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the seasonal equivalent to
July in the Southern
Hemisphere and vise versa.
  • Leap years exempted,
    January always begins on
    the same day as October.
  • January's birthstone is
  • January's flower is the
    carnation or snowdrop.
  • The Chinese floral emblem
    of January is the plum

Business and
Reference Books
  • Take the opportunity to
    invite someone from the
    reference section of the
    library to talk about
    reference books.  Perhaps
    a demonstration of some
    references regarding a
    subject of general interest
    to the residents would be

Chilly Month
  • This chilly means cold (not
    soup).  [Chili Month is in
    October] How about
    sharing some icy season
    events or activities with the
    residents?  Maybe you can
    share remembrances of
    snow storms, frozen rivers,
    childhood memories,
    traditions, snowman
    building, ice skating, skiing,
    snow sledding, warming
    foods and drinks (share
    some hot chocolate).

Crime Stoppers Month
  • E-mail Submission:  Have
    the police Crime Stoppers
    person come in and give a
    presentation on safety and
    security for both residents
    and staff. Have them bring
    pamphlets and giveaways.
    Do they have a video
    presentation suitable for
    residents? Make sure they
    are aware of the ages and
    are sensitive to their
    abilities and needs.

Human Resources

January Diet Month
  • Start a weight watchers
    club or a walking club.  
    Have weigh-ins, talk about
    nutrition and choices
    residents can make
    regarding their diet.  Talk
    about eating disorders,
    diabetes, heart disease,
    etc.  Encourage new year's

March of Dimes Birth
Defects Prevention
  • Discuss the March of
    Dimes and birth defects.  
    Let the residents recall birth
    defect experiences.  Set up
    a collection or a means to
    raise awareness and make
    a donation to the March of
    Dimes in the name of the
    residents of your facility.  
    Invite a speaker who is
    knowledgeable about the

National Book Blitz
  • Get your residents an a
    book reading spree.  Have
    a contest to see who can
    read the most books during
    the month.  Have rewards
    for first place, second
    place, third place and
    participation.  Bring in a
    librarian to discuss new
    books at the library.

National Candy Month
  • Here is the chance for your
    residents to make candy
    and share it with the staff,
    family and other residents.  
    Perhaps you can
    encourage your volunteers
    to make candy and have the
    residents sample it and
    award prizes.  Maybe you
    have a candy store or candy
    manufacturer near your
    facility who can supply you
    with seconds (usually they
    consist of several pounds
    of candy...all free).  Maybe a
    candy expert can come in
    and talk about the history of
    candy, how different candy
    is made, etc.  (My theory:  
    You will never go wrong
    with chocolate.)

National Egg Month
  • Have an omelet night.  Mix
    up the batter.  Let the
    residents choose their own
    ingredients (bacon bits,
    ham chunks, green pepper,
    onion, tomato, cheese,
    spices, etc.) and cook to
    order.  Get volunteers to
    bring in lots of electric fry
    pans.  How about a
    breakfast for supper meal
    and serve fried eggs to
    order?  Also, you can look
    for someone in your area
    who makes eggshell art.  
    Invite them in for show and
    tell.  How about sampling
    eggs other than chicken
    eggs (e.g.:  duck eggs,
    ostrich eggs, quail eggs

National Eye Care
  • This is an opportune time
    to schedule eye exams for
    residents and staff.  Bring
    in someone to discuss
    proper eye care and the
    importance of safety
    measures and nutrition.

National Hobby Month
  • Open season on hobbies.  
    Have volunteers come in
    and talk about their hobbies
    and if possible give
    demonstrations to the
    residents.  This could be a
    good opportunity for the
    residents to touch, examine
    and talk about a wide
    variety of different items
    from sculpture to sewing
    projects to collecting rocks
    or arrow heads.  The
    possibilities are endless.

National Hot Tea Month
  • Tea Time!  How about
    tasting a wide variety of tea
    flavors.  Of course one
    must also provide
    crumpets.  Also, how about
    the ladies wearing old hats
    to make the occasion

National Meat Month

  • Oatmeal cookies, hot
    oatmeal...try many different
    oatmeal recipes.

National Prune the Fat

National Retail Bakers
  • Breads, donuts, cookies,
    cakes, rolls...yummy!  How
    about inviting a specialty
    bread store in to talk about
    their products and pass out
    samples.  (I love that
    specialty bread with
    pumpkin seeds and
    herbs.)  Perhaps your
    facility bread man could
    work out a deal with you for
    samples (Check with your
    dietary manager).

