  • Have a Valentine's Party.  
    Crown a King & Queen.  
    Make it an all out
    y occasion.

Circle K International Week

Dietary Managers' Pride in
Food Service Week
  • Honor your dietary
    manager.  Give her a card
    signed by residents and
    staff.  Have a little party.  
    Brighten her day and let her
    know she is appreciated.

Hero Week

International Forgiveness


Crime Prevention

Homemakers of America

National New Idea Week

National Salute to
Hospitalized Veterans Week

National School Counseling

Week 3

Brotherhood Week

Health Education Week

Home for Birds Week

International Friendship Week

National Cardiovascular
Technologists Recognition

Condom Week

National Engineers Week

National Pedestrian Toll

Pay Your Bills Week

Week 4

International Friendship Week

National Engineers Week

Pancake Week
  • Everybody loves breakfast.  
    How about a cooked to
    order pancake breakfast
    (for the men only?;  for
    everyone?;  your choice).

Truth Week
February 1st:

  • Sherman Hemsley, 1938
  • Rick James, 1948 (Singer)
    Died August 6, 2004. www.
  • Lisa Marie Presley, 1968
  • Princess Stephanie of
    Monoco, 1965

February 2nd:

  • Christie Brinkley, 1954
  • Farrah Fawcett, 1947
  • James Joyce, 1882 (Died
    January 13, 1941 at the age
    of 58)
  • Holly Hunter, 1958 (Actress)
  • Tom Smothers, 1937 (The
    Smothers Brothers - Official
    Web site: www.

February 3rd:

  • Joey Bishop, 1918 - Actor,
    Comedian, TV Personality -
    member of the "Rat Pack."
    (Born in the Bronx, NY)
  • Morgan Fairchild, 1950
  • Dr. Henry Heimlich www.
  • Frank Tarkenton, 1940
    (Athlete, Football)  

February 4th:

  • David Brenner, 1936
  • Alice Cooper, 1948
    (Musician) - Real name:
    Vincent Furnier
  • Charles Lindbergh, 1902
  • Rosa Parks - "Mother of the
    Modem Day Civil Rights
    Movement." Born Rosa
    Louise McCauley on
    February 4, 1913 in
    Tuskegee, Alabama. She
    refused to give up her seat
    to a white passenger on a
    segregated bus on
    December 1, 1955 and was
    arrested. She died October
    24, 2005 at the age of 92.  
  • Dan Quayle (former US VP)

February 5th:

  • Hank Aaron, 1934 (Athlete,
  • Bobby Brown, 1969 (Singer)
  • Red Buttons, 1919
    (Comedian/Actor)  www.
  • Barbara Hershey, 1948
  • Al Kooper, 1944 (musician,
    Blood Sweat & Tears)
  • Roger Staubach, 1942
    (Athlete, NFL quarterback)

February 6th:

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, 1917
  • Ronald Reagan, 40th US
    President 1981-1989. Born
    February 6, 1911, in
    Tampico, Illinois. Died June
    5, 2004 in Bel-Air,
    California. Married to Nancy
    Davis Reagan. See
    biography at the official
    White House
  • Babe Ruth (Baseball Great)
    - born George Herman
    Ruth, Jr. on February 6,
    1895 in Baltimore,
    Maryland. He died on
    August 16, 1948 at
    Memorial Hospital in New
    York City at age 53 from
    throat cancer. www.

February 7th:

  • Charles Dickens, Author.
    Born February 7, 1812.
    Died June 9, 1870. www.
  • Sinclair Lewis, Author -
    born Harry Sinclair Lewis in
    Sauk Centre, Minnesota on
    February 7, 1885. Died
    January 10, 1951.

February 8th:

  • Gary Coleman, 1968 (Actor)
  • James Dean, Actor - born
    James Byron Dean on
    February 8, 1931 in Marion,
    Indiana. Died September
    30, 1955 in an auto
    accident in California at the
    age of 24. www.jamesdean.
  • John Grisham, 1955
  • Robert Kline, 1942
    (Comedian, Actor)
  • Ted Koppel, 1940
  • Audrey Meadows, 1926
    (Actress, Alice on The
    Honeymooners) born
    February 8, 1926 in China.
    Died February 3, 1996 in
    Los Angeles at the age of
    69. Sister of actress Jane
    Meadows. www.
  • Terry Melcher, 1942 (record
    producer.) Died November
    19, 2004 from Melanoma.
    Doris Day's son.
  • Jules Verne, 1828 (Sci-Fi)
  • Mary Steenbergen, 1953

February 9th:

  • Mia Farrow, 1945 (Actress)
  • William H. Harrison, 1773
    (9th US President)

February 10th:

  • Lon Chaney, Jr. "The
    Master Monster" born
    Creighton Tull Chaney on
    February 10, 1906 in
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    Died July 12, 1973. He was
    the son of silent screen star
    Lon Chaney. See Web site:
  • Roberta Flack, 1939
  • Mark Spitz, 1950 (Olympic
    Swimmer, Won 7 Gold
  • Robert Wagner, 1930 (Actor)

February 11th:

  • Thomas Edison, 1847
  • Leslie Neilson, 1927 (Actor)
  • Burt Reynolds, 1936 (Actor)

February 12th:

  • Lorne Greene, Actor
    (Bonanza) - born February
    12, 1915 in Ottawa Canada.
    Died September 11, 1987
    in Santa Monica, CA from
    pneumonia following heart
    surgery. http://bonanza1.
  • Abraham Lincoln, 1809
    (16th US President)  

February 13th:

  • Tennessee Ernie Ford,
    Singer & TV Personality.
    Born February 13, 1919 in
    Bristol, Tennessee. Died
    on October 17, 1991 in
    Reston, VA. Elected to the
    Country Music Hall of Fame
    in 1990
  • Kim Novak, 1933 (Actress)  

February 14th:

  • Hugh Downs, 1921 (TV
  • George Ferris, 1859
    (Inventor of the ferris wheel)
  • Gregory Hines, 1946
    (actor/dancer.) He died
    August 9, 2003 from cancer.
  • Jimmy Hoffa, 1939 (Labor
  • Rosa Parks, 1913 www.

February 15th:

  • Susan B. Anthony, 1820
  • Roger Chaffe, 1935
  • Galileo Galilei, 1564
  • Charles Tiffany, 1812 - born
    in Killingly, Connecticut.

February 16th:

  • Edgar Bergen, 1903
  • John McEnroe, 1959
    (Athlete, Tennis)

February 17th:

  • Alan Bates, 1934 (Actor)
    Died December 27, 2003 at
    the age of 69. Numerous
    films including "The
    Mothman Prophecies,"
    "Spartacus" and many
    more. For info see: www.
  • Hal Holbrook, 1925 (Actor)
  • Michael Jordan, 1963
  • Gene Pitney, American
    singer, song writer and
    musician born February 17,
    1941 in Hartford, CT. He
    died April 5, 2006 at the age
    of 65 from natural causes.
  • Denise Richards, 1971

February 18th:

  • Helen Gurley Brown,
    Author, Publisher, Editor.
    Born February 18, 1922 in
    Green Forest, Arkansas,
    raised in Little Rock. Editor-
    in-Chief of Cosmopolitan
    magazine for 32 years.
  • Matt Dillon, 1964
  • Cybil Shepherd, 1950
  • John Travolta, 1954 (Actor)

February 19th:

  • Prince Andrew of England,
  • Jeff Daniels, 1955 (Actor)
  • Smoky Robinson - William
    "Smokey" Robinson (The
    Miracles) was born
    February 19, 1940 in
    Detroit, Michigan - Source:

February 20th:

  • Charles Barkley, 1963
  • Kurt Cobain, 1967
  • Cindy Crawford, 1966
  • Sidney Poitier, 1927 (Actor)
  • Gloria Vanderbilt, 1924

February 21st:

  • Erma Bombeck, 1927
    (Author, Columnist)
  • Tyne Daly, Actress (One of
    our very favorites!) Currently
    plays Maxine Gray on the TV
    Show Judging Amy. She
    won 4 Emmys for Cagney &
    Lacey. Her father is actor
    James Daly and her brother
    is Tim Daly (we best
    remember him on "Wings.")
    She was born February 21,
  • Kelsey Grammer, 1955
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt, 1979

February 22nd:

  • Drew Barrymore, 1975
  • Julius Erving, 1950
  • Edward M. Kennedy, 1932
    (US Senator)
  • George Washington, 1732
    (1st US President)

February 23rd:

  • Peter Fonda, 1939 (Actor)  

February 24th:

  • Barry Bostwick, 1945
  • John Vernon, Actor (Animal
    House) - Born February 24,
    1932 in Canada. Died
    February 1, 2005 in Los
    Angeles CA following
    January 16, 2005 heart
    surgery. Web site:          
  • Paula Zahn, 1956

February 25th:

February 26th:

  • Johnny Cash - Musician,
    Often called the "Man in
    Black." Born on February
    26, 1932 in Kingsland,
    Arkansas. He died at 2AM
    on September 12, 2003 in
    Nashville, TN at the age of
    71 of complications from
    Diabetes (just a few
    months after his wife of 35
    years, June Carter Cash
    passed away.) Official Web
    site: www.johnnycash.com
    Did You Know? Contrary to
    popular belief, Johnny
    Cash never served a prison
    sentence. However, he
    WAS arrested 7 times. Click
    here for police mug shot
    (from thesmokinggun.com)
    when he was arrested in
    October 1965.
  • Michael Bolton, 1953
  • Tony Randall, 1920 (actor.)
    Died May 17, 2004. Best
    known for his role as Felix
    on the TV Series The Odd
    Couple. Became a first-
    time father at 77.
  • Robert Taft, 1917 (US

February 27th:

  • Chelsea Clinton, 1980
    (daughter of former
    President Bill Clinton and
    New York Senator Hillary
  • Henry Wadsworth
    Longfellow, 1807
  • Ralph Nadar, 1934
    (Political Activist)
  • John Steinbeck, 1902
  • Elizabeth Taylor, 1932

February 28th:

  • Mario Andretti, 1940
  • Bernadette Peters, 1948

  • February 2, National
    Groundhog Day  Legend
    has it that if the groundhog
    sees his shadow, he'll
    return to his hole, and
    winter will last another six

  • February 12, Lincoln's
    Birthday A holiday in many
    states, this day was first
    formally observed in
    Washington, DC, in 1866,
    when both houses of
    Congress gathered for a
    memorial address in tribute
    to the assassinated

  • February 14, Valentine's
    Day, The holiday's roots are
    in an ancient Roman fertility
    festival. Circa 496, Pope
    Gelasius I recast this
    pagan festival as a
    Christian feast day in honor
    of St. Valentine, but there
    are at least three different
    early saints by that name.
    How the day became
    associated with romance
    remains obscure, and is
    further clouded by various
    fanciful legends.

  • Washington's Birthday &
    President's Day -Mon., Feb.
    20. (The actual date of his
    birthday is Feb. 22.) A
    federal holiday observed
    the third Monday in
    February. It is a common
    misperception that the
    federal holiday was
    changed to “Presidents'
    Day” and now celebrates
    both Washington and
    Lincoln. Only Washington is
    commemorated by the
    federal holiday; 12 states,
    however, officially celebrate
    “Presidents' Day.”

  • Shrove Tuesday  , (Mardi
    Gras), Falls the day before
    Ash Wednesday and
    marks the end of the
    carnival season, which
    once began on Epiphany
    but is now usually
    celebrated the last three
    days before Lent. In France,
    the day is known as Mardi
    Gras (Fat Tuesday), and
    celebrations are held in
    several American cities,
    particularly New Orleans.
    The day is sometimes
    called Pancake Tuesday by
    the English because fats,
    which were prohibited
    during Lent, had to be used
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This site has a lot of
information about the births
and deaths of prominent
people.  They are listed
year-by-year through the
You need Java to see this applet.
Pie Eating Contest  
(Submitted by Linda Lucas, AD)

Residents enjoy home made pie.  
Many of the ladies made pie on a
daily basis.  I have often used a pie
contest for a way to bring in many
different kinds of home made pie for
our residents and to bring in people
from the community.  It is an excellent
marketing tool for your facility and can
make a pretty good fundraiser for your
activities department.


  • Prizes - I used $50 in gift
    certificates from a popular
    store.  First prize was $30;
    second prize was $20.
  • Advertising - Advertise at least
    4 weeks in advance.  Make
    fliers and distribute throughout
    your community.  Call the local
    newspaper and/or other
    media to cover the event.
  • Make up entry rules - 1)
    Eligible contestants include
    family, friends, staff and
    anyone in the community.  2)
    All pies must be home made.  
    3) Entry Fee [I never had one,
    but you need to do this if you
    use the event for a fundraiser]  
    4)  All pies become the
    property of the facility.  5) The
    judges decision is final.
  • Judges - Use an odd number
    of judges (3 or 5).  Choose
    your judges from residents,
    dietary manager, retired home
    economics teachers, pastors,
  • Prepare an entry form - On the
    form have an assigned
    number, type of pie, name,
    address and phone.
  • Prepare cards for each pie -
    Put the entry number on the
    card.  Be sure no names are
    on the pies.  Judging will be
    done by taste and appearance
  • Judging form - I secured a pie
    judging form from our local 4-
    H and used it as a judging
  • You will need a table for pies,
    paper plates, and forks for

How to do it:

  • Have your judges come early
    and put them in a room where
    they cannot see the pies
    coming being delivered.  This
    keeps the judging fair.
  • Have someone accept the
    entries and assign a number
    to the entry.
  • Cut each pie for the judges to
    taste (a small amount will do
  • Let the judging begin.
  • Here’s the best part.  After the
    prizes are awarded, cut all of
    the pie and pass it out to the
    residents and guests