National Soup Month
  • How about a Sample the
    Soup day?  A variety of
    home made soups would
    be great...but a dozen
    different Campbell soups
    will work.  Each resident
    gets a sample of each
    soup (maybe an ounce of
    each soup...you work out
    the math).  After everyone
    has a chance to sample the
    soups, open up the
    remainder for first come
    first served.  Also, you can
    discuss various recipes
    used at home.  Most
    everyone has made soup
    from scratch at one time or

National Volunteer
Blood Donor Month
  • Have a facility blood drive.  
    Call your local blood donor
    agency and schedule a
    time for staff, volunteer, and
    family members to donate

National Wheat Bread
  • Maybe you can work this in
    with National Retail Baker's
    Month activities.

National Yours Mine
and Ours Month

Prune Breakfast Month

Thyroid Disease
Awareness Month

Whale Watching Month
  • Share a film about whales
    like "Free Willie", "Moby
    Dick", etc.  If you are
    fortunate enough to have a
    salt water aquarium nearby,
    invite an expert in to
    discuss whales.


Week 1

Braille Literacy Week

Diet Resolution Week

National Law
Enforcement Training

Silent Record Week

Universal Letter
Writing Week

Universal Week of

Week 2

Cuckoo Dancing Week

Healthy Weight Week

International Printing

International Toy Fair

Appreciation Week

National Book Week

Bowling Week

Pizza Week

National Word
Transcriptionist Week

Printers Ink Week

Someday We'll Laugh
About This Week

Week 3

International Printing

Jaycee Week

National Thrift Week


Week 4

Celebrity Read A Book

International Green
Mozart Week (Austria)

National Activity
Professionals Week  
SEE:  30 Ways To Honor Your
Staff During National Activity
Professionals Week

National Cross Country
Skiing Week

National Glaucoma

Analysis Week

Meat Week

January 1st

  • Dana Andrews, 1909
  • Barry Goldwater, 1909
  • J. Edgar Hoover, 1895
  • Betsy Ross, 1752
  • J. D. Salinger, 1919  

January 2nd:  

  • Alan Beckwith, 1952 (Actor
    and aerospace engineer,
    born in Tyrone PA and a
    graduate of Penn State
  • Roger Miller, 1936
  • Sally Rand, 1903  

January 3rd:  

  • Victor Borge, 1909
  • Dabney Coleman, 1932
  • Jean Dixon - born January
    3, 1918 (Died January 25,
  • Jean Dixon Museum: www.
  • Mel Gibson, 1956
  • Ray Milland, 1907
  • Victoria Principal, 1958
  • Steven Stills, 1945  

January 4th:  

  • Louis Braille
  • Dyan Cannon, 1937
  • Maureen Reagan, 1947
    (Speaker, Activist, daughter
    of former President Ronald
    Reagan.) Born January 4,
    1941. Died August 7, 2001
    from Melanoma.
  • Tom Thumb
  • Jane Wyman, 1914  

January 5th:  

  • Robert Duvall, 1931
  • Diane Keaton, 1946
  • Pamela Sue Martin, 1953
  • Walter F. Mondale US Vice
    President and Minnesota
    Senator - Born January 5,
    1928 in Ceylon, Minnesota.
    Served as Vice President
    under President Jimmy
    Carter 1977-1981.

January 6th:  

  • John Zachary DeLorean
    (auto industry), born
    January 6, 1925 in Detroit,
    Michigan. He died March
    19, 2005 at the age of 80 of
    complications from a
    stroke.  www.delorean.com
  • Bonnie Franklin, 1944
    (Actress, well-known for TV
    sitcom: One Day At A Time.)
  • Gabrielle Reece, 1970
  • Carl Sandburg, 1878
  • Joan of Arc, 1412-1431
  • John Singleton, 1968
  • Vic Tabak, 1930 (The owner
    of the Mel’s Diner in the TV
    sitcom, Alice.)
  • Danny Thomas, 1914
  • Loretta Young, 1913

January 7th:

  • Nicolas Cage, 1964 (Actor)
  • David Caruso, 1956 (Actor)
  • Katie Couric, 1957 (TV
  • Millard Fillmore, 1800 (12th
    US Vice President; 13th US
    President 1850-53.) Died
    March 8, 1874 at the age of
  • Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy,
    1966 (Died July 16, 1999 at
    the age of 33) - John
    Kennedy Jr.'s wife
  • Kenny Loggins, 1948
  • Terry Moore, 1929 (Actress)
  • Paul Revere (of Paul
    Revere & The Raiders),
    1938 (Musician)

January 8th:  

  • Don Bendell, Author - born
    January 8, 1947. www.
  • David Bowie, 1947
  • Bob Eubanks, 1937
  • Sarah Polley, 1979
  • Elvis Presley - Singer,
    Musician - Born Elvis Aaron
    Presley on January 8, 1935
    in Tupelo, Mississippi.
    Moved to Memphis,
    Tennessee in 1948. Died at
    Graceland in Memphis, TN
    on August 16, 1977. Official
    Web site: www.elvis.com
  • Larry Storch (TV actor - "F
  • Soupy Sales, (real name:  
    Milton Soupman)  

January 9th:  

  • Joan Baez (singer)
  • Bob Denver, 1935 (actor,
    Gilligan of Gilligan's Island)
  • Crystal Gale, 1951 (singer)
  • Dave Matthews, 1967

January 10th:  

  • Stephen Ambrose, 1936
  • Pat Benetar, 1953
  • Ray Bolger, 1904
  • Jim Croce, 1942
  • George Foreman, 1949
  • Frank Sinatra, Jr., 1944
  • Rod Stewart, 1945

January 11th:  

  • Naomi Judd, 1946  

January 12th:  

  • John Hancock, 1737 (died
    October 8, 1793)
  • Rush Limbaugh, 1951  

January 13th:  

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 1961 -
    Actress and Comedian -
    Various films and TV
    shows including cast
    member of Saturday Night
    Live from 1982 to 1985 and
    the role of Elaine on the TV
    sitcom, Seinfeld.
  • Richard Moll, 1943 (Actor)
  • Charles Nelson Reilly,
    1931 (Actor, TV Personality
    - The Match Game and
    more) Born January 13,
  • Robert Stack, 1919 (Actor -
    40 films and well-known for
    his role as Elliot Ness in
    the TV series The
    Untouchables and as host
    of Unsolved Mysteries)
    (Died May 14, 2003)
  • Rip Taylor, 1934  

January 14th:  

  • Benedict Arnold -
    Revolutionary War Major
    General was born on
    January 14, 1741 in
    Norwich, CT. He died in
    London, England on June
    14, 1801. Web site: www.
  • Faye Dunaway, 1941
  • Brandon Tartikoff, Born
    January 14, 1949 (Died
    August 27, 1997 at the age
    of 48)

January 15th:  

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    (born January 15, 1929;
    assassinated April 4,

January 16th:  

  • Aaliyah (Haughton) R&B
    singer and rising film star,
    born January 16, 1979; died
    August 25, 2001 in a plane
  • Debbie Allen, 1950
  • Jim Berry, 1932 (Comic
    Strip Cartoonist, "Berry's
  • Dizzy Dean, Baseball
    Player. Born Jerome Hanna
    Dean on January 16, 1910
    in Lucas, Arkansas. Died
    July 17, 1974 in Reno,
    Nevada. Baseball Hall of
    Fame 1953. www.dizzydean.
  • Kate Moss, 1974

January 17th:  

  • Mahammad Ali, 1942
  • Jim Carrey, 1962
  • Benjamin Franklin, 1706
  • Born in Boston, 15th of 17
    siblings, son of a candle-
    and soapmaker
  • Inventor of the bifocals, the
    Franklin stove, the
    lightening rod.
  • One of America's Founding
    Fathers, helped to draft the
    Declaration of
    Independence and was the
    only person to sign the four
    key documents that created
    the United States:  The
    Declaration of
    Independence, The Treaty
    of Alliance with France, the
    peace treaty with Britain, the
    US Constitution.
  • Died at the age of 84.  
    Nearly 20,000 people
    attended his funeral.
  • James Earl Jones (Actor),
    1931 in Arkabutla,
  • Shari Lewis (actress,
    producer, writer,
    ventriloquist, puppeteer, TV
    personality. (We best
    remember her from her TV
    show in the 60's with her
    puppet "Lambchop.") She
    was born on January 17,
    1933 in New York City.  She
    died August 2, 1998 from
    ovarian cancer at the age of
  • Maury Povich (actor,
    producer and TV talk show
    host), born January 17,
    1939 in Washington DC.
  • Alexandra Scott, 1996. Died
    August 1, 2004 at the age of
    8 from cancer. She ran
    lemonade stands to raise
    money to fight cancer when
    she was only 4 years old
    and helped to raise over
    $700,000 before she died.

January 18th:  

  • Kevin Costner, 1955
  • Cary Grant, 1904
  • For information about Cary
    Grant, see The Ultimate
    Cary Grant pages at:  www.
  • Oliver Hardy, 1892 - born in
    Harlem, Georgia. Died
    August 7, 1957. Official
    Web site: www.laurel-and-
  • Cuckoo Dancing Week is
    observed the week of
    January 18th, celebrating
    Laurel and Hardy movies.
    Source: www.irish-cream.
  • A. A. Milne, 1882 (Creator of
    Winnie The Pooh)

January 19th:  

  • Robert E. Lee (born
    January 19, 1807; died
    October 12, 1870)
  • Dolly Parton, 1946
  • Edgar Allen Poe (Author) -
    born January 19, 1809 in
    Boston MA. He died on
    October 7, 1849. He is
    buried in the yard of
    Westminster Presbyterian
    Church in Baltimore,
    Maryland. www.
  • Jean Stapleton, 1923

January 20th:  

  • Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, 1930
  • David Lynch, 1946
  • Jackson DeForest Kelley
    (born January 20, 1920;
    died June 11, 1999) Actor,
    best remembered as Dr.
    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy in
    Star Trek. Born in Atlanta,
    Georgia, WWII vet. For bio,
    see: www.trekweb.

January 21st:  

  • Geena Davis, 1957
  • Stonewall Jackson, born
    January 21, 1824
  • Jack Nicklaus, 1940
    (Athlete, Golf)

January 22nd:  

  • Linda Blair, 1959 (Actress)
  • George Byron, 1788 (Poet)  

January 23rd:  

  • Richard Dean Anderson,
  • Princess Caroline of
    Monoco, 1957
  • Ernie Kovacs, 1919 (Died
    January 13, 1962 in a car
    crash in West Los Angeles
    at the age of 42) Actor,
    Comedian, Game Show
    Host, Radio Disc Jock,
    Variety Show Host, Edie
    Adams' husband  

January 24th:  

  • John Belushi (Actor), Born
    January 24, 1949; Died
    March 5, 1982. (Actor and
    Comedian - probably best
    know for his role on
    Saturday Night Live.)
  • Neil Diamond, 1941
  • Mark Goodson, 1915 (TV
    Game Shows)  

January 25th:  

  • William Colgate, 1783
    (Colgate founder &
  • Edwin Newman, 1919
    (news commentator)
  • Virginia Woolf, 1882 (author)
  • Lee Taylor-Young, 1945

January 26th:  

  • Anita Baker, 1958 (R&B
  • Ellen DeGeneres, 1958
  • Wayne Gretzky, 1961
    (Athlete - Hockey)
  • Eartha Kitt, 1928
  • Douglas McArthur, General
    - Born January 26, 1880 in
    Little Rock, Arkansas. Died
    at Walter Reed Army
    Hospital on April 5, 1964 at
    the age of 84.
  • Paul Newman, 1925 (Actor)
  • Eddie Van Halen (Musician)
  • Bob Yukor, 70 (Sports

January 27th:  

  • Bridget Fonda, 1964
  • Wolfgang Mozart, 1756
  • Donna Reed, 1921
    (Actress) Born January 27,
    1921 in Denison, Iowa.
    Died January 14, 1986 in
    Beverly Hills CA from

  • January 28th:  

  • Alan Alda, 1936 (Actor)
  • Nick Carter, 1980
  • Ernie's Birthday (of Bert &
  • Joey Fatone, 1977
  • Elijah Wood, 1981

January 29th:  

  • Edward Burns, 1968
  • Heather Graham, 1970
  • William McKinley,  1843
    (25th US President.) He
    died on September 14,
    1901 after being shot on
    September 6, 1901 in
    Buffalo, NY.
  • John Raitt (Actor, Singer)
    Born January 29, 1917.
    Bonnie Raitt's father. Died
    February 20, 2005 from
  • Tom Selleck, 1945
  • Oprah Winfrey, 1954

  • January 30th:  

  • Richard B. (Dick) Cheney,
    US Vice President during
    George W. Bush
    administration 2000 to
    present. Born in Lincoln,
    Nebraska, on January 30,
    1941 and grew up in
    Casper, Wyoming. Married
    to Lynne V. Cheney. For bio,
    see White House Web site
  • Gene Hackman, 1931
  • Vanessa Redgrave, 1937  
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882
    (32nd US President)

January 31st:  

  • Minnie Driver, 1970
  • Garry Moore, 1950's TV
    Personality - born Thomas
    Garrison Morfit on January
    31, 1915 in Baltimore MD.
    Died November 28, 1993
    from Emphysema. Source:
  • Jackie Robinson, 1919
    (Athlete, Baseball)
  • Justin Timberlake, 1981

  • January 1 is New Years
    Day. The celebration of this
    holiday begins the night
    before, when Americans
    gather to wish each other a
    happy and prosperous
    coming year.

  • Epiphany (from Greek
    “manifestation”), Jan. 6.
    Falls on the 12th day after
    Christmas and
    commemorates the
    manifestation of Jesus
    Christ to the Gentiles, as
    represented by the Magi,
    the baptism of Jesus, and
    the miracle of the wine at
    the marriage feast at Cana.
    One of the three major
    Christian festivals, along
    with Christmas and Easter.
    Epiphany originally marked
    the beginning of the
    carnival season preceding
    Lent, and the evening
    preceding it is known as
    Twelfth Night.

  • Eid al-Adha, Check
    calendar for date. Eid al-
    Adha, or the Feast of
    Sacrifice, commemorates
    Abraham's willingness to
    obey God by sacrificing his
    son. Lasting for three days,
    it concludes the annual
    Hajj, or pilgrimage to
    Mecca. Muslims worldwide
    sacrifice a lamb or other
    animal and distribute the
    meat to relatives or the

  • Martin Luther King Day:
    The Rev. Martin Luther
    King, Jr., an African-
    American clergyman, is
    considered a great
    American because of his
    tireless efforts to win civil
    rights for all people through
    nonviolent means. Since
    his assassination in 1968,
    memorial services have
    marked his birthday on
    January 15. In 1986, that
    day was replaced by the
    third Monday of January,
    which was declared a
    national holiday.

  • Chinese New Year, (check
    calendar for date) is the
    most important celebration
    in the Chinese calendar.
    Chinese months are
    reckoned by the lunar
    calendar, with each month
    beginning on the darkest
    day. New Year festivities
    traditionally start on the first
    day of the month and
    continue until the fifteenth,
    when the moon is brightest.
    In China, the New Year is a
    time for family reunions. In
    the United States, however,
    many early Chinese
    immigrants arrived without
    their families, and found a
    sense of community by
    celebrating the holiday
    through neighborhood

  • Muharram, Check calendar
    for date. The month of
    Muharram marks the
    beginning of the Islamic
    liturgical year. On the tenth
    day of the month, many
    Muslims may observe a day
    of fasting, known as
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for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

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This site has a lot of
information about the births
and deaths of prominent
people.  They are listed
year-by-year through the
(The last full week of January)
SEE:  30 Ways To Honor Your Staff During National
Activity Professionals Week
You need Java to see this applet.

Start a Hobby Club
(Submitted by Linda Lucas, AD)

January is National Hobby Month.  
What a great opportunity for you to
start a new monthly activity for your
residents...a Hobby Club.  This can
be organized in two forms:  1) a mixed
gender group, or 2) a separate
Ladies’ or Men’s group.

Things you need to consider before
you get started:

  • A room which is the right size
    for the group.  It would be best
    if the room was free from
    distractions like staff walking
    through, intercom
    announcements and pages,
  • Invite staff members, family
    members or volunteers from
    the community to share their
    hobby with the residents.  You
    need one volunteer per month.
  • Have the presenter bring a
    display of their hobby items.  If
    possible have the presenter
    demonstrate how they create
    their craft or art items.  Let the
    residents examine the items
    and make comments.
  • Finally, provide refreshments
    for the residents and
    volunteers who participate.

I am sure that the number of hobby
items to be presented is limitless;
but here are a few ideas to help get
you started:

  • Crochet
  • Quilting
  • Polymer clay crafts/sculpting
  • Oil painting
  • Water coloring
  • Electric trains
  • Coin collecting
  • Stamp collecting
  • Scrap booking
  • Stamping
  • Fly tying
  • Beading
  • Candy making
  • Photography
  • Computing
  • Doll making
  • Doll collecting
  • Woodworking
  • Musical instruments playing
    and/or collecting
  • Glassware collecting
  • Ceramics
  • Cartooning
  • Book binding
  • You name it

Remember to keep it light, happy,
interesting and a lot of fun.